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July 24, 2017

It is a War and the War Claimed Four More Victims


Another Shabbat terrorist attack on victims of Palestinian violent death cult, which preys upon those too feeble due to age, this time, or lack of age in other instances, and which claimed three lives with a fourth initially reported to have been fighting for her life as she was admitted to the hospital. In the Israeli village of Halamish on Friday night, a terrorist broke into their home and began stabbing the family as they ate their Shabbat dinner where they had gathered to celebrate the birth of a grandchild. Armed with a knife and a heart filled with rage from incitement filled false claims that the Israelis had murdered innocent Arab children during the day and were defiling the al-Aqsa Mosque every night. Jews are barely permitted to ever visit the Temple Mount and those who are have minders watching their every movement just in case a Jew dare even speak the name of Hashem or let loose a word of prayer or sanctification as the Islamic purity would surely be dissolved should the Shema ever be uttered reverently upon the holiest of places in the Jewish faith. But before continuing, I would like to share some of my feelings at the moment, and though this may appear irreverent, I mean this in the truest sense of the meaning of these words.



Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on where you stand, I am not in charge or have any power to affect policies and actions of any government. What I can do is write and hope to have a measure of influence with the world. The Palestinians have the advantage of presumably being the underdogs in this fight and the sympathy of many Westerners who feel obliged to support every underdog. Well, let us look at these presumed underdogs. They are supported by much of Europe, countless NGO’s, the United Nations General Assembly and receive aid monies over the past twenty years to have made every single Arab they claim to represent a present of a quarter of a million dollars or Euros, their choice. Instead, the top leadership has made themselves into multimillionaires worth hundreds of millions of dollars or Euros, your choice. The funding has never been used to provide utilities, water, sewage treatment, oil or gas as all of these are provided to the Arab Palestinians by the Israeli companies who provide such services and they are not reimbursed for these supplies. Instead, the expense is passed on to every Israeli customer in the form of higher prices, prices far higher than even those in much of Europe. The Arab Palestinians are actually the tip of the spear, a very long spear, which is backed by the entire Arab world and has one aim, the destruction of Israel as the Jewish State. The reason the Arab Palestinians are so richly backed and supported by Arab governments, European Union, United Nations, European governments, the Vatican, the United States State Department and George Soros as the cherry on top is because their aim is to end the Jewish State. Their targeting Israelis having their Sabbath dinner will be ignored by the remainder of the world, as these victims do not matter, as the final aim is the all-important goal here.


Yosef Salomon age 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon age 46, and son Elad Salomon age 36

Yosef Salomon age 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon age 46, and son Elad Salomon age 36


This attack murdered were Yosef Salomon age 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon age 46, and son Elad Salomon age 36 (pictured above) and placed his wife Tova Salomon age 68 in Shaare Zedek Medical Center in where, after life-saving emergency surgery, she was discharged in order to attend the funeral for her family. Elad’s wife managed to herd the grandchildren into a bedroom, lock the door, called police and screamed that they were being attacked. Responding to the screams, an off duty IDF soldier managed to shoot and wound the terrorist through a window of the house. The terrorist, Omar al-Abed age 19, was subdued and was reported to have jumped up and attempted to attack the medical respondents as they worked to try to save the victims and was promptly subdued once again. He was taken for treatment and has been released to security police for arraignment. The IDF stated that on the way to the attack, Abed made a post to Facebook stating his intentions (see below with translation).


Abed Facebook Posting Made Before Attack on Jewish Family

Abed Facebook Posting Made Before Attack on Jewish Family


The reference to only having a knife while others “had guns to use only at weddings” was a reference to the Arabs to celebrate their weddings by firing rifles into the air, more often than not using fully-automatic mode (see video below). His reference in the remainder is obvious, he expected that the Israelis would execute him on the spot when they caught him because that is exactly what he was told to expect and it matched everything he understood.



There has been history on what happens when any Israelis happen to wander into area under the control by the Palestinian Authority. When a pair of reservists made a wrong turn and entered Ramallah, they were arrested presumably for their safety but the police deserted the station as a lynch mob gathered. The end result was the two young men were literally torn limb from limb with an Arab youth leaning out the window to show his blood-soaked hands to the cheering crowd outside (see image below). The picture taken by a reporter showed this youth depicting his and the crowd’s enthusiasm at what can only be compared to a ritual human sacrifice. This young man expected similar barbarity from the Israelis. What is even more depressing is within six weeks after he is reexposed to the incitement and propaganda is he will return to believing that any Arab caught after committing a terror attack is tortured and then murdered and his experience was exactly like that yet somehow he managed to survive.


Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands

Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd
Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists
Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands


The contrast between the two civilizations can be depicted perfectly with a single picture. This picture includes a scene of a graphic nature as it is the aftermath of this terror attack and we advise care in viewing. The thing one need try to imagine is the extent of violence as the terrorist was described of stabbing the victims repeatedly even after they ceased resistance. The link to the troubling picture of the aftermath is here. There were reactions in the Arab Palestinian areas including Gaza and the West Bank areas of Judea and Samaria. They were nothing like the shock felt throughout Israel once the news spread of the Friday night attack. Below are a couple of pictures of the reactions we believe were taken in Gaza.


Gaza Celebratory Reaction to Murdering of Jews at Shabbat Dinner

Gaza Celebratory Reaction to Murdering of Jews at Shabbat Dinner


If this had been a single event without certain surrounding conditions, then it would be less of a story, but there is a back-story which will not be mentioned in most coverage, so here we must venture. Just this past week we saw events such as this and the rioting upon the Temple Mount coming when we covered “Rebroadcast of Abbas is Declaration of War” which we saw as a sign that trouble was being instigated once again. This was followed by declarations on Palestinian media for “Days of Rage” because there were metal detectors installed on the Temple Mount after two police were shot to death and a third placed in the hospital with wounds which came too close to being fatal. Israelis accept metal detectors as a part of life when we need pass through them to use the trains, enter the mall, shop at the department store downtown, enter many restaurants, go to the movies, watch a show and countless other venues. Why would the Arab Palestinians get violently upset about having to pass through metal detectors to go up on the Temple Mount? Jews and other non-Muslims have had to pass through metal detectors and searches that are far more intrusive before being permitted entry to the Temple Mount. But the Arab Palestinians are upset because by not having to pass through metal detectors to go up onto the Temple Mount they could bring weapons, be they knives, guns, rifles, sub machine-guns or others from Eastern Jerusalem and leave the Temple Mount and have immediate access to Western Jerusalem and then on to Tel Aviv and the remainder of Israel with such weaponry and have used this method to arm terrorists before they committed their attacks. This may have been how the terrorist who shot up the markets and outdoor restaurant establishments in Tel Aviv just a month or so ago and numerous knifing attacks over the past few months got their weapons. These metal detectors will likely make such terror attacks that much more difficult which is likely one side effect which we will all be thankful. But whenever there is an added checkpoint or other effort to prevent terrorism the Arab Palestinians will hold riots and intensify attempts to and actual attacks as a means of expressing their contempt for such efforts. There was also a rocket attack from Gaza in which the rocket exploded in midair. There has been no mention of the rocket being intercepted by the Iron Dome, though that is always possible. The main rioting has taken place at the Temple Mount with the attempt to make it appear that the use of metal detectors has impeded the Arabs ability to enter the Temple Mount, a false image. It is obvious to any honest observer that the rioting and mass numbers are an intentional attempt to overcrowd the entrances in order to allow complaints that they are causing a bottleneck when in reality the mass numbers thrown at the entrances would have cause a backlog as these entrances narrow at the Temple Mount which was done when the area was built to permit easier defense for the area guards. The metal detectors will not impede normal Temple Mount traffic and when there are security alerts, they will actually make entering the Temple Mount to flow more easily as each person will not need to be searched manually. But why allow reality to make any difference when your desire is to remove the latest obstacle to your ability for terrorist attacks and murdering Israelis. But here is one last detail, the Arab Palestinians will tell you they do not hate or wish to kill Israelis and not technically be deceiving. When you translate their calls and chants for targeting for terrorism they seldom say Israelis, will often say Zionists but most often they simply say Jews. Hamas, like Fatah, have the desire to destroy Israel as the Jewish State but go further demanding that they murder every Jew without any regard for where they reside, Israel, Europe, United States and even Japan. But please do not tell them that Jews live in Japan as why cause more trouble than absolutely necessary.


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