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May 14, 2017

Miss Janis Joplin May Have Got It Right


Janis Joplin often talked about feelings and the state of the world before each song. I think it was on her Greatest Hits Album where she first stated an interesting philosophical idea that “I don’t understand how come you’re gone, man. I don’t understand why half the world is still crying, man, when the other half of the world is still crying too, man, I can’t get it together. If you got a cat for one day, man I mean, if you, say, say, if you want a cat for 365 days, right you ain’t got him for 365 days, you got him for one day, man. well I tell you that one-day man, better be your life, man. because, you know, you can say, oh man, you can cry about the other 364, man, but you’re gonna lose that one day, man, and that’s all you’ve got. You gotta call that, man. that’s what it is, man. if you got it today you don’t want it tomorrow, man, cause you don’t need it, cause as a matter of fact, as we discovered in the train, tomorrow never happens, it’s all the same f&$%#ing day, man.” (video below) Often when writing about the world events and politics you run smack-dab into this very reality because nothing really noteworthy often is the case one day to the next. You probably figured it out, today is one of those days and it really has been one of those weeks. When the biggest leftist complaint about the Trump team was that his Press Secretary Sean Spicer, talking and caught planning off to the side before a media session about the firing of FBI Director James Comey near, aside, not actually hiding in some bushes. The media event was in the Rose Garden or somewhere on the White House grounds; so there was no backstage as there is in the Media Center. There is just the great outdoors and he attempted to get a private meeting real quick before meeting that Sean Spicer has likely figured out is a largely hostile group, the media et al. Had he not caught up and gotten all the information straight before meeting the media, he would have been pounded for not being prepared, so it was a lose-lose apparently. That has been the really big story this week with claims and predictions that he is about to be fired and this big deal may be the reason, oh, and the parodies of him on SNL, those too are big. When parodies on Saturday Night Live are a major part of a news story about White House senior staff, well, it’s all the same stinking day, man.



Reality is that things have calmed for a while. There is still high tension over North Korea and their nuclear and missile programs. The huge, and we mean HUGE news this week was a report that Iran and North Korea might, yes the report said might, be working together exchanging information and test results and possibly carrying out tests for each other. That was supposed to be the big news, which means nothing new has happened. We reported in our June 2, 2015, article, “Russia Assisting United States Facilitating Nuclear Super Iranian State” in the second paragraph right above the “before” and “after” picture of the North Korean style nuclear reactor paid for by Iran being built in Syria to provide plutonium for Iran and destroyed by an Israeli strike, that the two were colluding together on nuclear and missile technology and production of both. It really is a slow week when that kind of old news is touted as the really big discovery. But, even the tension over North Korea and the United States nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson, and her escort vessels being anywhere near North Korea has become a non-issue. China resisting placing more pressure on North Korea to tone it down a notch also faded from the news cycle. And even President Trump has not done anything to send volcanos exploding on Facebook since firing FBI Director Comey and changing instantly the Democrat and leftist view of Comey from the villain for announcing reopening the investigations of Hillary Clinton and her e-mails to the hero who was finally getting too close to finding the smoking gun about Trump and the Russians. Of course the leftists still chasing the Russian destroyed American democracy and gifted the election to Trump theory apparently, as we noted in yesterday’s article, have yet to hear that Senator Dianne Feinstein, as covered by the Los Angeles Times, there has been absolutely no evidence of Russian interference or influencing of the election. It has been a slow couple of days.


The news has become so plain and milquetoast that it appears that the whole world is attempting to emulate Canada, where people go to hide from the world’s troubles and have usually a restful time. When we are reporting leading with any troubles in Canada, then you know that the world is a real mess and ready to explode. Fortunately, Canada has been quiet of late. France had their runoff election and the left-leaning candidate, Emmanuel Macron, won. That means there are actually two news stories here. The first is France awoke to their nightmare scenario with Marine Le Pen as one of the two top candidates and having an actual shot at becoming the next French President. The second is that France did not have a true, blue, through and through leftist socialist all the way candidate and had to settle for a somewhat slightly left leaning candidate for President. Needless to say, in France, heads are slung low and they are acting ashamed for not electing their usual as left as you can get without being the Green Party candidate to the Presidency. The fact the French did not vote Marine Le Pen into office as President was as predictable as predicting that a ball dropped from the Leaning Tower of Pisa will fall straight to the ground assuming the dropper was intelligent enough to use the correct side. Now, had Marine Le Pen won the French election, we would have been hearing about election fraud and possibly the Russians more secretively and stealthily influencing the election getting her elected as the French would never vote for somebody that far to the right. There might have been more to the theory that such an outcome was impossible in France and we would have probably agreed, but then again, after BREXIT and Donald Trump, who is to say what is possibly and what is not. The fact we are discussing what-if’s is further proof that there is not much to cover that even resembles new news.


Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron and Leaning Tower of Pisa

Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron and Leaning Tower of Pisa


We could talk a little on coming events. One such will be the Sunday, September 24, 2017, German elections for Chancellor. Each party has placed their leader, or one of their leaders, into the race. There is Angela Merkel (CDU/CSU), Martin Schulz (SPD), Dietmar Bartsch with Sahra Wagenknecht (Left), Katrin Göring-Eckardt plus Cem Özdemir (Green), Christian Lindner (FDP), Alexander Gauland as well as Alice Weidel (AfD). In all reality, the race will likely come down to Angela Merkel against Martin Schulz to see which is capable of putting together a coalition. Before that we have the British elections on Thursday, June 8, 2017, for Prime Minister which comes down basically to two people, Theresa May (Conservative) and Jeremy Corbyn (Labour). Personally, I prefer the incumbent, Theresa May, over Labour Party leader and heavily anti-Israel, Jeremy Corbyn. Mr. Corbyn has also faced hate speech charges for anti-Semitic statements and slurs he has used in public, which are seen as an indication that he has difficulty with Jews as well as a number of other groups, Muslims not among them. For some reason the followers of Islam are not the enemies of Mr. Corbyn, just mainly Jews. The news we are approaching with a fair degree of trepidation, at least personally, is the upcoming visit to Israel by President Trump, along with the Vatican and Saudi Arabia later this month. A visit to the home of the Roman Catholic Church, the birthplace of the Jews faith and the birthplace of Islam can only mean that this visit will be closely watched, as will any Tweets posted by the President in the hopes of gaining insights and guessing what is on President Trump’s mind and his agenda. His time in Israel will likely get the lion’s share of the news, as the potential for breaking with traditions is always a possibility as President Trump has actually himself played his cards very close to his chest and not let out much news. Even those in his Cabinet and Inner Circle have given differing views of where the President is planning on going with each phase of his trip. At least there will be news, and that is good for us and we will have to wait to see what it will be for everyone else. Despite this being good for us, as it will generate the news cycle, we still may come out disappointed at many things both done and not done. There is still a reason to visit as while we may be upset at things President Trump may or may not do in Israel, who we would blame is likely to be more of a surprise than expected. We will have to wait and see as President Trump might do the things we most desire despite the mistakes made by all too many Israeli leaders.


Party Leaders in German Elections

Party Leaders in German Elections



British Election Main Candidates

British Election Main Candidates


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