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November 26, 2017

Silence for the Sheeple


The media is not so much in the business of informing the people as they are in pushing agendas, disguising unfortunate truths, misinterpreting informative statements, concealing facts and allowing reality to hide behind the smoke they are publishing. This has never been more true than the current storm attempting to dilute or dissolve the truth spoken by top designer Karl Lagerfeld speaking on the show, “Salut les Terriens! (Hello Earthlings!) Show” on the C8 Channel on November 11, 2017, attacking German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Mr. Lagerfeld has been libeled by private television broadcaster RTL in its magazine Exclusiv where RTL journalist, Marc Sterzenbach, was asked why Lagerfeld made the remarks. The remarks in question from the show “Salut les Terriens!” by Karl Lagerfeld were made intending to be critical of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open borders policy where he stated, “One cannot, even if there are decades between them, kill millions of Jews so you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place. I know someone in Germany who took a young Syrian and after four days said ‘the greatest thing Germany invented was the Holocaust.’ The young man was thrown out.” Responding to this, Marc Sterzenbach stated, “Indeed Chanel is in the hands of a Jewish family, the Wertheimers.” Well, that explains it, those Jews whining again. And of all the Jews to be whining, one working for one of those Jews who own the world and control everything. It was the usual ‘classic anti-Semitic cliché concerning the so-called “Jewish world conspiracy.” Jews have no reason to complain about the state of things as they make the world what it is. Much of the media came rushing to the defense of Chancellor Merkel and her program accepting Middle East refugees en-masse. RTL was defended by Jewish author Henryk Broder noting that, “Besides that, there are quite a few fashion and cosmetic firms which are in ‘Jewish hands’ that have never been noticed by RTL, nor has it disturbed anybody there.” Well, that must be the end of it.


So, the main objection had to do with the fact that Karl Lagerfeld worked for the Jewish owned Chanel and thus was overly sensitive to things and was biased against the policies of Angela Merkel who was being a good universalist humanitarian and obviously, Mr. Lagerfeld obviously suffered from deep Islamophobia. Almost universally, the commentary was about Karl Lagerfeld and his obvious biases and employment while, when mentioned, defending poor maligned Chancellor Merkel and completely ignoring the actual statement itself. Heavens forbid there ever be a serious discussion about the possibility that the unrestricted immigration from the Middle East, from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan and other MENA* nations has had on Europe. It is forbidden to mention the increase in sexual assaults on women so much so that the police refuse to even take reports as long as nobody is severely injured, as in hospitalized. Petty theft and simple robberies are also underreported as police attempt to avoid reporting any increases as that might require an explanation. Unfortunately, politics has replaced police reporting in much of western Europe, specifically in France, Germany, Sweden and the other nations which have taken in large numbers of the refugee population from the Middle East. Ever since the New Year’s Eve mass sexual assaults in Germany were covered up until much later when it could be dismissed as “old news” and already discussed and dealt with. The reality is the problems caused by unrestricted and unfettered immigration from the Middle East not only have never been discussed, but have actually intentionally been shunned and silenced with anybody daring to mention such things being ridiculed and accused of being a racist or worse, an Islamophobe. The new group immune from any bad media, critical statistics, accusations or blame of any kind and anybody brazen enough to speak the truth is shouted down, insulted, misinterpreted and their message so garbled, mangled and even totally edited such that the truth is lost in translation, if translation can also be so mangled as was the message by Karl Lagerfeld concerning Angela Merkel and her continued policy of unhindered and unfettered immigration.


Karl Lagerfeld Who Reputedly Works for the Jewish Owned Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld Who Reputedly Works for the Jewish Owned Chanel


This German media refusal to permit any bad press for Muslim refugee immigrants along with Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open borders policy goes far deeper than the malicious and underserved maligning of Karl Lagerfeld and even swipes at Chanel for being Jewish owned, as it also permeated the recent coverage of the campaigns in the recent German elections. As reported here, the German government Censored the press, social media and Internet ahead of their elections in favor of the reelection of Chancellor Merkel. This could be the start of the end of German democracy. In an article titled Germans Lose Faith in the Fourth Estate it is made obvious that the people no longer trust their news media and see it as simply a mouthpiece for the government and Angela Merkel. Of course, there were articles of the massive forces using media manipulation against Chancellor Merkel which were the reason for the government to step in. Who were these nefarious evil-doers? Why, the Russians, who else? Then there were those meddling American Think Tanks and Foundations who were also trying to unseat Merkel. There was this report from a Polish think tank about the increasing censorship and control of social media, particularly over Merkel policies and the problems it may have spawned. There have been more recent studies which have revealed that government manipulation of the media as well as political parties using media tools to their advantage have distorted and falsified much of the media, especially the on-line media as reported here and here. Currently, it is Karl Lagerfeld getting the treatment in Germany as he committed the most serious of crimes, he spoke the truth about Angela Merkel, her open borders policies and the lack of vetting or even the slightest background checks and the effects it has had on German society. Sure glad we haven’t gotten on her majesty’s wrong side.


Beyond the Cusp


*MENA = Middle East and North Africa


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