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May 16, 2017

Our Letter for the Upcoming Presidential Middle East Visit


Dear President Trump,


We are honored and glad you are visiting the Middle East so early in your Presidency and thought we would try to catch you up on a few items which have occurred immediately before your visit this past week which your staff may not have had the time or even seen in the news and thought these important for your making fair assessments. We are not even going to make aspersions about the loose relations between Mahmoud Abbas and the reality. Instead, we will like to tell you about an example of the fruit of the education for peace which students of Bir Zeit University put on display in the recent student elections. The article in which we read about this was written by Stephen M. Flatow titled, Palestinian Voters Display the “Culture of Peace”.


First, we would like to give the good news. Dean of Student Affairs of Bir Zeit University, Muhammad al-Ahmad, reports that a full seventy-four percent of the student body cast votes in the election. That makes everything about this election to be very representative of the attitudes of the student body. Keep in mind that these students were born and raised entirely under Palestinian Authority (PA), educated in PA schools, PA elementary, PA middle schools and PA high schools. As Stephen M. Flatow also made evident, these students were weaned on PA television, PA radio, PA newspapers and PA indoctrinations morning, noon and night. So, one could fairly conclude that their parties would represent the culture and education of peace under which Mahmoud Abbas had told you they educate and raise their children and grandchildren, these students in other words, were raised and educated, one could say steeped in. So, what were the winning parties and their political ties and leanings? Winning a plurality of the fifty-one seats is the party with the name of “Al Wafaa Islamic Bloc” which garnered twenty-five seats. The Al Wafaa Islamic Bloc has come out ahead for the third year in a row. This party is aligned with Hamas which is dedicated not only to the elimination of the State of Israel but also dedicates itself in their charter to the death of every Jew in the world, that includes the United States which has the second largest Jewish population of which a number are family members of yours. The next most popular party receiving twenty-two seats was the “Martyr Yassir Arafat” party. Just in case you missed the Yassir Arafat years, this party is loyal to the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, which though not dedicated to the murder of every Jew everywhere, they still call for the destruction of Israel and establishing Palestine from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea. The final party receiving the final four seats is the “Al Qutub” aligned with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a group still on the United States list of terrorist elements. These students have a concept of peace coming only upon the grave of the State of Israel.


Hebron (ancient Hevron) also had an election recently and as reported in an article titled “Palestinian Terrorist in Killing of 6 Jews Elected Hebron Mayor” in the Times of Israel. The Palestinian terrorist to which they refer is Tayseer Abu Sneineh who was convicted of the murder of six Israelis in 1980. Mr. President, it was Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas who selected Tayseer Abu Sneineh to represent Fatah at the head of the party list making it all but certain to win the Saturday Hebron PA elections. Abu Sneineh and three other terrorists on May 2, 1980, assaulted a group of Israelis using military tactics of firing rifles and lobbing grenades in Hebron murdering six people. Amongst those murdered were United States citizens Tzvi Glatt and Eli HaZe’ev, Canadian Shmuel Marmelstein along with the three Israelis; Hanan Krauthammer, Gershon Klein and Ya’akov Zimmerman and additionally another 20 people were injured in the attack. All four terrorists were sentenced to life in prison but were amongst those the PLO demanded be released as part of a deal later in the decade. The take away point here is this was the choice of Mahmoud Abbas to lead the party in elections, Tayseer Abu Sneineh, terrorist and co-murderer of six people and almost many more with twenty others injured in the attack and a murderer of two American citizens. This is his idea of a program and future of peace. Below is a video made by featuring a Palestinian from Hebron who presents an entirely different view and who claims to speak for many others in Hebron, many who likely have been disenfranchised by the PA and Mahmoud Abbas. His words are worthy of attention as they give an entirely differing view of what would be best for the citizens under the rule of the PA.



There is little to add to what was spoken by Sheikh Ashraf Jabri. The message he gave was easily understood, the Sheikh represents many Hebron Arabs who desire to live under Israeli sovereignty. Where his message was largely intended for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and we hope he has heard the message, but it also would be wise for you to heed his words as well. You might ask his question which he desired for Mahmoud Abbas to answer, namely where has all the money gone. We can give a partial answer; a large amount is going for the new royal complex from which Mahmoud Abbas believes he will rule for a long time. This complex is pictured below with a complete description included. We can add one more figure, it was estimated to cost somewhere around thirteen-million dollars, which is before cost overruns and other snags along the way. Look at the building and ask why it contains billets for guards’ quarters unless Abbas fears that perhaps he is not as popular as he might desire. Perhaps that is also why there have been no elections in the PA controlled area for his office, for any of the myriad of positions he holds. Perhaps any elections which are held are not as honest as we are led to believe and that is how Fatah always wins as Hamas and others are not permitted to place candidates and even if they did, as Stalin once pointed out, it is who counts the ballots that matters, not who casts them. We will leave the rest for your aids and advisors to fill in the blanks.


Mamoud Abbas planned masion estimated cosr of thirteen million dollars but will end up costing far more after required kickbacks


Beyond the Cusp



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