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October 4, 2017

Horror in Las Vegas


Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man with gambling debts, shot from the thirty-second floor into a crowded outdoor country-western concert arena using fully-automatic assault weapons including, according to sketchy initial reports, AK-47 type rifle, which is of the .30 caliber, as well as ,223 caliber, which would likely be M-16 style weapons. The death toll is fifty-nine victims as well as over five-hundred injured as they continue to seek further victims. Reports have told of the heroic responses from the people who braved the gunfire to rescue injured plus hospital reports that the victims arrived with makeshift pressure bandages and other very impressive triage treatments which likely saved many lives. There were reports of people inserting their fingers into wounds to mitigate bleeding of people with arterial wounds in addition to the pressure bandaging on other wounds. These reports show the knowledge and ability to act in an emergency and stressful situation of the many American public acting with great knowledge and ability to treat horrific wounds under unbelievably threatening situation and under great personal threat of becoming another victim. The real story from Las Vegas goes far beyond the casualties, though that is of vital recognition, of people who went what the military calls above and beyond the normal expectations in such a situation to assist and rescue fellow Americans who were simply other people attending the same event with no other relationship whatsoever. This was something which one sees in the United States which is seldom seen elsewhere with one exception, Israel. Yes, we will get some angry feedback with examples of such behavior from Australia, Britain, Austria and wherever, but those examples are likely an exception, and unfortunately that is also becoming the way in America as well. Perhaps it is a symptom of socialized society.


Back to the shooter, Stephen Paddock, who was the mentally indifferent to the rights and lives of his fellow people. His problem was something beyond his gambling debts to something which made him desire to take as many victims as possible with him as he departed this earth. Whatever his story ends up being, assuming we ever hear anything resembling the truth, it really does not matter. He is gone and has left carnage in his wake and it is the carnage we are left to deal with. There are going to be numerous people who are going to be living with problems and inabilities because of this horrendous act of one selfish piece of presumable humanity who decided to murder and maim as many people and ruin as many lives as possible making others as miserable as he, as he departed this life, the survivors and the people who lost loved ones or close friends and associates because of one person deciding to share their misery with the world. Maybe he desired to make his name a footnote in history as the shooter in one of the largest murder scenes in modern America. Whatever his motivation, even if it were pure spitefulness because he had lost faith in humanity and decided to be judge, jury and executioner of people attending an outdoor concert because it was the largest crowd he could find. He left carnage and disappointment in his wake and the best which can be said about the shooter is that he has departed this earth and is gone. The people who remain in the wake of this terrible event are the people who need the grace of tender mercies.


The second morning after the main argument appears to be that the driving item of the investigation is what was Stephen Paddock’s reasoning which drove him for the shooting. We can give you our profile and we will see together if it shakes out as insightful or garbage. This unhappy, stressed human wreck was on a bad streak where things were not going well. He was not winning in the casinos and his friends were dying leaving little or no notice and he looked back on his life where he was simply another cog in the machine. He had seen how these nobody terrorists who would never have even been talked about ever in the Western media, and the western media is the place you become a somebody. There it was, you can shoot your way to notoriety and everybody will hear your name for a week, two weeks or even a full month or more! Finally, notoriety was just a shooting away. Now, where to make your mark and have a really large target area filled with plenty of people. A Country-Western Music festival where those evil conservatives would gather was coming to Las Vegas and a room overlooking the open-air concert. He had his target and the means and now just had to plan and execute. He had the room for over a week giving him plenty of time to bring in weapons of his choice, and he had sufficient he had bought over his last fifty years as an adult. Weapons in place, shooting positions chosen, ammunition loaded into useable clips and weapons altered to full automatic following steps from manuals or the Internet. Now it was just choosing when to shoot and he chose the closing time believing he would have the most targets at that point which the results prove was a valid theory. He was going to grab some fame even if it was infamy. He wanted his name in the public eye and he has succeeded in that. He chose to grab the same temporary fame equal to that which the terrorists had grabbed. If anything, we should be glad he did not decide to add to his carnage by building a huge bomb wired to take out five floors and one-third of the hotel in a ball of flame when the police broke through the door. He had those supplies at his home, so there is one thing we should be glad he did not decide to do to take more innocent people by destroying a large area of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino killing the guests in their rooms in as many as thirty or more rooms.


What will be the shakeout of this event will end up in the halls of State Houses and the Congress with attempts at curbing the Second Amendment. The first salvo already was fired by a former CBS executive Hayley Geftman-Gold who Tweeted, “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that the Repugs (Republicans) will ever do the right thing. I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are republican gun toters.” (see below) She quickly lost her position with CBS, at least for the time being while attention is being given. Then there was the immediate response to the situation by Hillary Clinton who Tweeted, “The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.” There are so many problems with her response logically. A “silencer” is actually a sound suppressor which reduces the sound a firearm makes from the explosive sound of the powder. The weapons used in this instance were high velocity rounds which all exceed the speed of sound which means that once they left the end of the barrel, even including the sound suppressor, if there should be one, still would break the speed of sound which means they would still make a sizeable sound, a loud crack when they break the sound barrier. This particular sound is audible at a great distance and no sound suppressor can muffle this sound once the bullet leaves the barrel and whatever technology you add to the end and jumping on this as the main rally cry is nothing beyond cheap politicking. That a two time former candidate for President would stoop this low at such a time is a sad commentary on the state of politics in the United States.


Hayley Geftman-Gold Tweet

Hayley Geftman-Gold Tweet


Prepare for the coming storm from the political class with demands that gun control would have prevented this crime. If only there were laws preventing people from gathering so many weapons then such crimes could not happen. When pressed as to how such a limitation could be instituted, the answer will eventually be a gun registry which would need to be checked by all gun stores to assure that nobody accumulates such a weapons cache. When asked if this could not be used to collect all privately owned firearms in the future, the claim will be that it is not that kind of list. The Weimar Republic made such a list and the very identical claim when they made it the law that all firearms had to be registered. The Weimar Republic never did use the lists collected in order to collect privately owned weapons. However, the Nazis found those lists extremely convenient when they decided to disarm the people of Germany of their weapons. This proved especially critical to German Jews, Roma and other minorities who the Nazis decided to force into labor camps and execution camps. But such lists are never intended initially, by legal restriction, to be used to deny the citizens of their legally owned weapons. The people whose idea it is to make these lists do intend to use them in the future for exactly that reason. But even the coming political storms and the accompanying media extravaganza is meaningless and will simply be background noise which will not avail the victims of any consolation.


What is needed is healing of the grievous wounds suffered by the numerous families and friends affected by the events in Las Vegas. Why do we refer to these murderous attacks such as terror attacks and other mass shootings as these events? We do so because if we called them mass murders then the people would have a reason to demand answers. The problem is because our societies have lost its moral soul. We have discussed this repeatedly, but let us go around one more time, if you please. In the schools, they are no longer permitted to say the Pledge of Allegiance because that might offend the foreign students and immigrants. Prayers are being forced from the public square and we are told that we must limit our religious acts to church and the privacy of our own homes. Should a student even mention Hashem in their commencement address they are yanked off the podium and severely rebuked for showing such audacity. A school football player scores his first touchdown and kneels making some form of religious signature and the coach warns him that doing such again and he will be warming the bench. Any sign of religious observance has been all but erased from society. Hashem has become unwanted in the public sphere and almost a dirty word in many circles. Even many of our houses of religion have become more political clubs which meet two or three times each week and give congratulations all around for believing in the greatness that government has become through their activism. How society replaced religion with government and took all patriotism and religion from our schools and are well on our way to replacing parenting with government as the schools educate the children often telling them to report parental punishment or grounding to the teachers and then the school will look into whether they actually deserve discipline. The next thing the parents know there is a social worker at their door demanding to come in and “talk” and too many parents make the error of allowing them in. Once they have been permitted to enter, they will take charge and the parent no longer is raising their child. Should the parent try and end this intrusion, then the courts get involved and after that it is over and if the parent is fortunate, they are not facing a trial for child abuse or negligence and are only fighting in the court to get their child back and having to go to counselling and who knows what else. Some states are worse than others and many parents just give up and allow the child almost total freedom rather than face such risks. If you are as paranoid as one might find advisable, then you never allow any government person to tread anywhere on your property and fully enforce your Fourth Amendment rights before you have to invoke your Fifth Amendment rights in a court room.


When did the society take such a wrong turn and decide government was their friend? Many claim the Founding Fathers were a group of old men in powdered wigs who were out of touch and owned slaves. What is not understood is that in much of history if you worked for another person, then you were a slave. There were no such things as employees until the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution did not change farming or small business. There was the idea of apprenticeships where the person learning the trade often slept on the workplace floor in a small area set aside for them learning from the master of the trade. The parent gave their child to the master so he would learn the trade and have a better life. Of course while learning the trade life was not so good, not even as nice as many slaves lived. The idea of working for a paycheck and living on your own is a relatively new idea. The Founding Fathers were actually revolutionary thinkers and extreme liberals for their time and would still be today. They would look at the Federal Government as it now exists as oppressive and intolerable and would likely begin to plan their revolution. Once they realized what an Apache Gunship could do they would try to find some other way of changing the system, they were not idiots and would realize that revolution would never work now. They would work towards a Constitutional Convention and would probably end up before some court attempting to explain how their rights according to the Constitution were being taken from them, and would hopefully win such a case. They were highly intelligent legal minds and probably know the Constitution and how it was meant to function far better than even much of the Supreme Court. But the reality is that over the years, especially since World War I, We the People have given away our rights to the government and the biggest mistake was the making Senators directly elected. The argument was that State governments were too corrupt to be allowed to appoint Senators. Nobody thought to question why the Congress, which was made up of the most successful of the State legislators should not be even more suspect of corruption, but the Congress pushed through the Seventeenth Amendment and ended the rights of the States and gave the Federal Government the kick start it needed to take over much of what used to be the purview of the States. Now the end is in sight, as Congress will take power beyond anything envisioned in the worst nightmare the Founding Fathers foresaw.


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