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December 28, 2017

Hamas Fearing Loss of Face as Terror Leaders


Hamas has done almost everything they can without provoking an all-out state of war with Israel. They have fired rockets getting an immediate response from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) from airstrikes on selected weapons and training targets, precision shelling or targeted assassination. The Hamas government has withheld payment of its government employees, an overly large percentage of the work force, such that they can attempt to rebuild infiltration tunnels after Israel destroys existing ones as they are detected. This tunnel destruction sets Hamas back financially to the tune of millions of Shekels (hundreds of thousands to as much as a couple millions of dollars) as valuable resources. Each tunnel built for infiltration into Israel has to be dug markedly deeper in an attempt to avoid detection. Despite these efforts, the IDF continues to locate these tunnels and destroy them in a seemingly steady manner of two or three reported each month. Many news sources will only cover such events on particularly slow news days. Each of these tunnels also uses a fair amount of a limited resource, cement or concrete. Thanks to United Nations and the European Union in conjunction with many of its member governments; the Hamas terror wing (as if it is any different from other wings, be they political, propaganda, foreign forces or whatever denotation as they all work towards terrorism) was given a reprieve this summer when Israel was pressured into permitting additional amounts of cement and concrete to be delivered into Gaza for rebuilding apartment buildings which have had supplies provided for their reconstruction at least two or three times previously. Somehow, despite copious amounts and supplies for the reconstruction of these apartment buildings, all we have to show for these efforts are numerous tunnels with a fair number destroyed by the IDF and a continued suffering of the people in Gaza as they attempt to make the best of bombed out ruins or multiple generations and extended families crowding into a single apartment. This due to their own governance, Hamas, desires to fortify their underground virtual city for their own protection and attack infiltration tunnels to endanger Israeli civilians than to make good on reconstruction of damaged buildings from the last war from three years past.


The truth is that the building supplies were utilized for exactly what the Israelis told the world which cared not even slightly while insisting for a third time that they be permitted the privilege of providing the concrete, cement, forms and other necessary supplies for the reconstruction of the destroyed and unlivable apartment blocks. Gaza is still claiming their need to reconstruct buildings destroyed or damaged too severely for residency, from the 2012 War and even the 2008-9 War as these too have largely been ignored and left with little done to repair or replace these structures. The vast majority of the provisions for these reconstructions are diverted for tunnel and bunker construction as well as making of rockets with ever longer range and payload capability requiring a larger amount of provisions per rocket. The people and their comfort and safety are not even a secondary consideration but more of simply a rouse for getting more tunnel and weapons building provisions from the Europeans. The people in Gaza, the Gazans you see on the posters and advertisements, are left homeless and suffering from malnutrition and lack of proper medical treatments as all the relief aid which enters Gaza is first inspected by Hamas who retain the vast majority to be sold at prohibitive prices on the black market to finance their terrorism, used exclusively for Hamas core membership and terror forces or stockpiled to be used in a future engagement with Israel (this is where the bulk of the medical provisions are diverted). The Gazan people are left to live on scraps if they are not amongst the oligarchs who use Hamas to assist in their schemes to steal or otherwise profit remarkably from misuse of the aid provisions.


Gaza Untouched

Gaza Untouched


The heart of Gaza City and the most exclusive neighborhoods where the wealthy leadership of Hamas and the profiteers who prey on the people’s misery using connections with the Hamas leadership to permit their black marketing of essentials or importation of fine jewelry and other exclusive merchandise as well as gourmet foods and accompanying fine wines and liquors for the fine dining of the elites. We spoke of these problems in an earlier article named The Lie of Gaza Relief in October with a more in depth look and further evidence. Additionally, we have placed a few more examples below of the opulence which exists within the Gazan society.


Refined Living in Gaza

Refined Living in Gaza


These are locations within Gaza City which seldom if ever get coverage and all but never ever have pictures in the mainstream left-leaning media. This is the Gaza where the more fortunate and wealthier Gazan Arabs reside. Their homes never get rocket launchers placed in their yards nor are MLRV* trucks, which are rarely more than a Toyota pickup truck, the smaller ones, with the racks of rockets bolted to their beds, ever to grace their pristine streets. Some in Israel are well aware, as are their opponents of this strategy, that the leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the other terror groups and criminal families are located in these suburbs and are kept from harm by not using them for any provocations. Israel has attacked here on rare occasions when they followed a doctrine of targeted assassinations of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terror groups’ leadership and that resulted in a world on fire screaming and protesting these unjustified attacks on innocents and of Collective Punishment despite the accuracy and viability of these selected targets. It was simply more of the Europeans demanding that the Jews and Israel never prosecute those who plan their demise and wish for the death of all Israel and simply allow for these planners and leadership of these terror groups to murder Israeli civilians, as it is just Jews after all. Hamas was even generous enough to release a vacation in Gaza video showing the beach-front hotels and surrounding parks and other exclusive locations. We thought it would make a great targeting video offering oh so many targets for the next time Hamas attacks with hundreds and then thousands of rockets. We introduced this video and our suggestion in our article called Hamas Releases Target Rich Video back in May of this year. Then there is a special monument to a rocket, what Hamas calls the Jerusalem Rocket, which was their first capable of striking Tel Aviv, Haifa and, most important of all, Jerusalem and deliver a payload of a warhead capable of producing copious levels of destruction (see below).


Monument for the M-75 Ballistic Missile Named the Jerusalem Rocket

Monument for the M-75 Ballistic Missile Named the Jerusalem Rocket


It is interesting that a square would be dedicated to a rocket whose only use will be to terrorize civilians throughout much of Israel. But then, we are talking about Hamas, a world recognized terrorist organization. We realize that should Israel ever target any of these posh locations, the world would erupt with righteous indignation. How dare Israel strike neighborhoods where the wealthy elite reside, how dare Israel strike homes which belong to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other high value terrorists and their families. The European Union, the United Nations and virtually, if not all, of the one-hundred-twenty-eight nations which voted to declare President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel will denounce this blatant Israeli aggression against innocent civilians. Still, Israel should soldier on and when the next Gaza conflict erupts after Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Haifa, Netanya, Herzliya and even Jerusalem have been struck by dozens upon dozens of rockets, they should target the homes of the wealthy leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the rest of their beneficiaries who reside in these locations as well as destroying their playgrounds, the malls, restaurants and other wonderful playgrounds of the rich and infamous. Perhaps leaving the unfortunate and poor Arabs whose homes Hamas uses knowing they will be destroyed simply because they need pictures of people living on the edge with little money and resources for the world to view. Perhaps, it would be more effective to allow the little people to get a break and target those responsible for the violence to pay the next time war breaks out of Gaza. The real threat right now is Hamas losing face appearing weak and unable to stand against Israel. This apparent weakness has to be countered and Hamas might end up striking Israel sufficiently hard to get an IDF response. If that response were to target the leadership and their lifestyle, we just might see real peace break out as the leaders try to figure out where the Arab world went wrong. They believe that Israel would never strike neighborhoods so removed from the conflict as they would be condemned by the world, but Israel might choose such a path to actually force an end to the violence. Imagine if the forces in Gaza were to realize that the people they desire sacrificing for media sympathetic photoshoots were not being targeted other than to take out the launchers but instead the leaders’ and mid-level organizers’ homes were being struck and their own homes destroyed this time. That would likely result in an end to the violence, and then perhaps peace for some time and that would be wonderful.


Beyond the Cusp


* MLRV = Multiple Launch Rocket Vehicle


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