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October 15, 2016

The Threat from the Green Line as a Border


There has been much discussion that President Obama is planning to have the United Nations Security Council establish a Palestinian State with a shared Jerusalem and the entirety of the Old City, Temple Mount and Western Wall within the Arab state of Palestine and thus beyond the reach for prayers or even visitation as tourists. That is the least of the problems of having Israel withdraw back to the borders which were enticing enough to bring on the Six Day War in June of 1967. Israel was either very fortunate in that conflict or Hashem gave Israel a great victory and established borders which provided the necessary depth so that when the surprise attack of the Yom Kippur War in October of 1973, it allowed Israel the time to regroup and regain the offensive. Of course the entire world began screaming for a halt once Israel gained the initiative and was advancing on Damascus, Cairo and Alexandria and had crossed the Suez Canal and was closing on the Nile while also swarming from the Golan Heights and into the suburban areas of Damascus. The world demanded of Israel that she pull forces back to the lines where the Six Day War ended enforcing that Israel not gain from any war started so obviously by the Arab side. When initially the Egyptian and Syrian forces were breaking through the Israeli defenses and taking prisoners and gaining area, the world sat in silent permissiveness glowing in the advances made against Israel making no demands for the offensive to halt. It was only when Israel was gaining and on the offensive that the world began wailing.


What might be the case should Israel be forced back to the 1949 Armistice Lines, the Green Line, which has been determined by the Pentagon, British military command and others to be indefensible, but that does not bother the world in the slightest. The fact that pressing Israel down to a waist line of a mere nine miles, half the width of Washington D.C, is of little if any concern of all but Israel. Placing forces within the borders of Jerusalem making any offensive city building to building combat and granting the Arab forces the walls of ancient Jerusalem as their vantage point overlooking much of the lands before the Old City is also not any concern as it is only the IDF, the Jews, who will pay with their lives to defend the near indefensible areas as the Arabs use the Temple Mount for artillery used to destroy the remainder of Jerusalem, the entire new Western Jerusalem. Further, with artillery and mortars sitting on the Judean Cliffs overlooking central Israel the entirety of the Tel Aviv greater metropolitan area which stretches from Netanya in the north to Ashkelon in the south and to the bottom of the Judean highlands all within easy range and within an hour or two would be reduced to rubble very possibly before the IDF could mobilize an assault to end the barrage. Such an attack could easily result in over three million Israelis murdered within the first fifteen minutes. But why worry as Israel will find a way and if not what has the world lost, Jews. Nobody will care about another six or seven million dead Jews and an end to Israel as it was the cause of every problem in the world anyway, isn’t that the theory so many have claimed?


Israel Pre-1967 Six Day War and After Six Day War

Israel Pre-1967 Six Day War and After Six Day War


What will be the reality the world would wake to once Israel was made to disappear? What if the war in Syria continued and terrorism simply got thousands of times worse as there was no longer Jewish Israel absorbing the attacks of Hezballah, Hamas, PLO and the Iranian al-Quds Brigades of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps). Their next target is Europe and the Christian central and southern Africa and possibly shots into South America from the Tri-border area (PDF). Then there is the question of how many terror squads have been hiding in plain sight within the United States and Canada. Without Israel that would become evident really quickly, but it was only Israel. Israel currently absorbs well over half of the terrorist attacks and resources in many a varied manner. Imagine if in the no-go zones throughout Europe Hamas started operating rocket and mortar squads which can fire a half dozen rockets and melt into the surrounding neighborhood leaving little trace of their existence beyond some scorched pavement. Even should the Europeans have return fire computed weaponry in place, which after a while would become absolutely necessary, would they have the will to fire into heavily populated areas at targets known to be next to kindergartens or health clinics? This would test their inner conscience as this is exactly the scenario that Israel faced as Europe condemned every Israel attempt at defending against just this form of terror. How many Parisians or other European finest would have to pay with their lives before these neighborhoods were invaded by special forces targeting the weaponry being used by the terrorists and what will be the rest of the world’s reaction when the Europeans become the new Israelis?


This could be the scenario should the world, in this case the European Union, should sit idly by and permit the Security Council to pass an initiative setting in place a Palestinian terror state with the Green Line as the border. Such a divisive move allowing for military intervention forcing into existence a Palestinian terror state, there could be no other form with the current political leadership, the final war with Israel would be set in motion. For a reference as to what might happen we can actually use the Six Day War as the template. I know what you are going to say, did not Israel win that war? Yes, and there was one very important reason, Jordan. During the Six Day War Jordan was not a part of the initial assault and only joined the fighting in the second day. This made for a great difference, the IDF had mobilized and held the front lines and had begun their counter attack. When Jordan ignored the Israeli pleas to remain out of the conflict and tryed to inform King Hussein of Jordan that the news broadcasts in Syria and Egypt of their advancing on Tel Aviv and routing the Jews were lies, the Jordanian King believed the Israelis were lying as they were being defeated and were trying to avoid an even worse fate, a more humiliating defeat. When the Jordanian army broke across into western Jerusalem and shelled from the Judean hills, the Israelis diverted IDF Air Force jets to quiet the artillery before the damage became unbearable and turned a column of Tanks and infantry heading for the Sinai Peninsula to aid largely with mopping up, bypassed and cut off Egyptian forces to headed east and intercept the Jordanians. Once the Jordanian army was pushed back across the Jordan and Israel had reached their rightful border as promised by < href= target=blank>San Remo Conference they held that ground as it also made for a natural and ideal defensive position.


Had Jordan attacked in concert with the Egyptians and Syrians the war may have been totally different as they were a mere nine miles from breaking Israel in half and entering Tel Aviv and potentially slaughtering millions of Jews if such were the decision of their commanders. Israeli response might not have been accomplished before the Jordanians has succeeded in that dangerous strike plus Jordan could have made the Israeli Air Force unable to use Ben Gurion and two of the military Air Force airstrips as they would have been within the range of Jordanian artillery. As Jordan attacked while the war was in progress the Israeli Air Force was already with jets in the air which could intercept the Jordanian forces and attack their artillery positions and their advancing forces intercepting armored columns and infantry. That the Air Force had assets in the air was part of the difference as well as having their military assembled. This is why Israel must retain Judea and Samaria, the so-called West Bank, as that gives Israel an ideal defensive position along the Jordan River and triples the width of the central heart of Israel. If nothing else, retaining Judea and Samaria is a military necessity for Israel as well as a practical one.


The Arabs are aware of this, which is at the heart of their destruction of Israel by pieces; take whatever they can gain through negotiation, then attempt to gain more through other claims to lands by Islamic Bedouins or other groups and when there is no other choice once again use military force to finish off the remainder. This idea is nothing new. In 1964 the Arabs in Jordanian controlled Judea and Samaria and formed the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO was not formed to liberate Judea and Samaria from Jordan but to liberate all of Israel from the Jews and kill all the Jews in the process. This was in 1964, a full three years before the Six Day War and three years before any so-called occupied Arab lands. If people cared enough to listen carefully to Mahmoud Abbas, he rarely refers to any timeframe of the occupied territories because if he did, in the western world the game would be over. When he talks to his own people or other Arabs and Muslims, he speaks freely and names that he desires to free all of the occupied lands from 1967 and from 1948 and purge these Arab lands of the Kafir, of the heathen Jew who he believes are the descendants of apes and pigs, the filthiest animals in all Islam. What is interesting is that Abbas has even begun using the freeing of all the occupied lands which have been occupied, according to Abbas, since 1948 when the Zionist entity stole their homelands. The demand for all the land and the calls for violence and murder from some people one would least expect, calling for the stabbing of other human beings, are included in these two closing videos.






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