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September 21, 2017

A Tale of Two Speeches


There were two very marked changes in the speeches given before the United Nations General Assembly at the annual opening ceremonies. The speech given by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was quieter and less bellicose. He gave recognition and thanks to the numerous leaders of the nations who visited Israel, many marking the first visit by their country’s leaders to the Jewish State. He also gave thanks to those nations he had visited on six continents, also many for the first time for an Israeli Prime Minister including to South America. Prime Minister Netanyahu also commended the United Nations for taking a more balanced view and positions on Israel and to the President of the General Assembly for their parts in this new enlightened set of views. The Prime Minister still had some harsher comments for the Iranian leadership and a not so veiled threat for the Grand Ayatollah concerning their nuclear, missile technologies, and their interferences on the Israeli border along with their sponsorship of terrorism. There were the specific acts of United Nations agencies such as UNESCO who received special note for ludicrous ignorance of history with their naming of Jewish Biblical sites as not belonging to the Jews but instead to the Palestinian entity and added that perhaps people might look to and read a best selling book on Amazon, the Bible. Still, all-in-all, Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a more upbeat speech where probably the most meaningful comment was his praise for the speech given by President Trump quoted below.

“Thanks to President Trump’s unequivocal support for Israel in this body, that positive change is gathering force. So, thank you, President Trump. Thank you for supporting Israel at the UN. And thank you for your support, Ambassador Nikki Haley. Thank you for speaking the truth about Israel.
But, ladies and gentlemen, here at the UN, we must also speak the truth about Iran, as President Trump did so powerfully this morning. Now, you know I’ve been ambassador to the UN and I’m a long-serving Israeli prime minister, so I’ve listened to countless speeches in this hall, but I can say this: none were bolder, none more courageous and forthright than the one delivered by President Trump today.
President Trump rightly called the nuclear deal with Iran, he called it an embarrassment. Well, I couldn’t agree with him more. And here’s why: Iran vows to destroy my country every day, including by its chief of staff the other day. Iran is conducting a campaign of conquest across the Middle East and Iran is developing ballistic missiles to threaten the entire world.”



President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu


The other speech, which was a marked change from those of the past decade, was the speech given by United States President Trump. The President spoke long and large about the pro-active approach the United States could entertain should the problem spots in the world continue to grow in the threats they posed. These were not so much threats to the United States, though that was also mentioned, but threats to the wellbeing of the people these governments were tasked with providing and protecting. President Trump summarily denounced socialism and communism as failed policies stating, “wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure. Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems.” President Trump will be called out and has already been denounced for ignoring the sovereignty of other nations. Some from the leadership of these nations will surely have pointed and vicious responses to the comments made by the President. In particular, President Trump called out the Cuban government, the socialist Maduro regime in Venezuela, and Kim Jong-un in North Korea of whom the President cautioned was facing, “Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.” The President went on to warn and congratulate in his conclusion on North Korea stating, “It is time for North Korea to realize that the denuclearization is its only acceptable future. The United Nations Security Council recently held two unanimous 15-0 votes adopting hard-hitting resolutions against North Korea, and I want to thank China and Russia for joining the vote to impose sanctions, along with all of the other members of the Security Council. Thank you to all involved.”
The President denounced Iran with a strong warning as well with the below statement.

“The Iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy. It has turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos. The longest-suffering victims of Iran’s leaders are, in fact, its own people.
Rather than use its resources to improve Iranian lives, its oil profits go to fund Hezbollah and other terrorists that kill innocent Muslims and attack their peaceful Arab and Israeli neighbors. This wealth, which rightly belongs to Iran’s people, also goes to shore up Bashar al-Assad’s dictatorship, fuel Yemen’s civil war, and undermine peace throughout the entire Middle East.
We cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building dangerous missiles, and we cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear program. (Applause.) The Iran Deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into. Frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the United States, and I don’t think you’ve heard the last of it — believe me.
It is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that Iran’s government end its pursuit of death and destruction. It is time for the regime to free all Americans and citizens of other nations that they have unjustly detained. And above all, Iran’s government must stop supporting terrorists, begin serving its own people, and respect the sovereign rights of its neighbors.
The entire world understands that the good people of Iran want change, and, other than the vast military power of the United States, that Iran’s people are what their leaders fear the most. This is what causes the regime to restrict Internet access, tear down satellite dishes, shoot unarmed student protestors, and imprison political reformers.”


The main thing left, other than waiting for all the caterwauling by their opposing media critics for both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, is their, as their critics will claim, unmitigated, awful and dangerously threatening speeches, which were cowardly and overflowing with unrestrained flattery and threats to depose sovereign national governments. We are aware that the above statement has mutually irreconcilable contradictions but so will the media depending on which critique one reads and about which speech. All of these and more will be levelled as criticisms of both leaders who will have, of course, embarrassed themselves and their respective nations. There will be call to impeach the President and dissolve the coalition in the Knesset respectively. Personally, we loved both speeches and if we were to be critical, we might suggest that Prime Minister Netanyahu was too forgiving and spoke too softly but then he was attempting not to steal any thunder from President Trump’s earlier words. President Trump, on the other hand, was strong enough and direct enough and definitively announcing the era of a new sheriff in the free world willing and able to take out the trash. We might have asked that he have come up with other nicknames for the other leaders to add to the calling of Kim Jong-un as “Rocket Man” so the media would have had a larger target upon which to concentrate and sound all the more unhinged. We will also join those waiting for Elton John to demand that President Trump cease using his song title in such a mean-spirited manner and insist on an apology. About Elton John should he desire an apology, we advise he not hold his breath on that one.


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