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March 7, 2018

Leaked “Deal of the Century” Isn’t


The trial balloons have been slowly leaked to the people who matter on exactly what will be in the “Deal of the Century” President Donald Trump has been claiming he will finally bring peace between the Arabs and Israel, the Jews. These balloons are only partially inflated as the Trump Administration is playing their cards close to the vest. They are mostly floating the most contentious pieces to watch and see how everyone reacts. Fortunately for Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu and all the other important party leaders in the coalition and in the opposition will not need to say a word; they just have to allow Abbas and company to talk. The problem is that everybody in the opposition will jump onboard with the plan claiming that it is just about everything they have said was required for there finally to be peace with the Arab Palestinians and some may even ask why so many deviations from the pre-Six Day War Green Line* are part of the deal. Some might claim that Israel does not need the settlements. They will sound as if they are negotiators for the Palestinian Authority (PA) and not on the Israeli side at all.


There will be one outlier, Yair Lapid. His response will depend upon which side of the bed he got out of that morning, the right or the left. If he got out of bed on the right, then he will claim that the deal is overly balanced for the Arabs and that Israel would be required to make very painful, some might say dangerous, concessions but if the United States and the United Nations can guarantee what is promised, then Israel should accept the proposed borders with a few minor corrections. If he got out of bed on the left, then he will stand in near total agreement with Zehava Gal-On, the leader of the Meretz. Mr. Lapid’s claims that he stands to the right of Netanyahu only lasts as long as an election cycle, and once he is either in or out of the coalition he begins tailoring his speeches to fit the audiences. He is as if he has no honest opinions that are his own, but that is not entirely true. Yair Lapid was a supporter of Labor Party most of his life and his associates and friends are largely leftists. He has always and will always support the Two State Solution and a divided Jerusalem. The one thing which people need remember about Yair Lapid is that his former profession makes him a professional teleprompter reader and thus he can deliver completely opposite speeches at the same time with his address to the left side of the audience contradicting his address to the right side of the audience and as long as the one side cannot hear what he says to the other, then he will receive rounds of applause from both sides.


Now to the leaks and what we have been able to patch together from the little squeaks we have heard in the night. First and foremost, this plan obviously has not been run past the President or he saw it and decided to allow Abbas and company to reject it for him. The “Deal of the Century” leaked thusfar has State Department and Arabist writ large all over it. We can hear much of Exxon-Mobile, Saudi Arabian friend and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson echoing through and through these leaks. It is difficult to read the idea that the same President Trump who recognized Jerusalem as the rightful Israeli capital and is having the dedication for moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem this mid-May is calling for redividing it and giving the entirety of the Old City including the Temple Mount, City of David and the Mount of Olives Cemetery to the PA, as the leaks claim. Further, the rumors speak of only retaining some of the Jewish communities beyond the Green Line meaning that very probably many Israelis will need to be reintegrated into the areas of pre-Six Day War Israel. This will cause great hardships as the unfortunates who were displaced as a result of the Gaza withdrawal have yet to be fully returned as productive citizens with employment and an actual home. Those were people fully employed with homes and neighbors, with friends and fellow congregants, with real and happy lives as complete and full as any and now still seeking a place, any place which they can make into a home and find a restoration of a life with meaning and full of hope. Israel does not need another group of such refugees, even if they only count as a few thousand, though it is far more likely the plan is talking not even of tens of thousands but hundreds of thousands. That does not even include the Jewish population who has returned to their homes in the Old City which has surpassed one-third of a million. This also does not give any consideration of the Arabs in the Old City who have a limited citizenship within Israel with all the legal and social rights other than voting in national elections and the majority of whom have expressed their desire to never again be under the oppression of the PA.


Abbas Gives Peace This Much of a Chance

Abbas Gives Peace This Much of a Chance


Much of this plan resembles the plans which were presented by Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert which divided Jerusalem along the 1967 pre-Six Day War division which became the tactical position for Arab snipers to fire at every Israeli; Arab, Jew, Druse, Christian, Israeli, tourist or even space invaders, anything which was moving even to include dogs and cats as they were shooting for amusement as well as to murder as many hapless Israelis, preferably Jews, who came within their sights. The rest was partitioned once again along the 1949 Armistice Lines (Green Line) with minor adjustment and Israel was permitted to retain some of the more established communities (settlements) beyond the Green Line while the outposts and lesser communities (smaller or geographically isolated settlements) would be destroyed and their populations rendered homeless and would need to be relocated elsewhere within the Green Line presumably. This proposed solution is so obviously something proposed by the State Department who would give the Arabs the entirety of Israel if the power to decide such were ever granted them. This has been the cookie cutter response proposed by President after President and has met the same acceptance by Israel with reservations and outright dismissal by Mahmoud Abbas and Yasser Arafat before him. The leadership of the PA in particular and the Arabs in general is simple; they cannot accept any solution which does not completely erase all of Israel. They have promised their people and raised three generations of absolutists who were weaned on the destruction of Israel, educated to seek the destruction of Israel, sent to summer camps which were closer to basic training and commando training camps than recreational and there taught that Allah demanded of them the complete destruction of Israel. The result is there are a good number of young adults and teens who are completely inundated with hatred of the Jews and a murderous obsession with the destruction of Israel. These radicalized members of the population are completely unaccepting of any peace with Israel; they will only accept the utter destruction of the state of Israel and are so beyond control they would murder any leader who made such a peace. This places Mahmoud Abbas exactly where he belongs, having to appease an unappeasable and murderous mob who would gladly kill him if he were to take any offer of peace. They do not want peace, as they have been raised for total warfare and believe that the Jews can be sent running with their tails between their legs just like the Crusaders, the British and every other group to come to the Holy Lands. Those others were all actual invaders with no actual attachment to the land beyond a love of Jerusalem and a few historical cities. The Jews will prove different, as we have come home to the place where we began and where we lived with Hashem and are foretold that we will do so again. This is our home and despite what they believe, we have no other home and cannot return to the Diaspora as only death awaits us there. We are home to stay and Jerusalem was and has always been our only capital since David Melech (King David).


Abbas Statement Excerpts and Their Intended Result

Abbas Statement Excerpts and Their Intended Result


The one constant thusfar, and likely forever, is that the PA leaders will refuse to accept any peace proposal outright and will never make any counter-proposal stating those items that would make an agreement acceptable to them. There are two main and easily understood reasons that force this situation upon the PA leadership, and Mahmoud Abbas especially. The first reason is the only time that a Palestinian leader made a counter proposal was when Yasser Arafat gave President Willian Jefferson Clinton the demands which he believed that any Israeli leader would refuse to even consider out of hand. When President Clinton explained what Yasser Arafat demanded to then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Barak accepted them and agreed to make the deal. Yasser Arafat simply bolted from the conference in Paris and refused every further attempt in the final days of President Clinton’s second term to get him to sign a peace accord. Since then, no PA leader has ever delineated what he would be willing to accept. The other reason is that the Arab Palestinian position has become so radicalized within the power structure and amongst the younger Arabs raised on the poisonous hatred of everything Israel and everything Jewish. This has made it such that the PA has been transformed, or is it untransformed, back into the PLO** terrorist group founded in September 1964, almost three full years before the Six Day War and any so-called “Occupied Territories” ever existed. The original claim of the PLO was to destroy Israel and remove the usurper Jews and reclaim all of the land from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea. There was no idea to form any state of Palestine; the idea was to give the lands, after the destruction of Israel, to Egypt and Jordan. The idea of an Arab state of Palestine was born of the loss in the 1967 Six Day War when the PLO refused to alter their claims to liberate the lands occupied by Israel. Mahmoud Abbas stated it clearly in a United Nations speech when he stated that he demands that the lands occupied by the Jews stating, “No one has held Israel accountable when it occupied our territories in 1948.” This speech he also repeated his infamous claim that, “We are the descendants of the Canaanites that lived in Palestine 5,000 years ago.” Here we include a few videos of Abbas and some of his more outlandish claims to the world.





And here we have included Mahmoud Abbas’s United Nations speech made in early 2018.



The reality is Mahmoud Abbas has promised himself into a corner where he can only accept the total destruction of Israel. He has burned all the bridges to get back to the concept of destroying Israel in stages. He faced threats to his own power and position, which in this case means his life and fortune. These threats came from those who read the lay of the field amongst the Palestinian Arabs, especially the youth, and saw they wanted more radical leadership and craved action in the form of more attacks and more terrorism and some even desired an all-out war with Israel. The end result which became accepted as the sole solution was the erasure of all of Israel and the Jews slaughtered where they stood, slept, walked, ran, dined and everywhere they could be found. Hamas has gained in popularity because their charter actually calls for the murder of every Jew in the world. This is the new parameter has become the bottom line and anything short of Israel dead and the Jews dead with anything short of that completely unacceptable and must be rejected out of hand and any leader accepting a peace with Israel would not last out the week, just like the assassination of Anwar Sadat by his own military men at a military parade and event. Should Mahmoud Abbas accept anything President Trump or even his allies, and they are the allies of the Palestinians, from the State Department write up and propose he would be dead killed by his own security detail before he left the building. This has been the Israeli ace in the hole which most do not even realize, the Arab Palestinians will refuse every offer.


Beyond the Cusp


*The original 1949 Armistice Lines which the Arab League demanded could never be construed in any fashion, as a definition of a border as doing such would include recognition of Israel and the Zionist Entity.

**PLO is the Palestinian Liberation Organization which is the terrorist group formed under Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas with the blessings of the Arab League and assistance from the KGB as a terrorist group in September of 1964.

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