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February 25, 2017

Truth of Many Settlement Building Announcements


We hear so many explosive and purely emotional denunciations of Israeli plans, taking bids, deciding on finalists in bidding process, awarding of bid to build, initial surveying of area where homes are planned, bricks and cement are bought, then moved to the location and finally ground is broke to build, first families move in, more families move in and these families are happy and having children, also called making new settlers. At any point in the two to five year series of decisions, filings, bids, and an unbelievable amount of minutia take place so at any point along the line the last event or next event is dated to within three weeks more often than not. This means that at any point in time there can be an announcement concerning the building of settlements and a single construction could be used as many as ten or twenty or maybe even fifty times along its multi-year development, financing and finally ground breaking and actual Israelis moving in. So what, you are saying. Each is an opportunity to rev up demonstrations across Israel, Europe and campuses across the United States denouncing Israel for their dastardly deeds of building affordable housing for Jews.


Here is a dirty little secret the leftist, anti-Zionist, post-Modernist, secular Israelis who find the Jewish faith an outdated anathema and view the political right, which includes many religious and Zionist parties, as the enemy far more dangerous than the Arab and Islamic threats Israel faces. Just as in the United States, the Israeli leftists desire complete control and believe that those who do not support their socialist, anti-capitalist, pro-diversity and anti-Jewish State or do not support their view of Israel as a multi-ethnic, diverse, secular state are not only their political enemies but also as an evil group who desire the end of the world. They believe that religion is an outdated notion which needs to be crushed and thrown in the waste bin of history and their enlightened secular socialist view where they are granted universal power to enact their perfect society where they as our betters are obviously granted complete power. These are the people who make up much of the government working force, if not in actuality, at least sympathetic to these views and willing to support those who are pressing such using their power within the government. These individuals actually work against any conservative or nationalist governance ever elected because they were elected by those uneducated, religious bigots.


Thus whenever releasing news about building new homes, it matters not which stage, just anything which they can make into a press release which may embarrass the sitting government, and they push building homes beyond the Green Line into the storyline for the next day’s releases. Should releasing such information occur at the worst possible time, they release as many stories as they can find. This is what occurred during Vice President Biden’s visit almost a decade ago, in 2010, when the media reported that bids had been accepted. Bids had been accepted is not building homes, but Haaretz and following on in the leftist European media and on to the United States would carry the story and from there President Obama demanded blood as building during Biden’s visit was an offense demanding revenge. The Prime Minister is not able to prevent these announcements nor are the leftist media taking even the slightest of steps in the process used to destroy relations between Israel and the world. These attacks will continue for as long as the left is not in power and when they are in power they close down all building processes as their belief is that Israel should be a multi-cultural democracy where the Jews may not be a majority and might have to reside under Islamic rule. They firmly believe that even if Mahmoud Abbas were to become Prime Minister that the law would prevent him from persecuting Jews or anybody else because everybody has rights by law in Israel. For some reason most Israelis find such belief to be preposterously beyond belief for any thinking man, but then the left feel things and rarely think, especially when anything disagrees with their Pollyannish view that all of mankind are sweet, loveable, cuddly multi-culturalists who love all their fellow people. Their rose colored glasses make seeing anything which counters this impossible.


Israeli Flag

Israeli Flag


There is a single-mindedness by the Israeli extreme left which parallels that of the extreme left in the United States in that the Israeli left views Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government as the real enemy just as the left on the other side of the pond view President Trump and the Republican Congress as the real enemy of the state. In both cases there is nothing considered to be beyond the pale in achieving the goal of bringing down the government in power. In both cases there is an element of the left imbedded in the government bureaucracy itself which supports this internal form of revolution and are willing to disrupt smooth government function in order to attain their goal. In Israel this often comes in the form of making as many public announcements of even the slightest progress in the rather complicated and overly intense series of steps required to build even the most necessary of structures beyond the Green Line. Many of these steps were required during left wing governments from almost twenty years previous. These additional steps were required in order to allow these governments to restrict building by slowing approvals at each and every step along the winding route. Now this same long and winding set of requirements allows maximum announcements of approvals at every stage which are immediately met with leftist outrage in Israel, then Europe and then the United Nations and beyond around the rest of the world.


This ridiculous announcing the seemingly endless number of approvals step by intolerable step leading to a coordinated series of demonstrations by leftists world-wide brought about to place Israel and her building in what are referred to as settlements under the greatest scrutiny that President Trump may have been referring to when he inferred to Prime Minister Netanyahu that Israel should simply shut up and build and end these incessant announcements which open Israel to attacks and unnecessary censor by many world bodies. One can only guess at how Prime Minister Netanyahu felt knowing that he has little ability to prevent these unending series of announcements unless he is capable of streamlining the procedure thus not allowing for announcements at so many steps of the overly complicated procedure currently in place. That bring us to an old problem in that should the Knesset pass legislation streamlining the operational procedure for building beyond the Green Line, it is inevitable that leftist NGO’s, many financed almost entirely by the European Union and other European national governments, would take the passed legislation to the Supreme Court where it is quite likely to be overturned. The only good news is that there are steps being taken which could end the leftist monopoly of the Supreme Court and Attorney General’s Office as there is a religious Zionist in place as the Minister of Justice who is enacting changes currently. There is hope but only if the elected government presses that they should be the ones holding the ultimate power and not the unelected Supreme Court. If Israel is fortunate, the Supreme Court will be brought within the control and future appointments will be made by elected officials and not by a self-perpetuated fiefdom which was until of late under monopoly of the left. Such, contrary to the screaming by the European left, would be a victory of democracy as it would empower the people. The European left fears the Israeli people and prefers for the Tel Aviv elites to hold all the power and not the rabble from the periphery. The periphery is rising and now outnumbers the Tel Aviv and its suburban elites and they are realizing their power and will revel in making Israel their own. The Zionist heart is beating and healthy and Israel can only benefit in the long run even if it will be accomplished while European leftist protest gleefully but ineffectively. Now if we can just empower President Trump to ignore our leftists as he is doing at home. Fortunately, that should be an easy proposition when we finally manage quiet here in Israel.


Beyond the Cusp


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