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February 16, 2018

Sovereignty Over the Shomron


Recently we wrote about the postponement again of the Sovereignty Bill where Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed the postponement was due to the need to work with the Administration of President Trump. Well, it turns out that President Trump and his administration does not know about any such need to work with Netanyahu. Perhaps we should be understanding as Prime Minister Netanyahu has so many troubles at the moment that he gets confused about with whom he has discussed what and when or how. The Israeli police have finally completed their multi-year investigations, the latest of their investigations, and have advised that charges be filed against Prime Minister Netanyahu. This has become an event every couple of years where the police recommend charges be brought and when all is said and done more was said than done as the Attorney General and his prosecutors end up giving the police a pat on the head and told they made a great effort but what they found not only does not rise to the need for any accusations, they really should have relied upon a far less partial main witness. One has to wonder what they were thinking when they needed to find some evidence which was worthy of calling for accusations that they turned to the one man who most desires to replace Netanyahu himself, Yair Lapid. For those who don’t know Yair Lapid, he is the most recent replacement for Tzipi Livni as largest desire with the least chance of ever becoming Prime Minister. His self-serving use of the party he founded, Yesh Atid, is merely the necessary invention which will permit him to make claims on being the next greatest savior who can finally make peace and having the intelligence which was evidenced by his astute ability to actually read the teleprompter on the news every night. His entire claim to fame is his being a newscaster who almost never mispronounced a single syllable. The real problem with Mr. Lapid’s plans is he is stuck in the two state solution and believes that leaving the communities beyond the Green Line and even sharing Jerusalem would bring peace, a folly if nothing else.


The problem with the solutions of the past is their logic was from the past and belongs to the past. Realities have changes and the weaponry of the terrorists have changed. The previous weapons were handguns, assault rifles, suicide bombs and weapons which could be applied directly to an area. The current weapon of choice still includes all the old weapons plus rockets, missiles, mortars and artillery. This has altered every reality concerning ceding lands to the Arabs as now they have weapons which have vastly increased their range and lethality. Granting the Arabs in the Shomron complete autonomy would open the central regions of Israel and soon after the entirety from the northernmost points to Eilat at the southern tip to rockets and artillery and other lethal weaponry. As everything has changed and progressed, Israel will be required for the safety of her people to retain sovereignty over the entirety of the Shomron if the country is to remain secure. The changed factors makes retaining the Shomron so critical that it matters not if the Europeans, the United Nations, the United States, the Russian or anybody anywhere on the planet might object, Israel must retain all the lands west of the Jordan River, period. Anyone and everyone who wishes to demand otherwise must be ignored and if they should become overly loud, then they will require straight truth about reality and be silenced or ignored, no other option should be considered. International Law, Treaties, the Mandate and every legal document grants Israel total and complete authority and rule over these lands and that is what must be impressed on everyone opposing the Israeli claims. That is the simple reality of the modern situation in the Middle East.


Looking at the area, we find wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and including Turkey and Afghanistan and even Pakistan. Currently, except for the provocations from Hamas, Hezballah and Iran, Israel is one of the sole places where peace exists. Israel is one of the most stable governances in the entire Middle East where there is a democracy, another uniqueness, where the people are represented in the government. Allowing the Arabs another state would simply create another unstable area which would initially be a dictatorship with Mahmoud Abbas at its head. The problem is as soon as the IDF would be required to retreat from the area; Abbas would initially be overthrown by members of the Palestinian Authority which would in turn be overthrown by Hamas under the direction and with assistance from Iran. This would grant Iran a launching-off point on the western shores of the Jordan River and on the heights overlooking Tel Aviv and the central region of Israel. Without the Shomron, Israel is a mere nine miles wide at its center thus the Shomron is absolutely necessary for Israel to be capable of self-defense. The Shomron (West Bank on the image below) is absolutely required if Israel is to survive if for no other reason than weapons and tactics of war have been irrevocably altered since 1967 when Jordan held the area and declared war along with Egypt and Syria in the Six Day War. The United Nations demanded that Israel return lands, not all lands, and by returning the Sinai Peninsula and giving up all claims to Gaza, Israel has returned lands and fulfilled any and all requirements placed upon her.


Nine Mile Wide Israeli Waist

Nine Mile Wide Israeli Waist


Israel faces other challenges well beyond the Jordan River. There is Iran which has promised to destroy the Zionist Entity, and Turkey which despite having official relations still acts more as an enemy than a reliable partner in peace. Additionally, Israel faces Hamas in Gaza, Iran in Syria, Hezballah in Syria and Lebanon and much if not most of Europe and the United Nations all working to destroy the singular Jewish State. What many do not realize is that Israel is the single entity standing between chaos and an invasion of Europe by the hungry forces of Islam which include Turkey, Iran, Hezballah and near countless terrorist groups. The Europeans should realize from the recent increases in terrorism, many which imitate things which have been perpetrated against Israel in the past, that without the plug in the well-shaken bottle which is Israel the violence in the Middle East would explode across Europe pouring into the streets and across city after city. Europe is probably rightfully frightened by what it has witnessed closer to their borders than such violence has been in ages and take their frustrations and trepidations out on the only target which actually might care, Israel. The Europeans know if they were to launch the kind of accusations they throw at Israel at Iran, Syria, Lebanon or others that they would be inviting waves of terrorism to flow across their borders, so out of frustration they target Israel as Israel is not about to take anything out on them. The truth is the land is rightfully Israeli and the Palestinian Arabs were invented in 1964 by Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas and much assistance of the KGB. We had a recent article with a video halfway down the page where a member of Hamas, in a pique of anger with Egypt, lets loose a barrage revealing the falsity of the Arab narrative against Israel identifying the vast majority of the Arabs as Egyptians, Saudis, Syrians, Iraqis and other Arab and Muslim nations and not native to the area. The reality is that for most of its three-thousand-year history, Jerusalem has had a Jewish majority. No other nation has ever held Jerusalem as its capital city and only the Jews have had an actual freestanding state on the lands west of the Jordan River in the entire history since King David. Israel needs and must retain these lands, as they are all part of her ancestral homeland and have always been vital to her defense.


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