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October 23, 2017

Fifty Shades of Blue


Adolfo Camarillo High School, in Camarillo, California, where else, administration has reached a monumental decision concerning the ever sensitive subject of gender; there cannot be more than one gender, graduates. Tradition at the schools since its founding in 1956 has been at graduation for the male graduates to wear navy blue and the female graduates to wear a more neutral blue, blue. Out of respect for the sensitivity of the administration of the schools, we will no longer relate to their graduates as male and female, nor will we utilize the less formal and potentially insensitive boys, young men, girls or young women. We are going to join the school’s administration in just referring to them as graduates, period. After all, their decision that this year at graduation all graduates, regardless of their desired gender, and in respect for those who have taken on the gender of none or potentially yes or even no thank you. But why not hear it from the horse’s mouth, well, the Oxnard Union High School District Superintendent.


Oxnard Union High School District Superintendent Penelope DeLeon told the student newspaper, “This is a very big national initiative. It is not about gender equality as much as it is about being respectful to everybody’s choice to select a gender or not to select a gender, and we have students who choose not to.” So, the school district has decided that some of their students are to be given the right to decide that they have no gender. I understand, well, not understand but realize might be a better choice, that there are people who believe they were born with the wrong body parts. I understand, there’s that word again, realize that there are people whose sexuality choices I will never be capable of identifying with. Feeling attraction to someone whose body parts match yours, well, who are we to judge you? You believe that you were born with the wrong organs, well, that one is a bit hard to swallow or discern, but again, it is not for us to judge, as life will provide more judgments than you are likely to desire and definitely more than you will appreciate. But great news, your school district is there for you and ready to accept your choices, or your lack of choices, and California is the place for you, most definitely the place for you.


The one thing we can make a point of about the new color code for graduation, but we predict it will be bland and a sea of monochrome, middle-shade of blue. Nobody will be able to tell the male graduates from the female graduates and parents will have no indicator by which to whittle down the crowd so they can take pictures. At least if their son or their daughter were graduating, they knew which color to look for, not any more as they will all be one color. If your graduating son or daughter were of about average height for their class and the navy blue or regular old blue would have cut your search down by about half. No more as allowing for such a convenience for the parents must take second fiddle to the feelings of that one student out of how many, a hundred, a thousand, if any have chosen no gender, for this possibly mythical student the tradition must fall. This is the new United States as well as what has been Europe far too long as well and Australia. Traditions must be shattered on the flimsiest of reason and excuses as long as it is to give display to the fads and fashions of the new leaders and deciders of all that is holy. We are referring to the far left which now stands in judgement over all the rights of passage, the traditions, the ceremonies and everything that goes with them into the farthest reaches of public life and now they are on verge of reaching into our private lives. Everything must be according to their rigid mores where nobody is offended even if there is nobody who would have been offended.


The students who gave quotes to the school newspaper may have been showing greater understanding of the weight of tradition and the measure of importance of balance. Our first example comes from Drew Reyes who stated, “I understand that gender neutrality is a growing topic. I just think we could have a solution that allowed us to keep both colors, since they’re both shades of blue.” Drew had an excellent point, they were both shades of blue so they could have simply added another few shades of blue, possibly sky blue for the most sensitive of students, royal blue for ones with an overdeveloped sense of self, midnight blue for the most serious of students and some form of paisley using fifty shades of blue for the most creative of students.


Isaac DeLara was not quite as understanding or sensitive but made up for that lack with a serious and demonstrative declaration stating, “The whole school shouldn’t have to wear one color just to accommodate some people.” We might have demanded to know who were the weirdos who when asked their gender responded, ‘No thank you, do not want one.’ We suspect that there was no such person but somebody at one of those insipid board meetings where everyone is tasked to think of something new and unique which can be used to make the schools system more inclusive and this was this year’s winning idea, people without gender, it is a little like doctors without borders but less beneficial and restricted to California and possibly only the Oxnard Union High School District.


One of the school staff, Lori Pristera, and bravely supported this decision stating, “That’s like saying you have three percent of your graduating class who are deaf so we don’t want a sign language interpreter there because that’s not what 97 percent of the students need.” Really, three percent of the school students chose to be without gender? That is a bit difficult to swallow unless they were presented with the idea of declaring no gender in an assembly or required sensitivity class where such was declared the latest rage and some students fell for the ploy and bingo, a new class of gender was now required and thus we had to do away with all gender. We are wondering if there will be no gender bathrooms installed in the school next year for these no gender students, as they should never have to face going to the bathroom with male or female students as that would be insensitive.


Inclusive Bathrooms Boys Girls and Genderless

Inclusive Bathrooms Boys Girls and Genderless


Where in the world do people come up with such ideas, such completely abominable ideas? Oh yea, this is California, the state which was, or still is, considering seceding from the United States because of President Donald Trump. One has to wonder if California will petition to have Hillary Clinton join their new nation as its President or are they more aligned with Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein from the Green Party. There are numerous states in flyover country who would not miss California all that much. Then again, the Democrat Party would miss them terribly as their fifty-five Electoral votes would be sorely missed and would all but guarantee Donald Trump reelection as President. Perhaps this is why they never put it to a vote of the people. They realized almost as soon as they had declared their intention that they could not carry through as that would end the Democrat Party lust for power for the foreseeable future. Then again, it might just be California and ideas such as transgendered people, and now genderless people, that is driving the usually quiet people out to vote in the necessary droves. Maybe we should be encouraging the Californians to continue coming up with one more insane and mis-thought-out idea after another as inspiration for regular people to keep the people who back such thoughts and ideas as far from the reigns of power as possible. Who knows what is what anyways? We have transgendered people whom, and let us see if we have this correct, get up each morning and decide on their mood of the moment what gender they might be that day. Now we are to believe that their choices have increased from simply two to three choices. Now they could be male, female or none of the above. We would like to give California some assistance with their next gender, hermaphrodites, one with both genders at the same time. They would be able to use both male and female bathrooms but would be the nemesis and disallowed to ever use the neither bathroom, the one on the right in the picture above where the none figure would mean no entry for such peoples. Still, we are still trying to wrap our heads around people answering the question of gender saying no thank you, we do not want one.


Beyond the Cusp


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