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November 10, 2017

Bad Day for Guns and Gun Control


There was another mass shooting, this time in the small Texas town of Sutherland Springs. A known lunatic invaded the First Baptist Church with an AR-15 Semi-automatic rifle, which is modeled after the M-16 Military rifle, which acts the same as a modern hunting rifle, one pull of the trigger fires exactly one bullet. He murdered twenty-six and wounding another twenty all aging from five to seventy-two. Immediately after the shooting and before clear facts had been ascertained, the anti-Second Amendment and anti-Firearms ownership groups which want everybody disarmed and disarmed immediately as the sole way to prevent the next mass killing. Then the news started to come about the entire episode and we learned that two men in a pick-up truck chased after the killer and he lost control or somehow ran off the road and had died of a gunshot wound initially reported as self-inflicted. Then again, maybe not self-inflicted, there were conflicting reports that maybe he had been shot by somebody with a firearm, one of the men from the pick-up truck. He may have shot the fatal bullet. That became verified, the screams to disarm everybody ceased, and coverage waned from that point forward. Remarkable how the interesting fact that a citizen with their own firearm interrupted this shooting by engaging the murderer forcing him to turn tail and run and probably responsible for the police capture and eventual death of the shooter, and soon the media tires of coverage and those conducting the investigation quickly tie-up the loose-ends and put a bow on the closed box. Story is declared dead and dropped. Well, not quite yet, we have a hero, Stephen Willeford, to celebrate and if there is one thing our society needs, it is heroes (see below).



The day was actually full of heroes that day. There were the emergency responders who made their way to the Church to assist those needing medical care and taking care of the deceased. Then there was the local man who was stopped at the intersection and upon watching two men exchange shots and when one fled, the other ran towards his truck, breathlessly explained the situation and they then chased down the murderer and held him at gunpoint until and even after police arrived assisting them. The pick-up truck driver, Johnnie Langendorf, also was interviewed (see below). The attacker was pronounced dead soon afterward. Two heroes, one willing to drive and face danger and another with their personal firearm risking everything engaging the attacker and probably firing the fatal shot, were both engaging and gave media interviews. What a day.



The editorials were different this time because the knee-jerk response initially after the mass shooting at the First Baptist Church, they grabbed the attention of the people from the anti-gun side of the argument to sit up and prepare for their normal attempts to destroy the final restriction to invoking total control and establishing an iron fisted dictatorship. Whatever the real reason that people desire complete firearms bans, such will never be the case as unless the entire world is disarmed, there will always be firearms available to those determined to have them. That is simple to verify, as the terrorists always seem to have all the weapons they require, why every other person willing to illegally obtain them simply just would pay the price. That is human nature, to get that which they desire when they feel they need something. There are some unexpected by too many results when gun ownership rises (see graphs below). Accidental Child Firearm Deaths have dropped as gun ownership rose. The likely reason was more people became familiar with firearms and thus took the necessary care added to much publicity of warnings through Public Service Announcements (PSA’s). As gun ownership dropped in the United Kingdom violent crime and firearm deaths increased likely because the muggers and violent crime perpetrators knew that their victims would be unarmed and thus little to no threat to them. In the United States property crimes dropped once gun ownership passed a critical point, as now there was a better than average chance that the person being armed and able to protect their property. Finally, gun homicides dropped precipitously as gun ownership rose once again as people could now protect themselves and one another from the criminal elements. Guns prevent more crime than they are responsible for but the media does not desire you to know such. That is why they will harp upon a crime committed with a firearm for weeks on end but seldom speak of the crimes prevented by firearms, and the numbers are considered lower than actual as many people will not report prevention of a crime with a firearm as they fear the police attempting to disarm them and take their firearm as evidence never to be returned.


Unexpected Gun Statistics Gun Grabbers Rather You Not Know

Unexpected Gun Statistics Gun Grabbers Rather You Not Know


There is one final nail in the coffin for those wishing this crime would fit their cause and the need for evil use of guns and not heroes who utilize a private firearm in the hands of its owner preventing a crime from becoming even worse. The person who shot up the church, Devin Patrick Kelley, should never have been permitted to purchase a firearm as he had been convicted of spousal abuse. The problem arose as the United States Air Force never bothered to report his criminal conviction to the FBI as required by law. This failure to report his criminal past prevented the system from functioning as it is presumably set up to work. The federal database of people who are not to be permitted to purchase a firearm can only be as complete as the reports filed with the FBI and added to the computer logs. Devin Patrick Kelley being listed on the federal firearm database where the stores check to verify if one may legally purchase a weapon was prevented by not filing his conviction to the FBI. One can only wonder how many felons guilty of crimes which should prevent their ever owning a firearm are not listed for similar reasons. Maybe this event will make officers of the law and courts to be more dedicated in following procedures and make every required and necessary filing to prevent any such mistake in the future. Human error is a terrible reason for this tragedy, but that it may have come down to a United States Air Force Prosecutor or other officer of those courts not filing with the FBI a conviction to the FBI for inclusion on the Federal Firearm Ban Database; that is what the most regrettable revelation of this entire catastrophe is.


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