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December 20, 2017

The OIC Issues Their Truths


The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), a committee consisting of fifty-seven member nations, had an emergency session in Turkey on December 13, 2017, after which they released a final communique. They released four major points listed below:

1. OIC members pledged to take joint action on the basis of international law against the statement of President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
2. The OIC condemned the “illegal settlement” activities by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories.
3. The OIC declared President Trump’s statement to be “null and void”.
4. The “State of Palestine” is among the 22 Arab States that are OIC members.

These four statements might leave some breathless, but we believe very strongly that regular breathing is necessary to give reasoned responses, and for any hope of a little humor as well. We would like to extend an invitation for them to take any action they please short of military actions; we abhor war if it can be avoided, as international law is on the side of Israel. Of course, they actually are fully aware of this. International law includes these two items, Article Six of the Mandate for Palestine and Article Eighty of the United Nations Charter. Article Eighty of the United Nations Charter places the full support and weight of the United Nations in enforcement and recognition of the Mandate System which include both the French Mandate which birthed Lebanon as a Christian State and Syria as an Arab Muslim State as well as the British Mandate which established TransJordan (now Jordan) as an Arab State and Israel as the Jewish State. The British Mandate delineates the Jordan River as the border between the two entities which was the border as of midnight starting the day of May 15, 1948, before the Arab armies of six Arab States; Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, along with additional forces and contingents from other Arab nations. Israel survived this attack despite losing significant lands of the Gaza Strip and parts of Judea and Samaria too often referred to as West Bank which Jordan renamed the area to replace Judea and Samaria as they sound “too Jewish” and they could not have such Jewish sounding names if they were going to succeed in stealing the lands from Israel. The name sticks because many who use it instead of the historic names which were longstanding, namely Judea and Samaria, and Judea would be very hard to claim was not part of Israel or belonging to the Jews. Still, those two documents, Article Six of the Mandate for Palestine and Article Eighty of the United Nations Charter. Article Eighty of the United Nations Charter, are the foundation for international law which are irrefutable proof that the Jordan River is the eastern border of Israel and can only be altered should Israel release claim to any land as they did with Gaza.


As far as statement two which claims that, there are these “illegal settlement” activities by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories, this is ridiculous for the same reasons as given above, Article Six of the Mandate for Palestine and Article Eighty of the United Nations Charter. The lands they refer to are, at worst, are disputed territories with an Arab claim and an Israeli claim. The reasoning behind the entire Palestinian concept was that when the situation was the Arab Israeli conflict, the sheer size of the Arab world compared to Israel is sufficiently intimidating enough that Israel looked like David against the Arab Goliath and to alter that the Palestinians were invented to be the David to the Israeli Goliath. This has worked at almost a charmed level as much of the world including but not limited to the United Nations, the European Union and numerous of the member states, Russia and all too often the United States pretend the Palestinians are the only Arabs who oppose the existence of Israel. When it comes to keeping the original promises made to the Zionist Jews, there is barely any government on the planet which even pretends to know the truth though the documents are available and understood by almost every last nation which pretends that the lands very well should be considered to be used in part for another Arab nation. All one has to do to see if the Arabs are short of space and the Jews are a threat to the Arab world and realize the insanity of such a concept is to look at the below map. Israel is the thin blue nation at the east end of the Mediterranean Sea with the Arab World in Yellow and their close allies of Turkey and Iran outlined in red. The speed with which the world adopted the Arab League in conjunction with the KGB plot to alter the image with the invented people, the Palestinian Arab, the real illegal entity, has been all but startling. It was almost love at first sight despite the plane hijackings and terrorism as these were quickly decided to be Israel’s fault. It is the old adage, when in doubt on who is to blame, blame the Jews, or in this case, the Jewish State.


Arab World Showing Twenty-One of Twenty-Two States with Comoros Off the Map South, Israel in Blue and with Iran and Turkey outlined in Red

Arab World Showing Twenty-One of Twenty-Two States
with Comoros Off the Map South, Israel in Blue
and with Iran and Turkey outlined in Red


We will end with statement three, as considering statement four see the above paragraph. The OIC has simply decided that the speech and everything stated by President Trump is now simply null and void because they desire so. One must wonder if they have called the State Department and told them that moving the Embassy of the United States from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has been called off on the authority of the OIC. Have they done so, we are pretty sure the State Department would go to President Trump and inform him that they cannot possibly move the embassy as the OIC has told them that the entire deal is null and void. Must be nice to live in a world where reality is what you make of it and where you can nullify and invalidate the announced intentions of another nation, a world super power, but then the Arabs still believe they are the only power on Earth as Allah told them so way back in the Seventh Century, and nobody has told them anything different. How wonderful their world must be that they can have such discretion. We will await President Trump announcing that he is sorry and that he really did not say what we thought he said, though we doubt that statement is coming any time soon. If President Trump makes any statement concerning the latest announcement of what reality must be from the OIC, we are pretty sure the OIC will hold another emergency session and nullify and invalidate the new statements by President Trump. If not for the tedium, this could almost get comical. The world is getting to a point where the stresses and straining at every seam is reaching a crescendo and one wonders how much more it can take before something snaps and everything simply explodes. The conflagration will dwarf anything seen before and very well could send mankind all the way back to the stone age, less of a trip for some than for others, but still a tragedy.


Beyond the Cusp


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