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October 10, 2017

The Coming War in Europe


This will be the strangest war in the history of wars. The militaries will be initially forced to fight for the side which is attempting to conquer Europe and subject its people while the people will finally take up arms to save their nations and their culture from being erased from the face of the Earth. This will be a war with many acting like the farmers and workers from Russian towns, farms, cities and every neighborhood who grabbed their own rifle or any rifle they could grab and went to fight the Nazis. Joseph Stalin actually noted the truth when he stated something close to ‘the Russian people were grabbing their rifle off the mantle and are rushing to defend not Communism but to save Mother Russia.’ The people of Europe will start to rise slowly, almost sleepily to take back their towns and cultures.


This uprising will start in the remote villages and small towns where large numbers of “refugees” were forced on these sleepy little farming communities where religion, Christianity, either some form of Protestantism or Catholicism, and start to face pressure and violence from these “refugees” will reach a point and the wrong person will be victimized. The victim is likely to be an innocent young girl who was far too young for what befell her and the “wrong people” react and take back their town from these “refugees” and reestablish law and order and sanity. Once this happens and gets covered by the alternate media, the mainstream media will bury any story of payback coming from native Europeans because the “refugees” must be protected and allowing Europeans the knowledge that fighting back is possible. But once this starts there will be no preventing such actions increasing in frequency. Such strike-back will release people to finally fight for their rights and country and values and culture and peace in their neighborhood, and cannot help but to catch on growing slowly until it becomes a wave across Europe cleansing it of much of the threat which has been permitted in by the political classes. Eventually this could turn into a general revolution slowly swelling across Europe overturning governments and ending the European Union overlords with the national militaries being initially fielded to put an end to the people’s revolt but the troops at some point will turn to support the people and once one military backs the people, nothing will stop the other militaries from joining the people and defending the people as they are presumably tasked. This will be the rebirth of Europe which will permit the reforming of Europe with ruling platforms remade by the people for the people. They will also be reacting to break the stages of Islamic Conquest as a result even if they are not aware of this (see below). Those pessimists have stated that much of Europe has fallen as deep as Stage III or Stage IV and getting really close to losing control of Europe completely. The reality places the problem closer to being Stage II and Stage III but not quite reaching Stage IV.


Five Stages of Islamic Conquest

Five Stages of Islamic Conquest


This has happened before in Europe. The Protestant Reformation was one such wave of change which transformed Europe. This was a principle change which brought forth the next wave which changed Europe, the Renaissance which changed Europe in ways that were beyond imagination of the times. Art and science exploded across Europe spreading from disparate regions and nations such as Britain and Italy. The next wave came with a price. This was the industrial revolution which brought health problems resulting from the heavy pollution. The cleansing of the pollution came with time and now the air is clean again, the water is clean again, the industries found the ways and means of cleaning up their act which they accomplished because it was economically productive. If a company refused to clean their polluting factory, their competitors went the extra mile and cleaned their factory with scrubbers and new technology. With advertising of their product being produced in a cleaner factory, their sales would rise and the other producer would lose sales until they met or exceeded the cleaner production. Europe is facing a different kind of pollution now; it is facing political pollution being imported by their leadership who are backed by the fake media who are in the same tank of reeking slime. The cleansing of this rancid pollution in the political pools will come because if it is left to overflow across the entirety of society it will cost the people their freedoms. The people will come to the defense of their freedoms because they will not forfeit their right to party their lives away and those with children will fight the hardest to protect their children’s freedoms.


There will be those who will claim that what we are describing here has the ill odor of the Crusades. Such commentary is ignorant of the reality which caused the Crusades. Before the year 600 AD, all of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) was Christian and Jewish, mostly Christian. Then came the Arab Muslim warriors who over the next century conquered the MENA areas (see map below) and beyond only finally being halted by Charles the Hammer Martel in the battle of Tours and the Byzantine Empire at the border of Syria. In response to the Islamic Caliphate warriors who later were taken over by the Ottoman Empire which continued to attack Europe and hold the Holy Land and Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth, Christian holy places; this is what led to the Crusades (see map further down), a futile attempt by knights and people who desired to escape Europe and seek riches in the wars against the infidel. The Islamic warriors also claimed to be fighting the infidel. The one item both sides agreed upon and would cleanse from the cities each time they changed hands were the Jews who both Islamic warriors and Christian Crusaders referred to as infidel. The remnant of the Jewish People in the Holy Land basically learned to keep their heads down and be as quiet and try not to draw any attention from either side. The item we advise everybody check is the dates of each of these offensives. One will note that the Islamic initial advances displacing Christianity from the MENA region from around 630 through 900 AD while the Crusades I through IV 1095 through 1210 AD. One is obviously a response trying to regain part of the lands lost to Islam by the Christians. The unfortunate thing about this is when the Islamic Caliphate warriors were attacking, the Jews and Christians lived together with mutual respect and equanimity. When the Christians finally attempted to mount a response which became the Crusades, the Christians had decided that the vast majority of their lost lands, grandeur, and numerous other setbacks and disasters were all caused by the Jews and thus they set to right their losses and made Jews pay for their treachery. The Muslims when they lost and then retook any area from the Crusader invasion, they too decided that the Jews were working with the Christians and needed to be punished severely. This was not a good time for the Jews still residing in the Holy Lands. That was, and appears at times still is, the one thing that both sides chose to use as an excuse, anti-Semitism making the Jews the convenient scapegoats for all distressing events.


Spread of Islam Across North Africa And Into the Iberian Peninsula

Spread of Islam Across North Africa
And Into the Iberian Peninsula



Crusader Routes I through IV spanning 1095 through 1289

Crusader Routes I through IV spanning 1095 through 1289


The one thing that Europeans can be depended upon is eventually they will solve their problems through massive bloodletting. Yes, I know that after World War I and World War II that Europe has mostly disarmed and officially taken up cooperation and passivism. The problem with claiming that Europe has been completely pacified is that this will not be an action brought on by governments, as they are part of the problem, not the solution. This will be the revolution of the people closer to the form of the initial battles of the American Revolution with citizen soldiers fighting from behind trees and from other hidden places. The uprising people will also have the backing of their neighbors and very likely the complicity from the local constable. This will be what we call a grassroots uprising which will swell from the bottom up. This will be driven by people reaching their breaking-point and simply snapping. This will be a different snapping than the Las Vegas shooter who snapped shooting at innocents while the Europeans will target the guilty parties who have crossed the lines of decency as defined by Judeo-Christian morality so violently and causing reprehensible offensives damaging the structure and bindings of their society to the point that a first person will take up arms. This will lead to another and another then two and three and soon this will cascade into a general uprising which will aim to cleanse Europe by flame if required. Europeans know how to hate and the rising anti-Semitism proves that; so can the Europeans hate needlessly is not the question. The only real question is when, not so much how or why.


Beyond the Cusp


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