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October 11, 2017

If Only America Stopped Polluting


Every Global Climate Change model depicts the obvious cause and danger to the future of human existence, the addition of pollutants to the atmosphere. The polluting of the water and land apparently are of less importance though nuclear power appears to be problematic. There are those environmentalists who insist that nuclear power is the future and the solution to many of the environmental situations while other environmental activists believe that nuclear power is one of the most dangerous power sources possible. But the numbers of environmental protests which blame the United States for Anthropomorphic Global Climate Change are almost unbelievable. It must be that the United States is amongst the main producers of carbon pollutants from combustion of fossil fuels and producing immeasurable carbon footprint. This must be corralled before the planet’s fever gets any worse. Forget the coal fired plants sprouting up in China and much of the third world like crabgrass on a golf course. Those are of no consequence, the United States must be forced to live a more austere life. We know this because so many like Albert Gore constantly address protests for the addressing of Global Climate Change as they jet from one city to the next. All of the small people must stop driving, stop using so much electricity, stop living such pretentious and ostentatious lifestyles making austerity the order of the day. Imagine if the United States simply cut its carbon footprint in half, or even by ninety percent to satisfy the true fanatics, how much of that would serve to alter Global Climate Change.


The United States would, of course, no longer be the world leader in innovation or progress in power generation and carbon emissions reduction. The United States would be required to reduce its military to such an extent that border defense would be the limit of American might. The aircraft carriers would be required to be decommissioned, even the nuclear powered vessels, as would the submarine fleets. The Air Force and Marines would need to ground the vast majority of their aircraft. Made in America would become a brand of the past as manufacturing would be all but extinct. The Internet would need to be powered elsewhere as electricity would need to be rationed and cars outlawed. Yes, all cars even including electric cars as they get their power from electrical generation plants which use far too much fossil fuels if the United States were to meet what many are demanding be required reduction of her carbon footprint. After almost everything has been shuttered just to make environmental lunatic fringe happy and still Global Climate Change would run rampant. The problem is that United States may be the second leading nation in CO2 emissions behind China; their carbon footprint is far smaller when measured against GDP or population than much of the developed and especially developing world (see chart below). What the ecology fanatics and their abettors are not telling you is that of all the nations in the world, the only nation which would have met their supposed targets from the 1992 Kyoto Protocol Summit was the United States. What they will tell you is that the United States was never a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol but the other nations, especially the Europeans, did not meet the demands of the agreement which they signed. The other little truth they refuse to note is that such nations as China, India, Brazil, Russia as well as the entirety of the rest of Asia, Africa, South and Central America, Middle East and the world are not assigned any pollution, CO2 or other pollution targets and are permitted a free pass completely without limits or expectations. This is how the United Nations views the importance of controlling pollution limitations, that only the developed world has to meet any requirements and if they refuse to accept such limitations to their growth and economies then they are pilloried in the media.


CO2 Emissions by Nation


Carbon footprint and CO2 emissions are far from the only pollution despite it being the favorite discussion at these United Nations and other ecological summits. There is also water pollution, land erosion and land pollution. Landfills need to be refurbished and have been in many of the developed nations. One particularly fun use for reconstituted landfill is to transform them into five golf courses. The United States has also done wonders with their waterways, as has much of Europe. One particular pair of connected waterways which have been altered from their worst case scenarios in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s are in Ohio and have Cleveland in common. These waterways are the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie. Lake Erie was so filled with nitrates and phosphates that it suffered from runaway plant growth which produced over-oxidized water where no fish or living beings of size could survive. The Cuyahoga River was devoid of fish and regularly caught fire, as many as thirteen were reported, due to chemicals, oil, sludge, industrial waste, sewage and debris from steel manufacturing, die casting, paint and dye plant and untreated water runoff. Both waterways were cleaned up and currently are two of the cleanest waterways in North America, if not the world, and are filled with a natural balance of fish and water plants and have become a fisherman’s paradise.


Cuyahoga River on Fire

Cuyahoga River on Fire


The developed world has made great strides in cleaning rivers, the air and reconditioned landfills into golf courses and found the means of using what was once trash used to pollute land water under landfills to now make electricity with clean burning plants in what the world would have thought impossible a mere half century ago. Yet the ecological ruminators would weave you a yarn about the world in which air pollution, water pollution and land pollution all are getting to the point where the end is nigh. Their story is rewarding in its colorfulness as they paint a developed world which requires to be brought to heel before their development ruins the world. They hold ecological summits where plans are drawn to force the developed world to reduce their carbon footprint until they would eventually demand zero carbon footprint and their return to their predeveloped stage while the rest of the world surpasses their might and claims their rightful place as the overlords. Unfortunately, the developed world has often failed to meet their projected targets which makes setting these targets a form of useless endeavor. Even though, the developed world already can produce additional power requirements with less carbon output than their previous technology. The same cannot be said about the rest of the world. The developing world continues to utilize the old technology of coal-fired plants which billow smoke and pollute the waterways. But this is but the smallest effect as there is one thing that China is currently performing which will cause far more damage to the ecology of the entire Mekong River complex. Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam all stand to suffer as China builds a series of dams with which to establish waterways over which to move goods with large ships to the sea and produce power for the entirety of the Mekong River length. The only cost will be the local fishing economy plus change the banks and depths along the river possibly leading to damaging the farming across the entirety of Southeast Asia. The particulars can be read at the source linked above.


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