Beyond the Cusp

March 6, 2017

Sink Sessions then Sink Trump


The media, Democrats, Establishment Elite and virtually everyone even to include far too many timid Republicans in Washington have decided that Attorney General Sessions is the weak link which will break the chain allowing them to directly target Trump next. It did not matter whether Sessions was guilty of anything, it was simply necessary that Sessions would wilt under fire. The fire from the establishment and especially from the leftists and progressives in Congress was absolutely withering. With Democrats demanding a Special Prosecutor and the timidity from Republicans plead that the Democrats settle for Sessions to simply recuse himself from all investigations into any campaign or pre-Inauguration investigations. Of course, they assure these trembling scaredy-pants Republicans that such a concession from Sessions will satisfy their lust for Republican blood so they come on bended knees to Sessions beseeching and imploring that he save them from the withering attacks. They tell him of the assurances that the Democrats will be satisfied if only he accept stepping aside, recusing himself from all investigation into President Trump’s campaign and pre-Inauguration activities, specifically regarding any relations or mere conversations with representatives of the Russian government. So, recently affirmed Attorney General Sessions recused himself to the momentary glee of the Republican Chicken Littles in Congress hoping this will satisfy the Democrats and bring relief to their troubled halls.


Silly, silly little timid, self-routing Congressional Republicans thinking that the taste of blood in the water would slake the bloodlust of seething Democrat sharks. The taste of Republican blood of the wounding of Attorney General Sessions within days of his affirmation hearings where they were unable to destroy him only served to bring them to a feeding frenzy. Now they have proven in their minds and the minds of their allies in the media, academia and the other political and social circles which abound in Washington that now they have Trump dead in their sites. The momentary reflections on the satisfaction of wounding the Administration lasted an unbelievably prolonged few seconds before the next series of attacks began. The attack has not changed and the target remains President Donald Trump. The Democrats know that taking out a serving President whose party controls Congress will be next to impossible. Their campaign plan is simple in its brilliance, simply refuse to affirm the President’s choices for the Justice Department claiming that their having affirmed Attorney General Sessions should suffice to keep the Justice Department operating sufficiently well enough until they can fully vet the other appointments, in the meanwhile the department staff will conduct the department’s business. This is just fine as far as the Democrats are concerned as acting Attorney General as the man behind Attorney General Sessions is Dana Boente, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia who was nominated by Barack Obama. We will soon have all the evidence we need as to whether Dana Boente is a principled attorney or a political hack ready to serve party over the interests of the nation, the law, the Constitution and, most importantly, serve his new boss, President Donald Trump. The indicator will be whether the next six months will be taken up not doing the nation’s business or answering prosecutors appointed now while the Senate stalls on Justice Department appointees all the while claiming that President Trump’s Administration is in disarray and the lack of appointees being confirmed as all the evidence necessary for the viscous attacks to come from the media.


President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions

President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions


This brings us to the other problem being faced by President Trump, the bog story one might call it. Many of the President’s appointees are being approved at a snail’s pace or worse, watching snails move along like a Ferrari compared to your truck with four flat tires sitting at the side of the road. The Democrats have even gone to the extreme of boycotting the committee meetings which by the rules denies their ability to conduct business which includes advancing any of the appointees to the entire Senate for confirmation hearings. Do not expect the evening news to report this as their silence on such stories only furthers the evidence of their commitment in supporting all efforts to confound President Trump from advancing his agenda. You also hear the constant whining and complaining about President Trump and his “wild” and “insane” Tweets and how such use of Twitter and social media to talk directly to the people instead of using the media and press conferences being unprecedented never done by any previous President. Oh you media dogs of short and selective memories; do you not remember your praises and admiration at the masterful skill with which President Obama utilized Twitter, Facebook and social media. Have you forgotten your praise that he was able to communicate so concisely getting so much packed into a mere one-hundred-forty characters of a Tweet. You fell swooning all over one another in sweet smell of such brilliance wafting from President Obama’s keyboard onto the world-wide-web wording Tweets which took all of your breaths away. But now putting power to Tweeting is an affront and insult to the English language now that a Republican President is performing brilliantly on social media sliding his thoughts past an angry media which now demands that they be given the right to reword and apply their slant to the words of President Trump. How dare this man who you see as an incompetent brute use the world-wide-web with such aplomb and efficiency getting his message to the people who supported his election, more rabble which lack your refinement and also on the receiving end of your scorn as you insult the people in what you in the media call flyover country. When Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump’s supporters during the campaign as “irredeemable” and “not America” you agreed and signed onto all she had just previously stated, which was, “To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it. And unfortunately, there are people like that and he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric.” Your views have not been altered just as her apologies were half-hearted and insincere, but you reported them as the most gracious and humbling and sincere words spoken by any politicians in the history of the world. We can almost hear your chortling after the coverage of this coordinated and presumed at the time masterful weaving out of a self-inflicted bad situation.



We are expecting nothing better from most of our sold to the progressive leftist dreams media nor from the Democrats equally sold to the same leftist progressive elitist agenda. What many are expecting is for those weak kneed and all too supplicating Republicans who quiver at the thought of being called uncooperative by the leftist media or scorned by the Democrats during debate on the floors of Congress to man up and grow into what is required to enact President Trump’s promises to the American people who elected him and to some who sat home and now realize all their misgivings were fed by a corrupt media and much of the accusations thrown at Donald Trump were nothing but mud and insult. The time is here for Republican leadership to man the ropes and pull the party together and face down the Democrat subversion before it succeeds in subverting the will of the people. The Democrats, in case you have forgotten, passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, without a single Republican vote and after shutting down any debate claiming that debate amounted to an attempted filibuster and thus must not be permitted to prevent their victory. That is what they called it, their victory. Whether or not Obamacare was good for the American people or whether it would function or destroy the healthcare insurance industry because passing it and shoving it down your and the American public’s throats was giving them a political victory and that winning was all that mattered. That’s right, winning was all that mattered to the Democrats, winning. Now when President Trump talks of winning, the Democrats demonize the word itself as partisan political action which is evil because the Republicans are in control now. Winning was fine when it was President Obama and the Democrats in Congress doing the winning but evil for President Trump and a Republican Congress even contemplates such. Well, go and win as it is the turn of reasoned conservatism and never mind their and the media’s wild protestations because that should be like music to your ears. Don’t tremble or fear, act! Don’t worry about nasty media coverage, act! Don’t mitigate because the Democrats are upset that you are not allowing them to distract and water down your legislation, act! Do what the people sent you to Washington to do, act! Hoe out and undo the evil and destructive acts enacted by the Democrats when they had the White House and control of Congress, and to your disrepute also when it was possible for you to have prevented their acts. Now you have before you the opportunity to vindicate your past errors and weakness but only if you act, so act and do so with courage and confidence that acting is the best course for your continued remaining in office. Simply act. Not doing so will lead to a revolution by any and all means necessary, the end of Democracy and a governance by an autocracy where only leftists rule.


Beyond the Cusp 


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