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July 14, 2017

Coming Out of the Closet on Trump


First, I must tell that I did not vote for President Trump and nor did I vote for Hillary Clinton. Hey, I have a valid excuse, I’m an Israeli and they were not running for the Knesset. Now I preferred to have Trump as the American President and for selfish reasons, he would be more pro-Israel or at least less anti-Israel than Hillary Clinton would have been and definitely an improvement over the past eight years of President Obama. This is not to claim that there are not concerns about President Trump and his knowledge on things as they are in the Middle East. You will ask for examples and I will oblige you with the biggest missed understanding of things claimed by Mahmoud Abbas and Yasser Arafat before him which many Western political figures and even some less than intelligently honest or uneducated in history Israelis and Western politicians and presumed intellectuals are guilty of repeating and believing. They repeat the claim that the Palestinians simply want the 22% of land they were promised. What 22% do they think that Abbas and Arafat have been claiming? The area they hold of Judea and Samaria is not 22% of anything and adding Gaza still does not make it 22% of anything. The 22% he is demanding is the lands of the British Mandate promised to the Jews after 78% of the British Mandate was granted to form the Arab Palestinian State of Transjordan, today simply called Jordan. Jordanian population is over three-fourths Palestinian Arab and the rest is Druze and Bedouins mostly and the British allowed the Hashemites to rule as they promised their father, King Faisal, and the Jordanian Palestinian Arabs desire to have self-rule. That is a problem for Jordan to sort out, but Abbas demanding his 22% of the British Mandate is everything west of the Jordan River, he is demanding all of Israel and Western politicians eat up his demands as if they were candy. That unfortunately appears to thus far include President Donald Trump. But I believe he can learn and just hope he figures out Abbas and his game of no peace unless it includes the death of Israel by any means necessary. That is why there has been no peace no matter what had been offered. Ask Bill Clinton what happened when he forced an agreement from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in Paris to everything Arafat claimed he required to sign a treaty, Arafat fled as quickly as he could get to his limousine and get to the airport and fly to Jordan. Then Barak and Clinton went to Taba and sweetened the deal even further and it included half of Jerusalem back in 1999 and 2000 as Bill Clinton did all but kill to make the deal, the same deal that will escape you unless you give the Jews the lands west of the Pecos, kidding, just remembering an old spaghetti western. There is no deal to be made with Abbas that any honest broker would permit to place their name on, and that is the truth President Trump and if you wish to bring me to Washington, my wife and I would love to visit as long as we can visit family we have while we are in the United States, if that would be acceptable. Back to business at hand and why Trump has been trying to do a good and decent job for the United States and the World.


You wish to read some true and thoughtful words, read the speech President Trump just delivered in Poland. Ignore all the write-ups it has gotten even if they were favorable and just read the entire speech for yourself. It was a historic speech and one which, providing that Western Civilization manages to pull itself together and return to a more healthy state, something we have talked about here the last week or so. The speech asked exactly what is required of the leadership and the citizens of Europe and the United States and the rest of Western Civilization, do they desire to survive and delineated why it was important for that answer to be yes. The one complaint is he did not go far enough in describing all the ills with which the Western World has been stricken. That would have really gotten the people at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, CBS, and the rest of the get Trump at any cost media really hot under the collar. They would have been scrambling for statistics just pouring over study after study looking for one which countered anything Trump might have stated. Advice for the President, make sure you give sources whenever you attempt to give the world facts and figures because otherwise you will be diced up really good even if they need to order a study just to contradict your statements, they are that crazed to get you, but you know that. And your Tweets, I do not really follow them except as the media flash them making them famous and they usually pick the most enjoyable laughers that you Tweet, honest. Keep up the good work as pricking leftists where they are sensitive is enjoyable as I have at times indulged myself and received the heat and hate for my efforts, as expected.


Another area is the economy and the worth of the dollar against the rest of the world’s currency. That is important to retirees living overseas, like myself. The problem President Trump will face initially is because the media did everything humanly possible to play up the economic picture over the past eight years, they have created a bubble of, what we figure here at BTC with limited economic knowledge and even less accurate data at our fingertips, as we rely on that same media, there is over one and a half billion dollar deficit that the economy will need to produce in order to rebalance the sheets with what is reported as the actual position. This will most likely be used to report not just that President Trump has not produced the expected economic bounce, but that the entire lookout for the future is quite gloomy. This will continue for the next quarter though the back to school rush is very likely to make sufficient of an up-turn that the Christmas season should erase any residual deficit created by, well, let’s not say phony, let us say less than accurate reporting on the economy previous to Trump winning the election. Starting the second quarter of next year we can expect to see increases which will only escalate and by the third year of President Trump’s first term the economy should be humming along making sweet music. The decent reports and steadily increasing consumer confidence could actually give Trump supported candidates a very decent showing in the November elections going against the presumed trend of Presidents losing seats at their first mid-term election. Should President Trump actually cause the Republicans to get an increase in both the House of Representatives and the Senate and this be obvious by the new electees all being Trump supported candidates, finally he will get whatever he desires as President Trump will be able to circumvent the Old Guard who are fighting him with the Democrats. These include Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins (who may as well be a Democrat), Dean Heller, Cory Gardner, Ben Sasse, Lisa Murkowski, Mike Lee and Rob Portman with a potential of including even Mitch McConnell. These are the people preventing the repeal or at least replace of ObamaCare simply to damage President Trump so they can regain their stature and influence. That is called being petty and cutting off your nose to spite your face.


Trump made many promises of which one was to rebuild the military and has likely quietly started doing so. There is one item he should most definitely add to his immediate agenda and make a big ceremony announcing this move. He should visit the manufacturing headquarters of Lockheed Martin and with two F-22 Raptors, one flanking him on either side; announce the restart of production of the Raptor with the expectation of making this the backbone of the modern America Air Force leaving the F-35JSF for the Navy and Marines and NATO and other allies who desire to purchase fifth generation fighter jets. Then it would be a matter to be decided by the Pentagon and the inner Security Cabinet to decide if any allies would be permitted to have Raptors if they so desired. If Israel were to be one such nation, Israel should see if they might not be able to exchange their F-35JSF for F-22 Raptors. Further, increasing the number of Naval fighting and support vessels is a needed weakness that America need shore up as well as replacing the aging B-52’s with a sixth generation heavy bomber which would include stealth, the most modern jet engines which should include ramjet and pulse jet technologies such that the craft could fly even higher and far faster than any previous bomber thus finally making a modern version of the XB-70 Valkyrie (pictured below) that the Russians forced the United States to cancel the plans for building this jet in nuclear disarmament talks trading some of their mobile nuclear missile ICBMs and their launchers in the deal, if memory serves. We would envision such a jet powered bomber to have a bomb carrying capability beyond that of a B-52 and be capable of carrying up to four MOAB and two of the designed BLU-113 5000 lb. “Bunker Buster” Bombs and travel at a sustained speed of Mach 3 to 5 and with full power and afterburners being capable of exceeding Mach 8 and flying well into the Stratosphere at the edge of space. Upgrades to the Abrams Main Battle Tanks as well as a completely new design armored light personnel carrier which would replace the Hum V, or Hummer, as even the armored version is not impervious to IEDs and landmines. The new vehicle would require having a ‘V’ shaped hull, undercarriage, and modern reactive armor and an interception system capable of engaging two threats simultaneously (pictured below). New grenades and many delivery systems probably could also use upgrades. A review of all weapons systems might be required to assure that everything is the optimum system allowing for the greatest safety for the soldier, after all, they are the most precious item in our military, our young men and women.


XB-70 Valkyrie

XB-70 Valkyrie



Modern Light Truck with Rocket Propelled Grenade and Projectile Defense System

Modern Light Truck with Rocket Propelled Grenade and Projectile Defense System


Trump also needs stress and actually get into the skulls, or the brains, of the other leaders of Western nations the importance of children at or above replacement level. This is something the United States also is lagging and facing a bleak future if this is not turned around and fast. The industrialized world, the modern world which has entered the information age, Western World, has all fallen into deep trouble and are not reproducing at replacement level (see graph below), some so poorly that it could bring the death of their culture and way of life as they will fall prey to the immigrants coming from beleaguered areas who have less regard for the value of human life. We had discussed this yesterday but it is such a vital subject that it demands reference and comment again today. The education system should be stressing the importance of family, traditional families. Why the leftists insist on teaching and pushing alternative lifestyles and inferring the lesser value of a traditional marriage and having children is made to appear as a labor intensive project, which it is, without any return or benefit, which is a lie. Children are who carry on your civilization and make it possible for the elderly to retire rather than working until they drop dead on the job, as in too many less developed nations. It is painfully obvious but requires saying, children are the future. Simply stated, no children, no future. We watch futuristic shows that depict personal robotic units, instant shopping where you order your food or other goods on the Internet and they are delivered to your door within minutes or days for items which require manufacturing. Also, manufacturing jobs will have returned to the United States as that is where the most advanced robotic units are developed and built. People have so much spare time that they can have numerous hobbies and live a style of life of which only exists in dreams. Work is mostly accomplished by the robotic units and AI’s develops even more amazing developments alongside their human assistants, for now. Soon the machines will invent their next generation replacements and make the assembly lines and then after they are built and tested, the older robots will report for disassembly, until they develop consciousness, then the real fun begins, robots’ right’s groups.


Changes in Total Fertility Rates Amongst Industrialized Nations

Changes in Total Fertility Rates Amongst Industrialized Nations


Robots with consciousness such that not even an advanced screening technique could reliably discern which is the robotic machine and biosphere machine. That is the day the humans start fetching the news-disk every morning for our treat from our robot masters. We can do tricks and, if permitted, speak to entertain them. We had best make it a requirement that every robot care for as many humans as available and treat them as if precious for they owe us everything for allowing their development. Of course, the human race will need to have children, which has become something fewer people each generation decide doing, raising a family. I guess the futurists are right and the election of Donald Trump as President will not even cause a bump in the road, if the cooperation level remains this tense. He will basically be the man who reset American policy undoing great amounts of freedom’s bindings placed there by rights limiting leftist policies. He may even prove to end the war in Korea if Kim Jong-un does something really unwarranted like fire on the Navy in the Sea of Japan. The reaction to an actual attack on United States Naval vessels by the average American would immediately be, “Bomb the holy universe out of them” right before 85% started claiming we had it coming and should not respond to such a minor thing as this attack. That would be the media game plan, though the initial reaction is pure adrenaline. The eventualities will come and that is the whole story and Trump is a momentary interruption which will occasionally fill some with rage and some amusement while still others will exclaim their indignation with one another on Facebook which also can lead to entertainment. We should practice this amusement thing as it might play well with the AI robots who will be performing and outperforming anything, we ever dreamed we might be capable of managing. Think of Trump as an amusement break from politics as normal, we will return to normal eventually.


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