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May 31, 2017

Trump s Chastising Abbas for Misrepresenting Incitement


The news that President Trump chastised Mahmoud Abbas for misrepresenting the Palestinian Authority (PA) education system inciting violence, terror, murdering Jews and martyrdom as an education of their children and grandchildren (the inclusion of grandchildren was a masterful propaganda ploy) for peace is actually terrible news for Israel. This puts on display for every Arab and Muslim in the world that President Trump is completely unaware of their propaganda campaigns and that he will believe anything and everything they tell him as there are not sufficient people to tell him when they are simply following Taqiyya, their religious demand that they lie and use subterfuge in order to provide gains and advantages for Islam over all the Kafirs, the non-Muslims. The fact that when Mahmoud Abbas stood next to President Trump and leveled the lie of pursuing peace over jihad and the President was fully believing this pabulum being fed him until Prime Minister Netanyahu showed him Abbas himself speaking incitement and showed the lessons and television children’s shows filled with incitement and demonization of Israel and Jews and their having plays about killing Jews and all this was new to President Trump is simply horrifying. This is the man, President Trump, a man who has no idea of the character and deceitfulness of one of the main people in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the main spokesperson and leader of the Arab Palestinians and the person with whom President Trump is insisting that Prime Minister Netanyahu open wide areas for Arab building and allow freer entrance policies and eased restriction for Palestinian Arabs. This is all on the words spoken by Mahmoud Abbas about his desire for peace and that he and the Palestinian Authority, with its programs and schools, are teaching their children to make peace which were lies and had to be shown to him as even his advisors apparently never told him he was being deceived and these are the people who will guide the continuing peace process? This is the blind advising two sighted people and believing both to be honest, forthright and sincere in their desire for peace and completely unaware that one side has been selling them a rosy picture which has no validity whatsoever and they are clueless and are going to forge peace. How exactly can this be true?


We will soon know the level of competence President Trump has representing the United States as, according to the President, closest friend Israel could have, a request to all but abolish Israeli ties to Jerusalem will be soon be introduced to the Security Council and will likely require an American use of their veto to prevent it becoming policy. The person in question is the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley who will hopefully be sitting on the Security Council when this request comes up for discussion and a vote. The PA on Monday urged the United Nations Security Council to take action to protect Jerusalem from Israeli attempts to “Judaize” the city, the Ma’an news agency reported. This is an attempt to prevent Israel from improving the single ramp and bridge by which all non-Muslims are forced to use rather than any of the broad and wide-open approaches and large gates which are designated Muslim only by the Jordanian Waqf and prevent other improvements within East Jerusalem all in the name of preserving the Muslim character of Jerusalem. Thus far Ambassador Nikki Haley has proven to be a good friend to Israel and level headed but this will be the first time she is directly facing Taqiyya firsthand and this will prove a valuable test as to whether she has a grasp and understanding of the Islamic means of deception and prevarication in order to force their enemies to submit to their desires and often used for overreach as it is here. Their claim that the Old City of Jerusalem is filled predominantly with Islamic and Muslim structures and that the city would be a small and all but barren piece of land without the Muslim buildings which are everywhere, or so they will claim. Yes, there are a few mosques other than the Dome of the rock and al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount placed there in order to prevent the Jews from ever rebuilding their Holy Temple. Most of the Mosques are repurposed Churches and Synagogues built by Jews and early Christians and Crusaders. The reality is that in all the years that Jerusalem was under Islamic rule it was ignored and almost never visited by any Muslim rulers. Even those who did visit left within a few days, one may have managed to stay almost a full month before declaring the climate inhospitable and running as fast as he could ride back to Damascus where he remained. Jerusalem has absolutely no mention within the Quran; compare that to the Christian Bible and especially Torah and the Books of the Kings, Prophets and Judges of Jewish history where Jerusalem is named over six-hundred times. Muslims pray facing Mecca and when on the Temple Mount they have their derrieres facing the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque (see pictures below) while Jews everywhere in the world pray facing Jerusalem and in services, they end with the prayer of “Next Year in Jerusalem.”


Muslim in Prayer on Temple Mount All Facing Mecca and Away from the Dome of the Rock Mosque

Muslim in Prayer on Temple Mount All Facing Mecca
and Away from the Dome of the Rock Mosque


This request should be laughed out of the Security Council meeting hall, laughed out of the United Nations building, laughed out of New York and preferably, and once and for all, laughed completely out of existence such that this ridiculous claim will never again be attempted to be stated seriously. The unfortunate truth is there will never be an end to the Arab attempts to destroy and delegitimize Israel as removing the Jewish state is their main obsession which comes before all other matters. One might think that with all of the major and serious problems that are plaguing the Arab and Muslim worlds, they might desire putting their own houses in order. Let us just take a brief look at some of the places posing serious problems, not just for the Arab and Muslim worlds, but also for the entire planet which can be found simply by observing some of the areas of conflict in these nations. At the top of the list has to be Syria where the Islamic State was birthed, a problem in its own right, Bashir al-Assad who ruled Syria now holding on in the western provinces of the Alawites surviving solely through the assistance of Iran and the Lebanese terror group Hezballah and air cover provided by Russia who has claimed two ports along the Mediterranean Sea providing Russia with their much coveted warm water ports with access to the Atlantic Ocean. Syria holds more problems such as the current attempts by Turkish forces under their orders from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who under the ploy of claiming to attack the Islamic State while his forces are concentrating conspicuously on the Kurdish forces who have largely fought only the Islamic State and otherwise defended their homes and population and were responsible for the main and most successful rescue of the Yazidis from the mountain top where they were trapped by the Islamic State. The Islamic State has displayed ever more troubling means for executing those they find that do not meet their exactingly rigid definitions of Sunni Islam and who have also run sex slave auctions selling women they have captured to the highest bidder who is likely to place the women they buy back into the auction when they tire of them. This has led to many women committing suicide before capture and understandably after being sold numerous times into ever worsening conditions. Lastly, the Islamic State is one of the fundamental and central figures in the radicalization processes through the Internet, through videos, pamphlets, books, training camps and radicalizers who have infiltrated Europe and other Western nations finding their way in by mixing within the flood of “refugees” and then disappear melting into the Muslim neighborhoods surrounding most European cities where they seek out susceptible and vulnerable youth on which they prey first gaining their trust and then turning them into bombers with the worst cases being suicide bombers but always leading these children to a horrific end, no future at all. Finally, there are numerous other terror groups and militias which combine and fall apart and change alliances all also fighting against Bashir al-Assad and often the Islamic State and one another with their leaving one group pretty much alone, the Kurds, as the Kurds are probably the most successful force against the Islamic State and the one none of the others wish to fight as that is basically committing suicide as the Kurds are well organized and since the election of President Trump the Kurds are being provided weapons by the United States through clandestine channels. These problems are simply Syria, but wait; there are other places as well.



Right next door to Syria, we have Iraq which is really three nations with one of the three already torn somewhat in two. Southern Iraq contains what remains of the government with much, if not all, of the Sunni representatives having fled for their own safety. The governance is now almost purely Shiite and has been all but conquered by Iran as part of the Iranian crescent from the Indian Ocean on the Iranian eastern coast through southern Iraq and across southern Syria which they are hoping to secure by aiding al-Assad and through Syria’s west and Lebanon to the Mediterranean Sea. This is referred to as the Shiite Crescent. This crescent has also come to include a southern component sliding through Yemen allowing Iran to control the Strait of Hormuz and all of the Middle East oil shipping lanes, and the Bab-el-Mandeb strait which grants Iran control of the southern exit of the Red Sea as well as the Suez Canal. This now moves us to one of the controlling fingers in every pie forces, Iran. Iran is providing weaponry and there is some evidence of IRGC trainers for the Houthis Rebels in Yemen who have all but removed the government which is backed by Saudi Arabia. Egypt had been assisting the Saudis but when Egypt was forced to turn to Russia for arms sales after former United States President Barack Obama cut off all arms sales to Egypt when now Egyptian Sisi removed Muslim Brotherhood allied President Morsi from office and placed the Muslim Brotherhood on the Egyptian terrorist list thus angering then President Obama as well as Turkish President Erdoğan who is allied deeply with the Muslim Brotherhood as well. Iran is also developing ballistic missiles and working towards the production and arming ICBM’s and nuclear weapons warheads to place atop those missiles. Iran had desires on first becoming the hegemonic power of the Middle East and perhaps then even further. Iran has designs on destroying Israel believing that doing so would readily make them the leaders of the Muslim world and the new Caliphate leadership. Iran also is seeking means by which to destroy the United States in order to climb into world prominence. Anyway that one looks at the Iranian claims for future dominance and the means by which they will attain such prominence which includes liberal use of EMP pulse nuclear weapons and thermonuclear weapons destroying major cities and all of Israel should send shivers up the spines of world leaders.


Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran

Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran


Further problems exist in the Sudan which still assists militias which turn lives upside down in the newly established South Sudan. Libya is still without any effective governance and has roving bands of tribal forces and militias fighting constantly along with terrorist group training areas on an intermittent basis when they can claim and hold an area without any truly costly efforts or some tribe grants them space for as long as they provide the tribe with better weaponry. Eventually the tribe feels well enough armed to end the agreement. Tunisia has a shaky governmental situation but for the time being is calm. Egypt has economic difficulties and high unemployment along with a very high illiteracy rate which can only add to the employment problems. Egypt is one nation which could actually gain from properly conditioned aid packages where water could be provided which is safe and education provided even in the most difficult to reach places and the start of some form of industrialization such that the standard of living could be boosted slowly but surely and thus improve the means and lives of her people. Egypt has the advantage of stable governance which would make turning her into a viable and functioning nation state might allow some of the other nations to follow in their example. Heaven knows, the remainder of the Middle East and North Africa is mostly horror stories or plain frightening.


Now we can return to the Palestinian problem and Israel. We state it in that unusual manner because until President Trump and his advisors realize that Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of his merry band of terrorists are realized that they are anything but reformed, their main tool in negotiations is the lie, their deceitfulness has been taken by Europeans as truth because it feeds the historic anti-Semitic world view that the Jews are the cause of every problem which they have lived by for over twenty-five-hundred years since the Early Greeks under Alexander after his death. Alexander the Great, like Cyrus the Great before him respected the Jews and respected Jerusalem such that when his armies came before the Capital City of Judea, he rode to the front of his armies and met with the Kohen Gadol (the Head Priest of the (Second) Temple and after a brief conversation took his armies and continued on to conquer other lands. Israel has proven her willingness to sacrifice for peace. Israel returned the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula when making peace with Egypt and offered to return Gaza despite Egypt illegally occupying the area, Egypt declined and returned Gaza to its rightful owner, Israel. Israel offered to return Judea and Samaria to Jordan despite the fact that Jordan had occupied it illegally, Jordan declined and withdrew the citizenship of its citizens living in these area making them nationless peoples, true refugees. These are many of the Arab Palestinians. Israel, in the name of peace, withdrew eight-thousand plus Israelis from their farms, homes, businesses, synagogues and lives in Gaza, withdrew all of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) troops and deconstructed their bases and left behind homes and the green houses for the people of Gaza to use to begin their lives after the Jews retreated. The Palestinian Arabs were supposed to display their desire for their own country by building a functioning society in Gaza. Instead, they made a terror production facility under the command of PLO commanders and the PA Security Forces. After their election where Hamas won, mostly due to President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and their simplistic view of the situation demanding that Hamas be allowed to participate in elections, there was a coup be Hamas in Gaza resulting from Fatah and PA fighting Hamas from January 2006 to May 2007 forces with a major battle from June 10th to 15th 2007, where Hamas took complete control and removed the PA governance completely. Some remnants of Fatah and the PLO as well as the PA remained in Gaza but they have often been targeted and executed by Hamas whenever they need an excuse for any problems, these make handy excuses and cost Hamas nothing. Since then Hamas has launched rockets into Israel and infiltrated Israel with tunnels all in efforts to murder Israelis, civilians and soldiers as to Hamas there is no difference as their charter calls for the murder of every Jews on the planet. These launchings and other attacks have escalated at times to the point where Israeli response has been to use much of the force of the IDF to remove the ability of Hamas and the other terrorist groups for firing of rockets into Israel and to destroy most of their tunnel systems into Israel under the border fence. What is amazing is that during these escalated fighting, Israel continued to provide electricity and water to Gaza as before the conflict as well as tons of food, medicine and other medical supplies, and even diesel fuel presumably for their generating plant which also provides electricity for Gaza. This may be the singular example of one side providing vital provisions which could and would be used by their enemies to their side of the conflict in order to assure the civilians were not being harmed. How did Hamas respond to this, they continued to use children to ring their rocket launchers to protect them from Israeli strikes, placed women and elderly on rooftops of buildings where their command and control were located, placed their main command and control in the basement of the largest hospital in Gaza, used clinics and schools (including United Nations Relief Workers Agency UNRWA schools and clinics) to store their rockets and arms, using schools as well as clinics and people’s homes for tunnel entrances and rocket launching positions, placed majority of position in apartment projects where the less well off resided, avoided any activities from the wealthy neighborhoods where Hamas leaders and other wealthy reside and the tourist hotels are located, used children and women as human shields and transferred fighters and munitions using United Nations and other ambulances. Pick the one you wish for prosecution as war crimes but the Europeans and United States all refuse to try and take these offences before the World courts. The United Nations did actually verify that their clinics and schools were used to store weapons but assured the world that it will never reoccur. Sure, we believe that just like we believe that the PA educates their children for peace which was the big lie Mahmoud Abbas was caught peddling in Washington (see videos below). The problem is it took President Trump coming to Israel to be shown the truth of education and children’s programming provided by both Hamas and the PA on their shared television station. The videos claiming Hamas could just as easily be credited to the PA or to Fatah, as the difference between them is minimal.









The truth of the situation for Israel is that Prime Minister Netanyahu needs to level with President Trump and tell him straightly and succinctly that Israel had sacrificed for peace and been taken for the fool of the United States belief that this time will be different and that has never been the case. The last number of times that the peace process was presumably restarting the Israelis made sacrifices which Mahmoud Abbas pocketed just as he has done every previous time and exactly as Arafat had done while he was demanding Israel sacrifice to prove Israel desired peace and that has come to an end here. If any side needs to prove they desire peace and make sacrifices for peace, it is the PA and the liar in chief Mahmoud Abbas and his merry band of liars which include Saeb Erekat, Jibril Rajoub, Salam Fayyad, Ahmad Qurei, Nabil Shaath, Mustafa Barghouti and his hunger striking eating chocolates on the side Marwan Barghouti. As proven during the hunger strike he had called, Marwan Barghouti was caught by Israeli security cameras sneaking candy bars into his cell and eating them when he believed he was not being seen. This did get a degree of anger from his fellow inmates who were actually committed to the hunger strike Barghouti called for. The hunger strike soon fell apart when it was made obvious in a media release that Marwan has been sneaking candy rather than actually committing to the hunger strike. If their leadership cannot even be honest with their own people, why should anybody accept anything said at face value without a few tons of corroborative evidence coming from independent sources, which rules out much of Europe. President Trump needs to be brought up to speed and immediately and if his own people are unable to do so, may we here at Beyond the Cusp offer our services here by the shore in sunny Israel to advise him and make sure he has the whole picture, the entire picture, which covers the past four-thousand years plus an undeterminable amount.


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