Beyond the Cusp

February 6, 2018

A Walking Wrecking Ball and the Media


The media is completely flummoxed as to what to do about the situation they find the United States to be in currently. They simply are finding the situation improbable, intolerable even, as despite their reporting of all the sins and indiscretions of the President, he is still walking free laying waste to the left at every turn. Their walk through the mystery tour started with the Republican primaries and the first Republican debate. The media scorned and cast him as uncouth, foul mouthed, disrespectful and unworthy of the office of the President. Still, the main label of the night was “Low Energy Jeb,” a name that was echoed by Jeb Bush’s performance. Within the week, Jeb Bush was out of the race. The media continued to castigate him at every opportunity and Donald Trump used their coverage to continue to rename his opponents with the names Trump gave them. There was Little Marco, Lyin’ Ted, 1 for 38 Kasich and whatever caught the attention when repeated by the media. Of course, the media repeated these names as they would hurt Republicans and Donald Trump counted on that. Then on the campaign, he used Lyin Hillary and Crooked Hillary and similar names and used Twitter to spread his campaign. The media tried to make Trump appear to be the one to lose the election big time to depress his voters. If anything, it resulted in suppressing the Hillary Clinton voters. Whatever the media effect, it resulted in the one result they could not understand or even contemplate, President Donald Trump. Not only had their misrepresenting the news and attempts at manipulating the entire campaign season backfired and placed a Republican in the White House, it had placed the man they hated most, the man they loathed and the most uncouth of the candidates according to everything they had claimed. Now they are left dealing with what they wrought.


Now the media is facing an ever worse case scenario. Their efforts to paint Donald Trump as corrupt and Russians under the direction of Vladimir Putin interfering with the election assisting Trump being elected is blowing up in their faces. Currently it is starting to appear as if the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice are being dragged down as interfering with the election and working with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee in efforts to pin Trump and Russia into a frame over some form of conspiracy. But it gets worse for the media as they are beginning to be linked and made complicit in slanting their reporting to assist these efforts. Everything that Donald Trump touches results in some new and additional defeat for the media and the Democrats and a fair number of the Republican establishment. The one thing which appears to be most valid is that wherever Trump treads, the establishment trembles. It matters little which establishment, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Never-Trump Republicans, the elites of the Democrat and Republican Parties, the elite media and now we are on the verge of watching the downfall of the Deep State. What will inevitably be referred to as Memogate, everything has to be something-gate since Watergate, we are going to likely witness an ever-widening conspiracy which will also include the State Department and, from there, who knows where it is going to lead. There are already claims that President Obama may also be drawn into the dragnet being cast and harvesting those who combined to attempt and actually manipulate the election for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump. But there will be some repercussions which will be of potential for great service for the American people if President Trump can manage to accomplish changing one law which has fed the size of government allowing it to become cumbersome and inefficient.


President Trump Rumbling with the Deep State

President Trump Rumbling with the Deep State


There are rumors, welcome rumors, that President Trump would like to allow for supervisors within the government to be able to give raises on merit while being permitted to cut those whose performance is less than acceptable. Currently, once a Civil Service employee attains permanent status, they become immune to being fired. Another problem in the Federal Government is nepotism. Parents get their children hired onto the government payroll, often in their same department where they are friends and even the supervisor of their newly hired child’s boss which assures they will reach the point after which they become permanent and no longer able to be fired. Needless to point out, when the employees reach permanent status they are no longer required to provide any real service or performance. This leads to the government often needing to hire two, three, four or even more people to produce the work which in the real world, as the non-government employment is referred, would require one efficient and capable worker. This is part of what has led to the rumors and theories as to why the government is so inefficient and bloated with so many workers who accomplish little to nothing, or at least far less than a company outside the government accomplishes with less than half the employees. Trump wants to end the Civil Service immunity to being terminated and return the government to a situation where the workers are held responsible for their own performance. The question will be what to do when you have supervisors protecting lower level supervisors who protect all their employees. There is but one means by which President Trump will ever be capable of reigning in the Deep State, a complete hiring freeze with outside performance reviews deciding which workers are not performing up to a normal expected level. Nothing short of being put on a forced diet can take the bloated monster ensconced in Washington D.C., West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia and across the fruited plains and along the shores and purple mountains majesty and every other nick, cranny and corner of the United States down to something manageable or reasonable facsimile thereof.


President Trump has chosen his enemies well and they have decided to take up that role with great zest and enthusiasm, especially the media thus far. Expect the Deep State to work to foil every last piece of the President’s agenda. Between the Democrat Party deciding that they will vote against everything acting as total obstructionists bringing the government to a standstill until they get in power again and the Never-Trump Republicans such as Flake and McCain and company, President Trump may need to wait until after the 2018 midterm elections and hope that he breaks with all traditions and comes away with over sixty Senators who are willing to support his agenda and a majority retained in the House of Representatives. Without this advantage, President Trump will have great difficulty in getting his agenda past the Congress. What will probably frustrate the liberal and leftist media and the Democrats along with the Never-Trump Republicans is that the decision as to whether President Trump manages to get much if not all of his agenda through the Congress and enacted and wins his fight against the Deep State will not fall to any of them but to the American People. The midterm election will be the first step followed by whether or not President Trump is reelected along with the makeup of the Congress and then the final midterm election which would be his final chance.


There is one last item which should be discussed briefly and we will try to be succinct. The Democrats have decided some time back that they are the sole people who can be trusted with the power to decide the national agenda. They will do everything within their power to prevent President Trump from accomplishing his agenda. They also are going to fight to attempt on retaining as much of President Obama’s accomplishments as they are able. They will obstruct voting with complete discipline acting as a single negative vote in both houses attempting to utilize the filibuster to end everything from passing the Senate. This is why President Trump will require a sixty vote super majority to get his policies passed through the Senate. The Democrat Party has adopted the policy approach which has been accepted by leftists throughout history very often right before they seize complete power and end elections or only hold show elections assuring they have fixed them such that they appear to have the flavor of fairness but are rigged to allow only Democrat Party rule. The Democrat Party has decided that they will be the only party permitted to decide policy, decide what requires financing, who is permitted to be elected to Congress and the White House, what is considered a fair election, and that they be permitted to go to whatever extent is required such that they retain their majorities and continue to hold the White House. They have reached the end of their rope and are no longer going to play fair. Actually, they have decided they are no longer going to play at all. We wish our American friends of all walks of life luck with holding on to the greatest governance ever devised by man. It has been quite saddening to watch as the great system has faltered and sputtered until it reached this point. We saw its first step when the Democrat and Republican opponents to our run for office both gave paid members of their campaigns to work to prevent us getting any traction which worked as we received 20% against the victor’s 42.2% and the other defeated candidate at 36.9%. What we never understood is how they could spend five million dollars in order to get a job which paid $275,000.00 a year for two years. At least we spent under $35,000.00 so at least had we won we would have shown a profit. But that is where politics has reached in America, spending five million dollars for five hundred fifty thousand in salary, which should make everybody pause as ask what is going on.


Beyond the Cusp


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  1. I looked up the word you all used in the beginning ” Flummoxed ” Webster did not list it, so did you all really mean == F-cked up if so include THE SWAMP also & the DEM’S —-They are beyond repair, they need replacing, that’s what you do when it is broken, which they are !!!! Thanks, SCW a Vietnam Era Vet.1965-1971…..


    Comment by Steve Whitlow — February 6, 2018 @ 8:16 AM | Reply

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