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April 25, 2017

Turkey Has a New Caliph Called THE President


Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was Turkey’s President, and is Turkey’s President, and apparently will remain Turkey’s President. So, what was the referendum all about and why should we be suspicious? Well, first off there was the official consolidation of all political power in the Office of President and the end of the position of Prime Minister. The President now has dictatorial power even over votes of the Parliament. The Office of President will be filled through direct election when required. Do not expect any President to lose one of those elections any time soon. Then there were the tactics where opponents who spoke out being intimidated by every means necessary. The final tally was interesting as well. One would think that since you controlled the counting of the votes that one might have chosen numbers somewhat more impressive around which to have such a collating of absolute power to yourself. There have been those who have questioned the legitimacy of the vote with the totals being merely 51.4 to 48.6 percent in favor of the referendum. Those numbers do appear very strange in deed and gets one to thinking, where in the world did Erdoğan come up with those numbers. That got us to thinking and then it struck us, there was another referendum in the news not long ago which people were perplexed at the outcome but all believed the numbers because they bore out the contentious nature of that vote and the near even split of the country. That vote started out seemingly one sided but after the more rural votes were tallied, came in favorably as well. We are referring to the BREXIT vote whose final tally was 51.9 to 48.1 percent in favor of BREXIT. The split in BREXIT of 51.9 to 48.1 and the result of the Turkish Presidential Referendum of 51.4 to 48.6 are just so darn similar that it is difficult to not want to tie the two together.


We mean what are the odds of the two biggest referendum votes taken just under one year apart at opposite ends of Europe having their final tallies so close; it is almost as if somebody fixed the second count to match the former simply to remove any doubts since the initial vote tally had been accepted by the world over. The vote tallies of 51.9 to 48.1 and 51.4 to 48.6, is it just us or are they just too similar for coincidence? Well, be that as it may, but it sure is fishy that these two votes in Turkey and Britain should come about within a year of one another on such vital subjects and have returns which have a similarity which cannot be denied. With a referendum consolidating vast power over parliament, the judiciary, the budget, and the military in the President and deleting the office of Prime Minister by rewriting the Constitution and to have results end up all but in a tie vote appears strange in and of itself even without the close tally to the BREXIT tallies. We have all witnessed Erdoğan and his tactics in the lead up to the vote. People speaking out against the referendum would lose their job, face arrest on charges of insulting the President (a crime which just got a whole lot more serious), Imams in the Mosques sermonized favorably to the referendum, organizations against the referendum faced limits for speaking out, opponents were bullied by police, all forms of intimidation were brought to bear, people were told voting “No” could endanger their afterlife, opponents’ homes would lose power regularly, referendum opponents were met with media blackouts, the nation’s future was pinned to support of the referendum and the full force of the government came down in support of what is basically the crowning of Erdoğan as President for life. Probably the clinching piece to this puzzle was the reporting by the Swedish NGO, Stockholm Center for Freedom, of “widespread and systematic election fraud, violent incidents and scandalous steps taken by” the election board “overshadowed the voting.”


Greater Turkey

Greater Turkey


So, every form of arm-twisting and vote fraud was used and the final tally reflected a BREXIT style finish to the nth degree and Erdoğan got his dream job, well, almost, what makes us so suspicious. We are calling this Turkey’s BREXIT from reality. Oh, call it that funny feeling one gets when little streams of electricity run up and down their spine warning that things are not right with the force. Call it a hunch. Call it nothing in Turkey which has had Erdoğan placing his hands on it has come out clean in the end and it has not mattered one single bit. The real question is whether Erdoğan is done or is there more he desires. The easy answer would be that he is done but we are not so certain of that. We recall his speeches of grandeur which he was going to return to Turkey and how Turkey would be the resurrection of the greatness of the Ottoman Empire starting with regions of Syria and northern Iraq which would be annexed, as he became the new Caliph. His greatness would be recognized and the Arab World would soon flock to his leadership and nation after nation would fall beneath his banner. One might ask what happened to this vision. Syria and then the Islamic State with Baghdadi claiming the title of Caliph is what happened to that vision, what we would call a nightmare. The areas Erdoğan was referring to in those speeches were the Kurdish areas. We know what you are about to ask, are not the Kurds one of the biggest problems which have flummoxed Erdoğan? The answer is a resounding yes but in this plan they would either be subjugated or completely defeated in much the same way the Armenians were completely defeated.


That brings us to what is next on board, Syrian expansion. We can expect Erdoğan to continue his military extension of power into Syria all in the name of confronting the Islamic State. The problem is that if Erdoğan is fighting the Islamic State, far too many of his bombs are dropping fifty to two hundred miles short of their target and instead striking the Kurdish positions and cities. When Turkish forces have entered Syria, they have done most of their fighting in the northern third of the former country. In these areas, they are engaging Kurdish forces and those of Bashir al-Assad, another enemy of Erdoğan as al-Assad stood between the Erdoğan dream of becoming Caliph and the reality of achieving such. Bashir al-Assad still stands between Erdoğan and his dream if for no reason other than the Syrian dictator is regaining his territory which would have been easier for Erdoğan to grab has al-Assad remained bottled up along the coast. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan still envisions himself crowned as the Caliph who reestablished the greatness of Turkey and returned to the glorious time of the Ottoman Empire when it was at its initial strength. Erdoğan has taken a serious step forward with the referendum towards making himself a singular leader of the Arab world and making all bend to his will. He has made Turkey into his own fiefdom and arranged that even the Parliament will bow to his whims and will. The map pictured above shows the extent of the world according to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, your new Caliph in his own mind.


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