Beyond the Cusp

June 23, 2017

Where is the World Headed, a Vision of Our Future


The world is suffering some furious fluctuations where change is putting its shoulder to the door but that door is braced and boarded up from the other side. The establishment is lodged in many areas of our society. They occupy much of media but are facing some determined opposition which is aided by the freedoms granted by the Internet where even the least of us can be heard. Entertainment is ruled by the liberal left and to be announced as a conservative means the end of the top roles and a quick trip to oblivion, but there is still room for those with talent which cannot be denied. There are even a few lesser-known but active movie makers who choose from the actors by their fitness and ability to play the roles, political views be damned. There are numerous occupations where politics plays no role. Such callings include anything to do with electricity from microelectronics to repairing high voltage lines with some carrying over seven-hundred-thousand volts, enough to cut a person in half almost instantaneously. Medicine cares only about skill and attention to detail from the person in the laundry room to the operations plant to the receptionist at the help desk in the lobby to the ward nurse on through the doctors doing rounds to the heart surgeons to the brain surgeon, all are rated by their performance and little else. Construction from the common laborer to the people working high steel, it is about ability, not politics.


Brain Surgeon at Work

Brain Surgeon at Work


But there is one profession where politics is everything, that is politics. With the gerrymandered Congressional districts throughout the nation despite laws and judgements handed down by courts from the lowest of the system to the Supreme Court itself, the districts are still weighted by the ruling party every ten years when the census are taken. This has removed much of the need to obey the voters as one is all but guaranteed their seat is secure as long as they cover their actions sufficiently to prevent any rival in the primary election. The sitting Congressperson always has the advantage of their war chest, the cash remaining from previous elections. These build over the years where eventually one need not raise funds with such serious determination as they have more than sufficient remaining for use. But even a Congressperson with no opponent will pursue funding which they use to reward those who have supported them as well as relatives with high paying positions in their campaign, a campaign which requires minimal efforts. This is perfectly legal and is one of the evils of the body politic in the United States and probably in Europe and the remainder of the world. Senate races are somewhat different as there will almost always be a rival as these are much more important positions as every state is evenly represented so every Senate seat is of paramount importance. These elections are only up for election every six years and every state holds a Senate race two out of every three election cycles. Entire states cannot be gerrymandered but many states are safe while some are more interesting. States such as Wyoming, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Maryland are usually very safe in selecting their Senatorial winners from a single party, either Democrat or Republican. Some states are peculiar in that they tend to elect a Senator one from each party for reasons which are likely to never be understood. But politics is supposed to be about politics, our next profession is not.


Education is the one place it would be hoped that politics would not play any part whatsoever, but that is unfortunately not the case. This transformation began back in the late 1950’s and proceeded through to the mid 1970’s where the transformation became a fait accompli. The demand came from the young teachers seeking entry into the college arena where the establishment was completely conservative as it had been for decades. Their demand was for diversity and for a voice, an opportunity. Slowly through the 1960’s the numbers of liberal educators slowly climbed and by the end of the decade they were starting to make their entry into administrative positions with their becoming associate deans and the beginning of making deans. They kept themselves in line with good behavior and with open minds and doing everything in such a manner as to not make the end target obvious in any way. Finally, by the middle and definitely by the end of the 1970’s the liberals and leftists had become the majority in the critical positions with their intended targets being the hiring positions. Now came their move in many universities and colleges and the ripple effect went across the entirety of the higher education system with a few exceptions. Then the lockout came of any conservative or even questionable new professor seeking a position. The liberal and leftists had completely taken over the departments responsible for educating educators making the next generation of educators for High Schools, Jr. High Schools, Elementary Schools all having the same liberal bend that their departments had and the teachers unions and all schools were also brought into the new education system. This system does not teach as much as it indoctrinates with the sole exception being the hard sciences as in things such as chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology and engineering are, by their nature, politics free. Despite Orwell, two plus two still equals four and never five. But in the humanities, there is little education and full time indoctrination. Students willing to read on their own and seek knowledge beyond that which is presented solely in the classroom are able to learn and become well qualified and be able to make a difference in the world. Others who take every excuse to take the easy route will become the snowflakes we hear about who run to safe-zones, need coloring books and petting puppies. But the real problem is the dearth of open discussion in the universities and colleges where any conservative or any controversial speaker invited to speak at most universities and colleges are met by demonstrations or worse where people and property are endangered as violence has all too often erupted. What are supposed to be places of learning and introduction to new concepts have now become funerals to thought where all but the safest and most leftist of ideas are acceptable. This has become such a dire situation and has now reached into the most elementary ends of education that the future of the United States as a world power could be threatened by its own education system. A recent graduate and valedictorian in the Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Area School District gave his graduation speech which went well until he veered into his own thoughts and away from his approved speech (video below). Unfortunately, he was cut off by the very administrator he was most complaining about, there’s a surprise. But cutting off speech which is unsupported is exactly what is the top of the list of how to handle such situations.



There is an interesting determining factor for any kind of potentially contentious speech, and it has nothing to do with the validity, informative or the weightiness of the argument but whether it might counter any liberal dogma or upset the feelings of the most sensitive of leftist individual who might hear or ever come across the words. Everything must be filtered through the colander of leftist dogma. Learning is of a secondary importance while the cause of leftist doctrine which must come foremost and before all other considerations. It really is unfortunate because the doctrines be ridiculed as they should be abandoned rather than cheat children and young adults of an honest education where every side of issues are allowed to enter the debate allowing the student to learn about every side and decide for themselves. The new educators follow an entirely different approach to education. Their claim is the student must be told what to think, not how to think. Students are told what is right and what is wrong, they are shown only the leftist doctrine while having all other thoughts ridiculed and if a student somehow, despite never being introduced to such thoughts, express some conservative idea, they will not only be shot down and blasted by their professor and their fellow students will be encouraged to join in on the chastisement such that they never venture onto unapproved ideas ever again. Repeating such ventures will inevitably be punished with lowered grades and eventually, if such unwarranted thinking continues, failure and eviction from the education system.


Things are getting even worse since the election of President Trump with conservative thought now punishable by violent confrontation and a beat down or worse. This has become standard fare with references to the murder of the President in theater, comedy, rap, songs and virtually every form of entertainment, if that word can be used to apply in these cases. For even more such thoughts and commentary one need not look any further than social media where some people have gone from puppy and kitten videos, family vacation and celebratory pictures, comedy bloopers to now only posting accusations of President Trump and any and all his administration and appointees, Vice President Pence, Speaker of the House Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader McConnell. The accusations are intermixed with threats with there even having been postings which made excuses exonerating the shooter of the Republican baseball practice, James Hodgkinson, with Representative Steve Scalise still not out of danger yet people making commentary claiming he deserved what he got for his vote on this legislation or that legislation or this or that position. Nobody deserves to be shot for having a political opinion, but that is the view of the leftists, that anyone disagreeing with their strictest of dogma must be eradicated, period. These types of situations and treatment of thought is something more attuned to situations where a government has thought police who take people in the dark of night and they are never seen again. In literature they simply join the other old and broken men who sit at the corner café drinking their cafe-au-lait while muttering, “I love Big Brother.”


Beyond the Cusp


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