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July 12, 2017

President Trump Asks Whether Western Civilization Respects Itself


“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?” This was the essence of the question President Trump put to Europe and to America. In the last few days, we asked what happens to the world if America does not answer the call when the sirens warning of destruction sound. Trump asked Europe if they are even going to sound the sirens or are they going to die whimpering like a beaten dog which has lost all hope. Now, all that is left is to wait for the answer from Europe.


The other question is whether the people of Europe can even recognize those willing to fight or are they so content to suckle on the teat of government that they would lose all rather than fight for the survival of their children. But that is the problem, the leaders of Europe have no children and the people are not having children. The Europeans have given up on their civilization long ago when their reproductive rate fell below replacement rate, below even a mere two children per married woman. Of course when a goodly number of your married couples are same-sex wedlocks there will not be children and the remainder see nothing in life worthy of even bothering to produce a next generation as it is too much bother, then your civilization dies. Europe answered this question long ago when they cast off Judeo-Christianity for socialistic hedonism without consequences. At least when humankind last practiced the barbarity of hedonism, there was a byproduct, children, but modern hedonism has found a way around that byproduct with birth control and abortion. The only conclusion the data tells is that Europe will allow its native populations to decrease steadily until their numbers of defenders is insufficient to protect them from conquest, and then the rest will be slaughtered or will submit and die silently curled in the fetal position in the corner. This is the subconscious, if not deliberate, choice that the people of Europe have chosen. So the new question becomes, is there an antidote, an answer to this situation? Fortunately, that answer is yes, but it will depend upon those few who have families, healthy families with children.


Changes in Total Fertility Rates Amongst Industrialized Nations

Changes in Total Fertility Rates Amongst Industrialized Nations


The disease has run deeply into the currents of your lives and made your people soft and susceptible to a sickness born of self-conceit and believing that everything begins and ends, especially ends, with you. If this is how you live your life, then all you believe you to be will end with you and after you die there will be no child left to carry on. Blood Sweat & Tears nearly got it right as they believed that you would have at least one child, but alas you have chosen not to even produce one child so replace one with no in the song below and dance, that is what you do, right, dance? The need will now fall to the next two generations, the ones alive today and the first is reaching their early and mid twenties as of this writing and need to decide now and the next have reached their teens and will soon make that fateful choice because it cannot wait any longer than that. Will you live a life based in Judeo-Christian Biblical values or will you emulate the older generation and party until the bill comes due, because the bill always comes due. This bill will enslave all those who follow for centuries to come. True, should you not have children, what difference does that make to you, you will not have anybody left to pay the bill, and then the collection becomes nastier. Oh, and one other little item, the leftists have been lying to you. The world is not overpopulated and the room running out. Take a drive or ride a bus or train to the next large city and halfway there wake-up and see the empty spaces. In the United States we call it flyover country because the “really important people” all live on the two coasts or in Chicago. There is more than enough room for the next ten generations on the planet and by then we will also have Mars and maybe beyond, so be plentiful and multiply.



The initial answer to the sickness afflicting Europe is to have children as the illness has a main symptom, childlessness. That is the symptom which will kill Europe and Europe is on its way to a glorious and dark death, but many of you worship the darkness, you wear black, your fingernail polish is black, your eye makeup is black, your cheeks are made to appear hollowed out and dark and your whole outlook is darkness, death and the whole Gothic look and culture, the Vampire Cults, an entire culture bathed in black, and that is a healthy lifestyle choice, the anti-Heaven desperation and depravity of the dark world and all without consequence because just like those before you, you use birth control pills or abortion when you “make a mistake.” News flash, it is not a mistake and it is more than a baby, it is a future but you are so locked into yourself that future does not matter, but who will be there to care for you when the look finally wears out around age fifty? Nobody, and that is the problem.


Darkness, Death, the Whole Gothic Look and Culture, the Vampire Cults, an Entire Culture Bathed Bleakly in Black

Darkness, Death, the Whole Gothic Look and Culture,
the Vampire Cults, an Entire Culture Bathed Bleakly in Black


If for a moment you think that the immigrants being imported by your childless leaders like Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Theresa May, and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, French President Emmanuel Macron, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker et. al. are the solution to the problem, then you are the reason; as you keep electing the wrong leaders. Your leaders are no example of a healthy culture and until the people show signs of life and a future of life, a sign such as electing leaders with a stake in the future, leaders with children and normal families, until then Europe is doomed. The answer is to look back and remember how Europe became the preeminent culture which almost owned the world and remember the hardships of the past, because should Europe fall the continent will visit those hardships and far worse in the future. Oh, but that’s right, why should you care, you will have passed on and you have no children who will live in that horrific future. That is the outlook which placed the youth of Europe to not marry and raise a family, and by youth we mean under age forty or possibly even under fifty, we do not mean under twenty and especially not twelve and under. The future filled with darkness is far closer than your leaders are telling you. Actually, they are not telling you, they are lying their faces off denying there is any problem, and that is a valid point if you live in a gated community ringed by men armed with machine guns and riding in Land Rovers armored-up and prepared for anything. But those are the few, the enormously wealthy, and your childless leadership.


Land Rovers Armored-up and Prepared for Anything

Land Rovers Armored-up and Prepared for Anything


You may very likely have the solution handbook right there in your house and hopefully not just on a shelf with the rest of your books, or worse, stuck forgotten in some nondescript drawer or pantry. The answers you seek to save your society are in the Bible. The easiest of the answers comes early in the Old Testament, the place where the majority of the answers lie. The first answer is found all through the Book of Genesis as Hashem made this an obvious command to every generation from Adam and Eve to Noah to Abraham and his children and grandchildren. We decided this was the best quote to adapt for the purposes here, and in Genesis 35:11 we read, “And God said to him, ‘I am the Almighty God; be fruitful and multiply…’” That is as simple a command as it gets. Hashem promised further in this verse, kings and nations to be born from his offspring.


All we are seeking today is the survival of Western culture and civilization, the survival of the culmination of some of the noblest of ideas from the centuries of development and thought. The question is simple, does Western philosophy of the nobleness of the spirit of the human being deserve to be preserved or shall it fall before barbarism and lay dormant for centuries possibly to never rise again? That is the question before Europe and, after Europe, if Europe fails and falls, to the United States and, should they fail, to Israel, the progenitor of all that followed. Will it fall to Israel to save the refinement which was started with Moses and then tempered by the swords and hammers of Greece and then Rome and then the ages which followed and the Renaissance and the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions to finally be purified in 1776 in a pair of documents which came of the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Yes, the Constitution of the United States is a one singular document on how to govern, but without the people to govern, it becomes useless. So, will Europe pull through or will it be the United States which saves all that is precious taught way back to Abraham on Mount Moriah or will it rely on Israel. Hashem will defend all at Israel. Before that, people will need to decide for themselves if their civilization deserves to survive. That is the other lesson in that handbook, you are responsible for the future and only you can make it a brighter and better future, but first you have to take the righteous steps to make a future possible.


Beyond the Cusp


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