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May 6, 2017

Hamas Releases Target Rich Video


Hamas released a video (viewable below) intended to attract tourists back in 2016 showing the finer areas where the intended tourists could find fine restaurants, first class hotel accommodations, clean modern hospital rooms (if necessary), perfectly manicured beaches, recreational areas, middle eastern markets, safe near empty roads, night life, well manicured green spaces, smartly dressed traffic officers and a generally attractive views of the region displaying safe areas which appear to have suffered no damage from any of the regional conflicts. There is a constant little message in Arabic written on a cloud-like display with a hashtag that reads Thank you Hamas or #ShukranHamas that translates to “Thank you Hamas.” The views put on display a very lovely montage of attractions, which would make any location, appear like a good place for a family vacation retreat away from the problems and other worldly troubles very well might float away. This does conflict with the stories the media has been telling the world about life in Gaza. According to the pictures in the media and the scenes in this tourist video there must be two separate lives lived in Gaza, and that would be the truth. We have discussed the wealthy and their lives in Gaza as part of our article When Lunacy Rules and Lunatics Follow complete with a series of pictures of the same finer areas of Gaza untouched by the violence of war.



There are really two Gazas, the one that Hamas uses to fight their wars against Israel and the one where the Hamas leadership lives, shops, recreates and enjoys their lives. These areas could not look any different as told by the images below. What is not known, as it is hardly ever reported, is that the building supplies provided by the oh so concerned Europeans for rebuilding the damages from the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups wars with Israel, which are permitted into Gaza against Israel’s better interests, are not only diverted to build terror tunnels into Israel and interconnecting their bunkers, rocket storage locations (often kept in Mosques, schools, clinics and residences), launching bays and bunkers; but are also often diverted and sold to the wealthier Gazan for projects such as adding a room, building a deck, adding another room, building a backyard pool or other beautification project for their homes and repairs to places which were not damaged in the war but simply are aging requiring a facelift. Hamas, who govern the nation of Gaza use less than a quarter of the funds and materials intended for rebuilding the apartments, shopping areas, markets, clinics, schools and other damaged buildings in the less affluent (read as poor) areas from which the wealthy Hamas leadership make sure to use for their assaults on Israel assuring their neighborhoods remain undamaged. The Hamas leaders know that the IDF will not strike residential regions from which no attacks originate, as that is not permitted under the Rules of War. Under the rules of war, if there is a rocket launcher sitting atop a school, hospital, home or otherwise illegal target, that location loses its protective qualifications and becomes a legitimate military target. If the basement of a hospital is used, as Hamas uses, as the headquarters and central communications center of the military attacks, that hospital is now a legitimate target.


The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged

The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged


Israel still attempts to avoid striking hospitals, schools and medical clinics. When fighting groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO and Hezballah; one has little choice than to strike residential and other undesirable locations as these are the prime placements used by these groups in order to cause maximum destruction of residential and other public locations even to include hotels where some of the media covering the war locate (video reports by NDTV and France 24 showing rocket launcher assembled outside hotel window below, near residences and near United Nations facility). With the greater use of residential buildings, schools, clinics and other such places to place their munitions, launchers and station their forces it is no wonder that Israel is constantly charged with striking presumably protected targets despite these accusers knowing full well that Israel is completely within their rights and legality to target any building which had military parapets and bastions, be they rocket launchers, ambush locations, munitions storage, command and control plus other assorted illegal uses of military support. As one can note in one of the videos is that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terror forces allow easy access to rocket launchers placed in neighborhoods almost as if these were play toys knowing that especially young men will be fascinated and almost swarm to such locations if permitted. This is a flagrant use of children to attempt to protect these launchers even when not actively in use, as these also are primary targets for Israeli strikes. In an attempt by Israel to protect the innocent, artillery locations and fighter pilots are both required to check with military command and wait to receive an all clear before releasing munitions. This check time is utilized to survey the location by spotters, drones or overflight when possible in order to ascertain whether civilians are within the target area. Even with such precautions, these checks can only see that which is in an open space and is unable to ascertain whether there are civilians inside buildings or even behind a wall near the target location, thus there will be some inadvertent civilian casualties. The one item we can all be assured of is that by the time reporters are done with the story, as in the reported Jenin massacre, the number of actual dead will be dwarfed by the numbers reportedly killed. In Jenin, the reports climbed into the thousands of civilians murdered and the final report by the United Nations in a forty-two-page document that established that there was no massacre, and puts the Palestinian death toll at fifty-two, more than half of them armed combatants and IDF losses at almost thirty soldiers. Such are the stories and their relation to the truth.




Back to the wonderful vacation in Gaza video put out not too long ago by Hamas. Allow us to add in the pictures we posted above and those in our linked-to article above and we have a novel idea. Make it known to the leaders of the terrorist forces, especially Hamas and Islamic Jihad, that for every civilian location set in the poor and less wealthy neighborhoods Israel strikes at a military emplacement there will be one residential or other comparable sized building or groups of buildings in the wealthy seaside locations where their fancy restaurants, shops, boutiques, hotels, recreational establishments, upscale markets and other niceties are located and will be targeted such that their will be shared loss of property between the usual unfortunates whose homes, shops, lives and entire communities sacrificed so freely by the leadership of these terror entities and those who made the choice to place military assets within, atop, or next to the homes of those considered expendable neighborhoods. Perhaps the time has come to change tactics and spread the damage around and allow those who are responsible for the wars to feel the price paid for the waging of their conflicts. Maybe the time has come to introduce the purveyors of war to the costs of war, the costs they so willingly force others to tolerate, or better yet, impinge on others to pay with their comfort and lives, and instead spread the joy around allowing it to be brought to their back yards, so to speak, well, literally actually. The leadership of Hamas with Islamic Jihad and whatever other forces they consort with have averaged a war every two and a half to three and a half years without a single one of their homes being damaged in any means with the singular exceptions of commanders who have been targeted by the IDF or Shin Bet. We are willing to bet that they would be far less optimistic about starting the next war if their comfort were placed at risk just like those less fortunate Gazans have been each time one of these wars were foisted upon them beginning with every time with increasing rockets launched at civilians in Israel from Gaza until Israel finally responds with military forces including ground troops.


Unfortunately, Israeli leadership and specifically IDF command would never adopt such a policy. That is the reality as it stands and the terror leadership knows this and count on this to keep their lives as pristine and untouched as others’ lives are destroyed by their actions. That is another reality seldom discussed and it is no wonder why, there is no downside for Israel; therefore, it is not newsworthy thus never discussed. We hear all the news about the suffering Gazans whose lives are destroyed by Israeli military strikes. They will on occasion actually mention that the actual crimes committed are that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and company target civilians from civilian locations. We hear how Gaza is the most crowded place on the planet. That too is a lie. Gaza City is very crowded but then it is a city just like Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, New York, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv (these last two are favorite targets for Hamas) and any other major city one cares to mention. On the other side, we hear about how the Gazan farmers have so much difficulty selling their produce around the world which is interesting as if Gaza was so crowded, how do they have room for farms? For a more accurate description of the Gaza population density is displayed on the map below. One will note that at worst, there exist five or six areas of dense population and the rest is fairly open terrain full of farms. So much for Gaza is the most densely populated place on the planet. That was just one last lie dispelled before we leave, so, the end.


Gaza population density map also available @;_ylt=AwrB8pInghRUV1oAFCSJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIya2NmM2t0BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANiNTAzMDZhY2ViNWM3ODE3ZTYzZjNjMDIwOGRjNWI1YgRncG9zAzQEaXQDYmluZw--?

Display shows large open areas with little population where Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other combatants could operate without threat to the population.


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