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December 22, 2016

Because of Amona Israelis Leaning to Demand Judicial Reform


Amona is one of the most inspirational of Jewish communities for leftist NGOs to attempt to destroy through any and all legal shenanigans and slight of lies required. One might remember the name Amona from the Gaza withdrawal demanded by United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and President George W. Bush, presumably a friend of Israel, when they wished to perform an experiment with the intent of granting the Palestinian Arabs the opportunity to self-rule and proven civility. The experiment failed so now there are many leftists who claim the problem was that the Palestinian Arabs were not granted sufficient land to form a functional society. Should one ever get the truth from these leftist extremists, including those claiming to be Jews, who likely have not seen the inside of a Synagogue since their friend’s last Bar Mitzvah, they would tell you that the Palestinian Arabs should be gifted all of the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea at the cost of the annihilation of the Jews of Israel. Yes, that includes many of them but they believe they will be granted honors for their efforts, not death along with the rest of the Jews. Amona was partially destroyed as part of the Gaza withdrawal due to claims that the area destroyed had belonged to some Arabs at some time in history. The demands for proof were minimal if anything required at all.


There is now going to be another destruction of parts of Amona and these homes are promised to be rebuilt on state lands which, as was presumed to be the case twenty years ago when the government assisted financing the building of the community of Amona. Remarkably there have been a number of claims that Arabs actually owned the lands Amona stands upon. These claims are filed directly with the Israeli Supreme Court without any requirement for proof in a court of law of actual legal ownership of the contested lands. All the Supreme Court requires is for an Arab or his representatives, often a member of a leftist NGO claiming to be establishing human rights defined as destroying Jewish communities, to come forward and state the land belonged to the Arabs at some point in time. The Supreme Court then convenes and goes through the usual motions and deliberates in secret and scratch their heads and look studious and then demand the Jews be removed from this Arab owned land. The established order is familiar to those who are familiar with the treachery. This conspiracy of leftist, the Supreme Court has a majority of such, has stolen the land from under Jews and used government sent bulldozers to demolish their homes, in some cases without warning or allowing for the removal of personal belongings. Often the Central Authority tasked with these demolitions, they appear to take far too much a yearning in the performance of their duties, far too often hires Arab Palestinians to perform these demolitions and these hordes display a great rapturous energy in completing the tasks often leering with a specific viciousness displaying their true intents.


The agreement reached in Amona will not likely see the reconstruction of the destroyed homes with any degree of urgency. There is a high likelihood that those whose homes are demolished will need to find alternative residence likely far from friends and former neighbors. There will probably be another filing with the Supreme Court demanding a full investigation of the land’s ownership before building simply to delay the construction, if any is actually intended, making for the greatest amount of distress for those caught in the jaws of leftist destructions. The Supreme Court often reaches the decision to destroy Jewish communities with haste while deliberating for extended periods and often demanding a series of alternate petitions for approval for placement of replacement homes even to the point of failing to ever rebuild making the evicted Jewish families basically homeless and having to leave their neighborhoods in order to find new residences. So, how is it that the Supreme Court hears these cases, does not require lower courts to hear the case, requires no documentation for proof of ownership claims, almost always sides with Arab claims when both parties present claims and continues to take these views despite new justices having been appointed to the Supreme Court?


Jew on Adjacent Hill Praying for Saving the Community and People of Amona

Jew on Adjacent Hill Praying for
Saving the Community and People of Amona


The final question is the easiest to answer. New justices are appointed to the Supreme Court by the sitting justices who hold sufficient influence to prevent the appointment of any conservative jurists assuring the continuation of a court which is more and more unaligned with the people of Israel. When Israel was founded it was largely an experiment in socialist governance with communes and kibbutzim making up the majority of the population. Israel was so far to the socialist left that the Soviet Union initially saw Israel as a kindred spirit and fellow socialist traveler. With time the agrarian base was overcome by urbanization and Israel became more materialistic and capitalistic. The one theme which was a constant until the early 1970s was the Zionist belief. As the new left grew and gained strength, a left which had forsaken Zionism and were called the post-Zionist left. These leftist were anti nationalist, including Zionism, and anti-religion having great animosity especially for their religious Jewish brothers and sisters. They viewed the religious as out of touch and next to ignorant beasts following primitive traditions which had no validity when filtered through the leftist principles which claimed to be based in science and truth. They rejected Hashem and claimed that they were the new Judaism which would reject all the Jewish traditions which were but a yoke preventing Jews from acceptance by the leftist sophisticated world such as the leftist of Europe.


Acceptance by Europeans became the measure of righteousness and the sole measure of truth. The Supreme Court was in step with this movement which reached its peak in the early 1970s and has slowly continued to become less and less of an influence in Israeli society outside of the courts. That is the problem and as the courts basically appoint their own replacements, the courts are stuck in 1974 with an imperative order to continue to apply these unpopular decisions and do all in their power to drag Israel to their beliefs against all resistance. The Supreme Court had the honor of being the supreme example of being stuck in the forgotten past fighting all efforts to bring them in-line with the Israeli public. The Supreme Court has taken to negating laws with which they disagree and even inventing laws out of thin air when they believe the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, has not taken such even under consideration, let alone passed, has failed to act as they believe the governance should have acted. They have done all which one could fear of making themselves into a governance of the black robes where the court is the final deliberator of what is law and can reject laws passed by the parliament, make laws without the parliament and make judgements without any legal precedence if they believe such is the best for the courts power being impressed on the people. The Supreme Court has aggregated so much power that they have even ruled against any efforts to bring them under control and grant the parliament and the people the ultimate control and even take command of appointing justices in the future. What it will take to finally bring the court back into line and restrict their overt preeminence. This has some demanding Israel draft a Constitution and redefine the entire governance especially the manner in which judgeships are awarded making it largely between the Knesset and possibly the Prime Minister taking the control from the hands of the Supreme Court.


All of these events bring a particular question to mind, does the Israeli governance desire to live in the lands of Israel as promised and guaranteed by the San Remo Conference, the Treaty of Sèvres, Treaty of Lausanne, the League of Nations, the Mandate System, the British Mandate, the Anglo-American Convention, Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, the Churchill White Papers and the final definition guaranteed to make up Israel? The resultant minimal promise was that Israel would be defined and guaranteed by the British Crown and the United States the existence from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and at a maximum the entirety of the British Mandate from Iraq to the Mediterranean Sea which today includes Jordan, Israel and the area of Gaza, Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria. Israel is not demanding that the actions by the British to grant the Arabs in the lands of the British Mandate a homeland as they dedicated 78% of the British Mandate as the Arab homelands while leaving a mere 22% of the British Mandate for the Jewish homeland of Israel. The world jumped to accept this diminution of the lands for the Jewish homeland as a smaller Israel would make the eventual Arab conquest that much easier.


British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel

British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel


The Arabs gave that a grand effort when on the morning of May 15, 1948 they invaded with sufficient forces to decimate the Jews in a grand Jihad filled with the blood of the Jews and the division of their treasures, as meager as that would have been. Something went horribly wrong and the world stared amazed, the Jews survived, held half of Jerusalem, and only lost parts of Judea and Samaria plus Gaza. Gaza was taken by Egypt but when making peace with Israel in 1979 the Egyptians rejected Gaza while accepting all of the Sinai Peninsula thus surrendering the Gaza Strip and the Arab unrest which came along with that land. Jordan had taken parts of Samaria and Judea which were viewed by the world as an illegal occupation, Jordan was illegally occupying Israeli lands. Only Britain and Pakistan recognized the Jordanian annexation of Judea and Samaria while even the Arab world refused to recognize this occupation of Jewish lands. This appeared to be odd but then again so did any nation claiming that Judea was not Jewish land belonging to those who follow Judaism, which was derived from Juseaism which was too weird to try to say. The world has tried repeatedly to cut Israel into smaller and smaller pieces in the name of peace. If these policies were to be continued with Israel releasing claims to land for promises, the same promises every time as they are never kept thus the next President or Prime Minister from Europe or the United States they believe the promises the Palestinians offer are new as they are not believed or fulfilled. Then Israel is pressed into releasing more land for the same promises which are immediately broken and denied. The logical end is no Israel, exactly what the Arab world and many in Europe and around the world have as their highest desire. What is sad is there are those in Israel and in the government, many in the court system and especially the Supreme Court who support land for nothing and appear to desire giving away pieces of Israel for any reason. They almost appear to seek ways to destroy Jewish communities and deny Jews their own land.


In Israel very few Jews actually own the land they live on, even in single family homes, as the land Jews reside on remain State Lands, a remnant of the socialist past. Non-Jews have deeds and own their land while some Jews who had deeds still had their land declared to be state Lands in the early decades as the nation nationalized as much land as possible. Apparently Jewish lands became State Lands in too many cases, especially communal farms and Kibbutzim. Because of this attitude being firmly entrenched in the majority of the members of the Supreme Court, they find the taking of Jewish land to be a normal part of their performing their duties. This is a sad reality and is something which required change and the one fortunate fact is more and more people are waking to the sad reality and starting to demand change. These changes, necessary changes, will not come soon enough for the Israelis living in much of Amona. The government will be sending the same D-9 Caterpillar bulldozers to demolish their homes just as is occasionally ordered for terrorists. Oddly, the reaction to the destructions in Amona will be cheering leftist in Europe and candies distributed in Ramallah with wild dancing and shooting AK47 into the air celebrating this victory over the Jew while when the home is a terrorist who murdered Israelis the reaction is shock and accusation of over-reacting and collective punishment and there are demands to cease and desist as the terrorist’s home is precious while the Jewish homes must fall. This is the rule in Europe from their leftist and their leftist servants in Israel working for NGOs financed by European governments and organizations and George Soros.


Eretz Yisroel from back in the time immediately after Exodus and before the additional conquest by King David and King Solomon with the original division of the lands between the Tribes covering both sides of the Jordan River. The Israelis and Jews in general could attempt to demand that Eretz Yisroel, the Land of Israel be made whole as was First Apportioned by Hashem.


Fortunately the Israeli public has moved away from giving away pieces of our ancestral lands which Torah is our deed and we need no other. This is a simple principle and Torah and Bible (Old Testament) even wrote that we would return and in this time and who are we to argue with Torah and Bible. The story of the dry bones is about how first we have a renewal of our living in our ancestral homelands and after we start our return we gain the muscles to defend our land and once this was established we start the spiritual renewal. We are witnessing the spiritual renewal in its earliest of stages. This renewal will bring with it miracles which will instill wonder throughout the world all from the service of Hashem. The final Temple, not the third Temple but the final Temple, will be built once we place more holy governance in the lands. This too will take time and come in stages, but it will come. We will inhabit all of our land and those who believe they are meant to prevent this and are destined to take our ancient lands will only serve in granting us our ancestral borders. This is the future but first there is a need to have justice, real and proper justice free from political and destructive forces. The need is for Torah to be used to formulate our laws such that equality and brotherhood is part of the foundation and the Commandments in Torah are observed. This will require a great effort as the Oral Law is not sufficient in this modern world. The Oral Law was designed for the world of the Jews living outside Eretz Yisroel and has no provisions for many necessities in this new world. We have a new reality and our own homelands anew; the law needs to be made anew. When that has been accomplished, then we can have Torah Law and our return will be close to complete. All we need is faith that Hashem will guide those who take on these challenges of writing Torah observant law which was the original template for land ownership and contract law. The bones are there as the frame and all need be done is to flesh out the minutia; it is always the minutia that takes the longest and largest of efforts. The sooner the road is set upon, the sooner we will be ruled as Hashem ordered. Baruch Hashem.


Beyond the Cusp



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