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January 29, 2018

Add the PLO to President Trump’s Dump List


President Trump has correctly placed Fatah, the PLO, Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Arabs, UNRWA and Mahmoud Abbas into one large single basket to be treated as a single entity. There are many advantages to this and no down side. Grouping these and basically labelling them Mahmoud Abbas links them all to their central mouthpiece and the person who controls the entirety of the Palestinian Arab acts, political, terrorist, monetarily, constructs, terror rewards, education, elections (or lack thereof) and decisions of any nature. This means that striking at any one of them is a means of striking Abbas or rewarding Abbas. The one with the slightest difference is UNWRA as it also strikes at the United Nations which often acts as another supporter of all things Mahmoud Abbas. President Trump and Mahmoud Abbas have been engaged in testosterone spitting contest trying to establish which one is the dominant one in their relations. The history of American and Palestinian Arab relationship has an interesting record, as most people would assume that the United States would be the dominant player. They would be very wrong in this assumption. Since the very beginning, the Palestinian Arabs have dictated the relationship constantly pushing the United States and each successive President to push the Israelis to constantly make concessions while receiving nothing in return. The relations have been excessively one-sided, especially since the signing of the Oslo Accords. Time and time again the Israelis were cajoled, threatened and even faced an embargo forcing them to give the Palestinian Arabs control over more lands, complete control over Gaza, Hevron, Bethlehem etcetera. This relationship has been utilized and exploited making Israel appear weak and unable to press their side and story over the claims made by the Palestinian Arabs to such an extent that now the world has taken the Palestinian Arab side against Israel fearing no retributions or dangers from these acts.


Under President Trump that has changed. Despite President Trump reading Mahmoud Abbas the riot act, Mahmoud Abbas refuses to believe that he can lose from ignoring the American President. Abbas is so used to getting his way if he simply presses forward and refuses to back down that he still thinks that President Trump can be forced into compliance with the Palestinian Arab politics. Since the Six Day War the Arabs, including specifically the Palestinian Arabs, have watched Israel return the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt for a piece of paper which was proven worthless during the time the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi were in office in Cairo and have not exactly become worth much more with President Sisi who has kept a very cold peace. The peace treaty with Jordan has resulted in little change in relations between the two nations with Jordanian media still printing much hateful, anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel articles and editorials. Israel was pressured by President Obama into apologizing to Turkey over the Mavi Marmara and paying the families of the terrorists who were killed in their attack attempting to break the Gaza embargo. Under George W. Bush Israel removed thousands of Jewish families from Gaza and turned the entirety over to the Palestinian authority under their word they would be nice and build a working relationship. They lied and never acted any differently and then lost in a coup that almost appeared to be a simple handover of Gaza to Hamas and Islamic Jihad resulting in three wars resulting from rocket assaults on Israeli civilians. These are just some examples of cases where the United States with President Willian Jefferson Clinton, President George W. Bush and President Barack Hussein Obama and their combined history of forcing Israel to surrender over and over again to the demands from Mahmoud Abbas and Yasser Arafat before him. Mahmoud Abbas has been rewarded for his stubborn refusal to negotiate unless given huge rewards just to sit down once with the Israeli leadership and then refusing to actually negotiate. He has pretty much assumed that a single camera opportunity each year or so which has satisfied every former President. Abbas expected President Trump to be no different from his predecessors and has seen some Presidents who initially supported Israel but sooner or later, they would pay the piper and cave to Palestinian Arab demands and forcing Israel to make concessions. Abbas is acting as if he has to prance for the first year and possibly two while President Trump enforces his Israel backing credibility before then turning and forcing Israel into making some serious concessions. Abbas is simply grinning and bearing the abuse expecting great rewards in the future.


Coming Soon if Abbas Refuses Trump Again

Coming Soon if Abbas Refuses Trump Again


That brings everything down to a simple question, will Trump resort to pressuring Israel into making concessions in order to be able to have at least one meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas in front of the White House or will he continue to try and force Abbas without resorting to pressuring Israel, like every President before. But perhaps there is some miscalculation by Mahmoud Abbas and President Trump actually means he stands with Israel. Even if President Trump and his team actually do stand with Israel, there is another piece to the puzzle which could be a wildcard, the State Department. The State Department has been antagonistic to Israel since its founding where they advised President Truman not to recognize the Jewish State. There have been many instances through the history of Israel where the State Department has been less than, how can we put this, helpful on affairs with Israel. It was the State Department and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who pressed for the Gaza evacuation and gifting to the Palestinians which led to Hamas taking control and caused a number of wars between Israel and the Arab terror groups in Gaza since the turnover. There is still a possibility that the State Department might pressure President Trump sufficiently over time until he finally pressures Israel under the State Department pressing that Israel has been unhelpful.


The current signs and indications are that President Trump believes, unlike previous administrations, that Israel has sacrificed far too much and should not be forced to sacrifice further. There have been indications that President Trump may be on the verge of closing the PLO offices in Washington D.C. This would be unprecedented but still might not be sufficient to force Mahmoud Abbas to change his attitudes. Abbas is so set in his ways and is not an honest partner and does not care what President Trump does because he also knows that at the longest period of eight years he will be done with President Trump if not sooner. Abbas does not even care if Vice President Pence were to follow President Trump and also serve a full two terms, he will not change his attitudes. Even should Abbas be replaced as the leader of the Palestinian Arabs, it will not change their attitudes or demands because the Palestinian Arabs themselves have been promised the end of Israel and will accept no less. The Palestinian Arab leadership, no matter who they may turn out to be after Abbas, will not accept anything less than Israel destroyed by the rest of the world including the United States in concert with the United Nations, European Union, European Nations, Arab world and every other nations on Earth and some also desire the Jews of the world all murdered as well. Of all the assumptions possibly made by Mahmoud Abbas, the most frightening is that all he need do is wait for the next favorable administration. The Palestinians are fully aware that if they are simply patient and refuse to meet Israel any percentage of the way, then eventually the world, including the United States, will sooner or later lean on Israel and force them to give the Arabs whatever they demand and by repeating this, they will destroy Israel in stages. The reality that this is probably an assumption that will prove true long before it may ever prove false, is sufficient reason for President Trump to be wise not to allow the Palestinian Arab threat to Israel to persist past his first term. One need remember that every President since Lyndon Banes Johnson has claimed to be the best friend which Israel has ever had in the White House, even including President Obama. We remember when President Obama was initially elected and a friend inquired what to expect concerning all things and we told him to expect President Carter on steroids and that this would be no truer than things concerning the Middle East. This friend had doubts that President Obama could outdo President Carter when it came to making trouble for Israel, especially all that President Carter has done since leaving the White House. We would hate to have to say this concerning a new President except putting in President Obama instead of President Carter, but there are those who would be worthy of such a warning. Whatever the case, President Trump should be warned not to allow any future President to be handed a Middle East where Israel is unfinished business, and that is the reality, the absolute reality.


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