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June 5, 2017

Terror Here, Terror There, Soon Terror Everywhere


There was another vehicle ramming followed by knifings in London. This time it was on the London Bridge, just a few bridges down from the Westminster Bridge where an attack had taken place just a short number of weeks ago on March 23, 2017 which ended on the foyers of the Parliament Building. This new attack ended also a few blocks into downtown London at the Borough Market near Jack Applebee, a local restaurant located in the market. Terrorism has been far from limited to London or the British Isles. Paris and France have been apparent targets along with the Normandy murder of an elderly priest Father Jacques Hamel, the Nice truck attack which mowed down Bastille Day celebrants murdering eighty four innocents and injuring hundreds more and all the way back to the Toulouse and Montauban shootings in March of 2012 where three French Muslim soldiers were shot down and the shooting at a Jewish school killing a Rabbi, his two sons Aryeh age six and Gabriel age three as well as the eight year old daughter of the school Head Master. Belgium and Germany have not been untouched and the United States has faced their share of attacks. Years ago, Israelis tried to warn the world that if the terrorism being faced by Israel was not denounced, fought and defeated that it would end up spreading to the remainder of the developed world and eventually the entirety of the globe.


Israel had not been the sole target, even back as early as the 1920’s, long before there was a state of Israel, any occupied land, and only a few of the earliest Jews had returned to their ancient homeland and still there were riots and pogroms in Hevron and Jerusalem as well as against some Jewish farming communities with the Mufti of Jerusalem giving the green light by rousing hatred claiming the Jews were defiling the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque. These were the precedent for the rioting on the Temple Mount currently where Fatah and Hamas television and radio, frequencies provided by Israel no less, broadcast the Jews are holding demonic ceremonies in the al-Aqsa Mosque or trampling the Holy Places with their filthy feet (see video below starring Mahmoud Abbas). This video starring the man who in front of the television cameras in the United States with the White House as his backdrop told President Trump how the Palestinian Arabs were teaching their children and grandchildren to live in peace. As far as their teaching their offspring to live in peace, please take a gander at the videos at the end of our article, “Trump’s Chastising Abbas for Misrepresenting Incitement” where we placed seven enlightening videos from a Mickey Mouse look-a-like to a Bumble Bee and more. These were but a sampling and even more can be found with a search on YouTube if more proof is desired. Israel had bombings, vehicular rammings, drive-by shootings, car bombs, truck bombs, satchel bombs with cell phone detonators and stabbings all before they took the terror show on the road to the rest of the world. Back in the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and through the 1990’s on to today where the threat is still ever present but Israel faces the terror threat head-on and fights it with intelligence work and ever guarding police and security forces and smart precautions which keep the population as safe as possible. The world basically treated the terror threats in Israel as something that only happened to Israel, it was a Jewish problem. When it spread to Jewish targets around the world such as the Hezballah attacks in Buenos Aires, it was still just a Jewish problem. Even the Hyper Cachet attack which came right after the Charlie Hebdo attack was referred to by President Obama as an attack on a grocery store when in reality it was a Kosher market struck immediately before Shabbat as Jews from the neighborhood would be buying their Shabbat meals and challah. Well, this, unfortunately for the world, is no longer just a Jewish problem, it is a human problem.



The world is not in the same boat as Israel has been for such a long time. Many in the third world have shared this problem of wars with Islam all around the southern areas of the Islamic world, a region known as the African Transition Zone, the region between the Islamic world and the Christian and Animist worlds, or simply the non-Islamic world which is spread before Islam to be conquered for Allah. These areas have been facing abduction of women and children, the torching of churches most often during services, a simmering warfare, attempted coups, terrorism, and other violence. Europe is now joining the African Transition Zone as the newest frontier for Islam. That is what the raised level of terrorism is all about. This is stage one of the slow takeover of the European continent and it appears to be slowly escalating as the numbers of Islamic refugees increases. The elitist leadership either is clueless or are complicit in the influx and are increasing the influx intentionally. Either way, the people of Europe are facing an ever-growing problem. The people of Europe will soon be facing a choice about whether their continent and their way of life is worth defending or if they will continue with the same weak and worthless leadership just because they claim they know what they may be doing. But this is a problem the people of Europe need to address and they would not take advice from the nation on the front lines even as they watch their own Jewish populations flee for the United States and Israel.


African Transition Zone

African Transition Zone


The other new frontier for terrorism is the United States. I realize that during the Obama administration there were almost no terror attacks, just a number of attacks by crazy people, lone wolves and other excuses, but never real terrorism no matter who claimed what. This will be news to many Americans and they will gladly blame President Trump when terrorism is finally reported by the media and called by what it really is, terrorism. This will be news to the American public which do not follow world news or realize that terrorism has become a worldwide problem. They will likely also start to join the blame President Trump simply because he opened their eyes and reported the reality. The person who reports the problem is often the person who gets the blame. The truth is that they often are simply the one who stopped hiding the truth just because he was not afraid to tackle the problem. President Trump will, with time, become the man who will lead this fight, but only if the American people allow him to do so. The problem is that there may be a majority of Americans who will elect the next President simply because he will claim that he can end the problem through negotiations. They really mean they can surrender the United States and allow Islam to walk in through the front door, back door and side doors. This was what happened during the Presidencies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and accelerated under President Obama. President Trump has said that he will end this infiltration. With any support from the American people, he might save what is left of the country. Without their support, the country will be put back into hibernation mode by whoever replaces him when they simply claim that terrorism can be negotiated and Islam is the religion of peace.


Islam is the religion of peace and war. As long as the entire nation is under pure Islamic Sharia, Muslim Law, then everything can be peaceful. A nation can have a small percentage of non-Muslims as long as they pay their special tax (Jizya), allow themselves to have no protection under the law, always hold their head lower than any Muslim near them, and understand that they are Dhimmi, then there can be peace. But if the nation has any other law, then there can be no peace and there will be terrorism and violence and eventually Jihad, holy war for the sake of Allah. Oh, there will be many very smooth talking Muslims who will claim that what we say is horribly wrong and we do not know anything about Islam. That is called Taqiyya, the imperative that Muslims lie to infidel, that is the rest of us, for the sake of furthering Islamic supremacy. Islam is peace when Islam is supreme, provided everybody is worshiping the exact same form of Islam, Shiite, Sunni, or any of the other varieties. For two examples of nations with differing forms of Islam, there are Syria and Iraq, places with just a few problems between the differing beliefs in Islam. A world where Islam is in total peace is a world where everybody has the same Imam, and there is only one Imam. I wonder how large a population such a world would have, one?


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