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August 9, 2017

Bondi is Part Australia’s and Part Israel’s Fault


First, in case you have not yet heard, in Bondi, Australia the city blocked the building of a Synagogue in a residential area near the people it would serve because it might be a tempting target to attract Islamic terrorism. The Jewish community brought this before an Australian court which upheld the city’s prohibition finding the threat sufficient reason to prevent the building of a Synagogue in an area near the people it would serve, or in simple terminology, no Synagogue in a residential area, even a mostly Jewish residential area. Perhaps the next thing will be that Jews need to live in a separate residential area as they too might pose a threat for terrorist attacks. When this story broke around a week or so ago, we waited to write about the situation simply because we desired to give Australia an opportunity to correct this offense to Jews of Bondi, of Australia and of the world. Apparently, the Jews who desired to build their house of worship are not going to be receiving any support for their quest from their presumed friends in the Christian community organizations. Apparently, nobody desires a synagogue in their neighborhood as it is a threat to destroy the kismet of the neighborhood because anything Jewish is a terror magnet so much so that perhaps all Jewish stores, houses of worship and organizations should have bullseyes painted on them for easy identification. What will be next, demands to close the kosher deli or kosher restaurant or kosher grocery store? What about a small grocery store with an aisle of all kosher food, should that be outlawed as it taints the rest of the grocery store? Maybe the next thing will be to push all the Jews into a special neighborhood, not a ghetto, nope, we won’t call it a ghetto, it is just an exclusive Jewish neighborhood, as we cannot have the Jews living with normal people because their houses might be terrorist targets. Where has been the Israeli outrage, the calling of the Australian Ambassador to explain? Such is the least of a reaction from the Jewish State, from Israel, but so far silence?


Preventing the building of a synagogue because Jewish houses of worship are more likely to be targeted by Islamic extremist terrorists but churches are fine, as they have not risen to the top of the target list, as there are still Jews in Australia. Tell you what, ask the Christians in Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Iran what happens once the Christians do not back the Jews and allow the Jews to be chased from the country. You know exactly what they will tell you, the churches and Christians will become the targets of choice and the government will not protect them any more than they have the Jews. Wait a minute. Why wait for the terrorists to come seeking just the right synagogue to use as their next target. We checked and there are a fairly significant number of these terror targets better known as synagogues or houses for worship already strewn throughout the greater Bondi area (see map below). Why would it not be smarter to have them all closed and build one great synagogue and place all the Jews to live in the neighborhood surrounding this new great synagogue. Why there could even be a high wall with fencing around the top of it and the Jews only permitted out for short periods each day and they should probably have to wear something special such that any Islamic extremist terrorist would know whom to target, maybe a bulls-eye with a Star of David in the center which would look like the picture right below the map. If it cuts down on terrorist strikes in Bondi, of which there have been none yet we understand their fears as a planned terror attack was recently prevented from striking a plane presumably at the Sydney International Airport with four of the plotters arrest just a week or so back on July 29, 2017. Perhaps this is what has spooked the good people of Bondi, Australia.


Synagogues in Greater Bondi Area Where Danger of Terrorist Attacks are Potentially Imminent

Synagogues in Greater Bondi Area Where Danger
of Terrorist Attacks are Potentially Imminent


Jewish Identity Armband

Jewish Identity Armband


Still, you have sufficient numbers of synagogues to keep even a hyperactive terrorist busy planning for so long that they are bound to get caught before they figure out how to strike them all in one really busy afternoon. The option you have taken by refusing to permit another synagogue be built because it might some day become the target of a terror attack when you have many synagogues strewn across your area already that if this is really that serious of a concern to you, the entire community would have to be tranquilized just to walk down the street. There are easily over a half-dozen synagogues in the immediate area of Bondi that adding another would not increase your vulnerability in the slightest. There are also an equal number of churches in the same relative area which would pose the same threat once any synagogues would be removed (see map below). Would the same zoning officers also refuse to permit a church be built in a similar neighborhood, as it too would represent an inordinate possibility for becoming a target of an Islamic extremist terrorist attack? If that became or ever would become the case, then please explain how such an area like Bondi, Australia would be any different than say Saudi Arabia where it is illegal to construct or repair any religious building other than Mosques and other Islamic buildings. Has Bondi decided to invoke Sharia replacing the civil laws of the country of Australia in their little section of Down Under?


Churches in Greater Bondi Area Where Danger of Terrorist Attacks are Potentially Imminent

Churches in Greater Bondi Area Where Danger
of Terrorist Attacks are Potentially Imminent


This is starting to become the way of things not only in Australia but in Europe and soon to come to Canada and areas of the United States we fear. This hysteria once it gets going will see no stopping point and soon religion other than Islam will become banned from the public square. Then where will we be? As long as people believe in freedom of religion, then they have to act accordingly. Banning the construction of a place of worship because it might offend people of other faiths is not what the Western Civilization was founded upon. This battle was fought once and it was called the Reformation. We did away with Inquisitions and the burning of witches and heretics and permitted free choice. That had been the strength of Judeo-Christian culture. What we fear here the most is that this was not done honestly because of a fear of terrorism but because people have decided that it is too dangerous to allow Jews the same freedoms which everybody else will be granted. Trust us when we tell you that what starts with the Jews never ends there and it will spread to either the Christians or the Muslims being told they too cannot build their holy buildings or practice their religion freely. Is this truly the direction society desires to go? If that be the case, then we are glad we live one place where that will never become the situation generally and hopefully the one small instance here will fall as will the one small instance in Bondi, Australia. If one religion is banned, soon many religions are banned until either only one faith is permitted or no faith is permitted, and there really is no difference as where there is no faith permitted, the state becomes the end-all and consumer of all power and the leaders become despots expecting all to revere them and that itself is a strange and horrid religion where men are worshiped as gods. They become Caesar, Pharos or Führer. Does anybody really want such a world again? Then why start down that road again?


Beyond the Cusp


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