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March 25, 2018

Reflections on National Security Advisor John Bolton


Let’s make one thing clear right up front; the National Security Advisor is appointed by the President and does not require confirmation by the Senate. Simply put, the United States National Security Advisor is John Bolton and those reacting as if the world will end tomorrow cannot even hope the Senate will deny Mr. Bolton the position as they did to his appointment as ambassador to the United Nations. The treatment he got during that attempt to be promoted as the permanent Ambassador to the United Nations we would not wish upon our most leftist appointee of any Democrat appointee. He was treated with such vile and hate beyond what was even required to show disapproval and refuse to confirm John Bolton when he was nominated. Some of those on the left and even some conservatives, bordered on reveling in torturing and taking cheap shots at Mr. Bolton ridiculing his honest answers treating him as one of the most despicable of people and not as an honest man who was giving forthright responses treating the Senators with respect. His appointment had been strongly opposed by many Democrats, who cited allegations that Mr. Bolton was a “serial bully” who intimidated junior members of staff. To translate that from political partisan jargon to regular language, they were upset that he had strong convictions with which they did not agree and thus felt threatened by his certainty in his views which challenged their certainty in their certainty. Finally John Bolton has been placed into a position where he will not be stymied by Senate partisanship or the fears of weak and insecure individuals and allowed to serve the country he loves. There can be no doubt of that love as he has shown it with sincerity and honesty in answering freely any and all question on the political, national and international landscapes without hesitation and in the most simple and understandable language.


Now he will need to be more guarded as his advice just became the property of the President. He has been given the vitally important job of advising President Trump including giving him alternatives and even more important, all the information, applicable histories and every angle for potential consideration. What many may not fully understand is that John Bolton will not be making the decisions unless President Trump allows such. John Bolton will only be providing the background and different choices allowing President Trump to make the most informed decisions with all of the foreseeable consequences laid out before he actually makes the actual choice. Of course we are at the leading edge of what will be a tsunami of frightening predictions of the United States solving problems with bombs, rockets, troops, military interference and leaving negotiations for the other people and how Bolton will be bringing the world to an end in a nuclear conflagration likely started by John Bolton. At least there may be some who will now believe that President Trump is the more rational when compared to John Bolton though do not hold your breath waiting for this. Imagine that, President Trump may have found somebody whose ideas and decision-making ability might be more questionable for the far left with John Bolton.


Donald Trump and John Bolton

Donald Trump and John Bolton


We can guarantee that there will be fireworks and we can hardly wait for the initial reaction to Mr. Bolton’s nomination from the administration’s and President Trump’s number one impeachment fan, Maxine Waters. We should be able to construct a range of reactions from our leftist friends from quiet acceptance to reasoned criticism to lose the mind crazy to Maxine Waters at the top of the crazy department. The other scorecard people might want to keep is how many times particular phrases are used by those in sheer panic over the choice of John Bolton as National Security Advisor. We will suggest a few choice terms for your counting pleasure. There will be World War III, nuclear holocaust, warmonger, right wing extremist, war hawk, fascist and of course Nazi. Eventually there comes the commentary which will include secondary terms which will include Islamophobe, racist, anti-Palestinian, pro-Israel, anti-Russia, anti-China and uncompromising extremist. The eruption over Bolton’s appointment should take about three weeks to settle down to a mere roiling boil on social media as Bolton will be just as criticized as President Trump is criticized. There will be second-guessing as to whether unpopular policy choices, especially in foreign policy, are the result of Trump being Trump or Trump being controlled by Bolton and the real fun will be when those accusations split evenly between commentators.


This may prove to be a very good choice by President Trump because John Bolton will give advice which will be free of any taint and will be lacking hesitation as John Bolton is one of those who is very well versed in the security situation and will digest the additional information which he will have the privilege of perusing over the next few weeks as he settles in. The President has chosen an advisor in Bolton who is not swayed by any passing breezes and can resist the entanglements which Washington D.C. presents. John Bolton will not be worried about his reputation or whether he is liked or even appreciated as long as the President is satisfies with his decisions and advice. This will very probably be an enjoyable relationship between President Trump and John Bolton as Bolton has the traits President Trump desires in his advisors, straight and honest advice backed with reasoned facts and alternatives ready and handy should the President demand such when not completely satisfied with the first information or simply checking out his options. Bolton is intelligent and straight talking people of integrity though do not expect such praise to come from most of the mainstream media who will be seeking anything they can use to bring Bolton down low. The only advice we might have for John Bolton is to staff his office with people who are much like himself and people whose integrity he can vouch for personally as he will only be as good as his own advisors and researchers. All we can say now is let the histrionics begin.


Beyond the Cusp


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