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January 9, 2018

Michael Wolff Sets the Record on Trump’s America


Michael Wolff’s bestselling book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” actually tells us volumes and we do not even need read the book to understand the not-so-groundbreaking information actually proves a good deal. Oh, it proves almost nothing about President Trump as the book’s author, Michael Wolff, says he can’t be sure that all of it is true according to his interview with Business Insider. We really do not care so much about the words within the book as we do about the coverage it has received and will continue to receive and the tenor of both. The fact that a book the author refuses to state is valid at any level and is likely no more than conjecture at best and straight slanderous fallacies at worst and it easily found a publisher, a distributer and advertising proves our points alone with no further backup required. This book and similar articles in the American and around the world media stating the wildest accusations about President Trump and, for the record when you read “President Trump” throughout this article please add in “Prime Minister Netanyahu” and for America one could also include Israel, even published in America are as safe as a baby in a caring mother’s arms. This was proven even further with the accusations that Trump attempted to have his lawyers stop the presses and squash this book to absolutely no avail. Likely, this book has much vapid accusations which will be repeated by a breathless media and yet it will be treated as if it were a masterpiece of investigative journalism. We would treat the accusations we have heard with equal laughter as we did when Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife like, enjoy greatly and consume copious amounts of, wait for it, ice cream. You have that right; it was a scandal that the Prime Minister and his wife, possibly a few dinner guests as well, consumed $2,700 a year of ice cream. Now we want to hold such an office where that is the worst crime the media can prove.


President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu have committed very similar crimes. They have both defeated once considered undefeatable leftist opponents, and in the Prime Minister’s case repeatedly while in President Trump’s case a super vicious and vindictive elitist leftist who believed in her own media image as unopposable and the nearest thing to a perfect being. Both have made enemies of the leftist media such that nothing they accomplish matters and anything they find is considered to be the crime of the century until it becomes evident that the majority of people do not care about their nitpicking. For proof just read about the “Ice Cream Scandal” linked to above. Just for comparison, on basically retirement pay, we eat merely half that amount of ice cream and we do not entertain at near the rate of the Prime Minister and his wife nor have access to salaries or we might also consume near equal amounts given the opportunity. We also assume, not to give the media any ideas, that both the Prime Minister’s and President’s family diets include more meat, vegetables, exclusive condiments, fine wines, brandy and other fine liqueurs and barely countable other culinary delights. We expect Steak-gate to erupt imminently.


President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu


Being the top person in the government and not aligned with the media politically will inevitably result in being maligned by that same media. Those are the two choices one has going in, align or be maligned. But if the person being slighted by the media is anywhere near the Alpha person, we believe anybody reaching such political heights to be, especially a nonempathic, unfeeling, coarse, unruly, horrific pair of monsters as are colluding right now, in all likelihood, to conquer the world along with Russian collusion and the three, Netanyahu, Trump and Putin will lord over all in the triumphant triumvirate. Of course that is pure nonsense, but the current media in the United States would likely jump all over it as a justified possibility considering the voracious appetites the three men have for absolute power over all they perceive. The problem the media have in framing these people as having super-egos and being blood-soaked monsters who will do whatever it takes to achieve their ill-conceived goals is very likely, in a toned-down manner, exactly why they were elected, they described a vision which resonated with the people and promised to work towards achieving stated goals with their entire beings, and the people approved giving them or their party their votes. Somebody should tell the media that this is how you get elected and not through polls which are manufactured to represent exactly what the media wished them to represent and not necessarily reality of the political landscape and picturing the election. The media, on the other hand, realize that by ignoring or casting in a defeated light a candidate and writing glowing reviews of a preferred candidate can assist that result the media desires becoming reality. The problem is that the media in the United States, and to a lesser extent in Israel, has been shown for what they are, news manufacturers and not impartial reporting of the news. Their front pages have been revealed as pure editorial and their editorials as flights of fancy. The majority of the people no longer rely on the mainstream media to tell them the truth; they have instead become a form of reality television where the results are determined before the candidates for office have been chosen. Trump’s continued success against all the media odds won the Presidency by playing the media like a fine tuned Stradivarius violin. This likely has finally dawned on them making them all the infused with a visceral hatred of Donald Trump yet they still fall into virtually every trap he sets.


The media in the United States can rest assured that Donald Trump will not be President for life, we do not care what Twitter or Facebook claim. The media in Israel and the United States can also rest that Bibi Netanyahu will step down as the head of the Likud Party and soon they will have another evil incarnate to deal with either Naftali Bennett, the next leader of Likud which might be Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely or possibly a new Jewish Home Leader and current Ministers of Justice Ayelet Shaked. The two ladies, Tzipi Hotovely and Ayelet Shaked, (pictured below) are definite leaders who would make great Prime Minister and hopefully their day will come, preferably one after the other and not vying against each other. We suspect anything the media cares to shoot at either of these ladies will be met with a firestorm for an answer, as both are strong, assertive and capable women. Israel would be fortunate to have such as leaders and with any fortuitous destiny; we will have both in that office either successively or alternatively. As a side note, Netanyahu gained much recognition for his handling of the formerly considered ministry where you appointed your political opponents for them to be pummeled by the economy. Netanyahu used the Ministry of Finance and turned the economy around and set a new stage for operating which benefited almost all Israelis. Likewise, many thought placing Ayelet Shaked as Justice Minister would be her political end but she has shined and is managing to revamp much of the Justice system and if she can accomplish two important goals, she too will use her position to vault her into the public eye and leadership down the road.


Tzipi Hotovely and Ayelet Shaked

Tzipi Hotovely and Ayelet Shaked


The media now exposed and this new book harpooning Donald Trump will prove to be understood by the people as yellow journalism. This is, quite unfortunately, the media has been exposed to have become. What is worse is looking back through the last sixty or seventy years at the media and one realizes they have always put their agenda ahead of their reporting. One famous example was the Tet Offensive of 1968 was covered by the media, especially the coverage by the most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite. He reported that the United States and Vietnamese allies were being beaten on every front, the war was unwinnable, and the United States was being given a bloody nose by the rag tag guerrilla fighters of the Viet Cong. The reality is the United States and allies were fighting the North Vietnamese Army and were decimating them on every battlefield and we also learned that Walter Cronkite was actually reporting to make his superiors happy and was as close as one can be to being a spy for the communist regimes as one could be without facing charges of treason. Unfortunately for the American audiences, the evening news on the major networks, including most of the news channels on cable, have not drifted that far if at all on their political ideologies. They all support the equalizing of salaries such that people earn similar amounts despite any differences in job performance or skill set requirements, they support organized labor unions, weakened military to pay for social works, anti-capitalism and a series of other leftist liberal-socialist views. The media has been polled and the numbers of new reporters who are Republicans or consider themselves conservative are few and far between. The vast majority consider themselves to be politically neutral yet most belong to or vote predominantly for the Democrat or Green Parties. Until this changes, the alternate media of blogs and podcasts will become a more and more trusted source for news. Also, editorial blogs such as us here at BTC, we will be found to represent a political view but still manage to be fair and at least we are up front about our politics and tell where our hearts are politically. We still try to at least give some mix in our opinions and views of recognition of the other side, often lampooning them though we find simple reporting often provides that for us.


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