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July 21, 2017

And the Courts Sentenced an Innocent to Death


We hear all the time that the death penalty is the most dangerous concept because as long as it remains an option, then it is guaranteed that the courts will sentence an innocent person to death for a crime they did not commit. Well, there has finally come just such a case except in this particular case the person sentenced to death has not committed anything against any law except the law that costs must be contained. Yes, this case a person was sentenced to death because their continued existence might prove overly costly. For the threat of costing too much in order to continue their life, a human being has received sentencing to be put down. What is even more frightening is that almost nobody appears to care. The person in question here is an infant in Britain who has a condition which the medical personnel have determined is incurable. Any infant with the exact same set of conditions in many other nations would have procedures attempted seeking to cure them. Yes, such experimentation on one with such a condition would prove costly and would not be covered nearly as sufficiently as parents financial ability might find comfortable, but there can be ways around such problems. The person sentenced to death is the infant Charlie Gard. The United States has physicians willing to treat Charlie Gard, if for no other reason, but simply to try to find the correct means of treating his disorder. The question is, will they get a chance.


Charlie Gard Sentenced to Death in Britain

Charlie Gard Sentenced to Death in Britain


The cost will not even prove to be impossible to handle as there already exist an entire web site which tells of Charlie’s medical condition, the proposed potential life saving treatment and offers contributions to assist with the legal fight and the treatments would doctors get the opportunity. New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center went on record last week to say that it was willing to admit Charlie as a patient or send an experimental drug to London, subject to Food and Drug Administration approval. The British courts realizing the pressure they were facing have permitted an American neurologist to examine Charlie but we expect that this is just their ploy to try and find a means to either complete their sentencing of Charlie or potentially unload the responsibility onto anyone else willing to take Charlie off their hands and clear the British medical system from this burdensome case. This is an example of the lovely single payer plan and what occurs eventually when a case presents a challenge beyond what the government is willing to cover. There are little secrets built into any universal coverage plan where the government ends up responsible for paying for the care. They have a ‘wonderful’ age scale recommending which ages are worth how much in coverage costs. What is most interesting is not that senior citizens, those past retirement age, are considered only worth minimal coverage but that the very young are equally worthless in the government’s considerations. Those children under the age of approximately fourteen are considered not yet close enough to earning age to be worth expensive treatments. This is what is Charlie’s predicament turns out to be, he is too young to be worthy of life. Wonderful system of healthcare, is it not?


Charlie Gard’s Parents Leaving the High Court in London

Charlie Gard’s Parents Leaving the High Court in London


Charlie’s Parents have run through the entire British court system even to reaching the High Court in London. What is frightening about this case and others of a similar nature where the State has decided a life is unworthy of the potential for expenses to rescue is that when it is a child, the parent’s and their willingness to pay all expenses does not determine the child’s fate, the courts and the State reserve that right. Even should the parents be extremely wealthy of have a foreign hospital willing to treat the child just to gain knowledge which can benefit future treatment of patients with the same or similar conditions, the court can refuse to release the patient for treatment elsewhere and still rule and have the patient, the child, removed from life-support and allowed, forced, to die. When the State is ultimately presumed to be responsible for healthcare, then the State determines who gets how much care and in cases where a life hangs in the balance, who lives and who is put to death. The liberals who are so concerned that some day a person will be sentenced to death wrongly by the courts apparently have little problem with the courts sentencing Charlie Gard to death simply because treating him would prove costly and inconvenience the State. Well, we finally have a case once more where the leftists sentence an innocent to death simply for the good of the State because the State stands as the ultimate good and all who oppose the ruling of the state in a case of a young child’s life simply due to their medical condition are the evil ones. Charlie Gard proves the lack of innocence of the State and if he is allowed to die, the sole reason will be that the State’s rulings must be carried out for the good of the people otherwise setting a precedent where the State can be countermanded simply because another State or individual is willing to pay the price of medical care. When the State decides you are incurable, suffering, and should be permitted to die with dignity, then you must be permitted to die with dignity. There is no dignity in death, only finality and when the death is an infant who is unable to speak up and say, ‘I want to live,’ then death it must be, or so say the British courts, and they are probably indicative of most European courts responding to the limitations dictated by the health gods. Why would any civilized peoples allow cost to determine the life of any child?


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