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March 27, 2018

Israel Standing for the World Day In & Day Out


This tale begins on the borders of Israel and the community known as the MENA* States. In the southwest, Israel has a present provided her by President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, which has all the fingerprints of being hatched in the Deep State parts of the Department of State, the only department in the American government to get every decision wrong from day one. They supported paying the ransoms and protection demands from the Barbary Pirates and were willing partners in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) which also goes by the name of the Iran Nuclear Treaty. They advised against recognizing Israel in 1948 and have opposed providing arms to Israel in every Arab Israeli conflict and were behind the Liberty intercepting Israeli military communications and providing them to Egypt, the real reason behind it being struck was because of said spying. They advised President Reagan to punish Israel for striking the Osirak reactor where Saddam Hussein was planning to make nuclear weapons. They supported President Obama in revealing sensitive information shared by Israel as agreed in private treaty when Israel told of several plans to attack Iranian nuclear sites by shaming whichever Arab or Islamic state had agreed to provide some level of aid from Saudi Arabia to Azerbaijan. They also told Israel that nothing could go wrong in permitting the Palestinian Authority (PA) an opportunity to show their honest desire to create a working and normal democratic state by pulling completely out of Gaza and turning it over to the PA. Within two years they lost it to Hamas and Islamic Jihad and friends and the rest is history. The State Department also supported providing aid money even knowing that much of it would be given to Hamas and has worked tirelessly against President Trump at every turn. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson fit in at the State Department like a hand in a glove which is why he was likely fired. We figure that if violence were to flare up between Gaza and Israel over the Israeli habit of destroying infiltration tunnels constructed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the State Department would claim that the two terror groups had a viable complaint as these tunnels are expensive and rebuilding them prevent the rebuilding of apartments and other structures destroyed from the last two wars thus Israel is causing stress and difficulties for the people of Gaza and doing so without feelings of remorse.


Further south, Israeli border problems take a very strange turn for the unpredictable. Here they border the Sinai Peninsula belonging to Egypt but controlled by Islamic State, Hamas, Islamic Jihad (last two based in Gaza), al-Qaeda, criminal gangs, Muslim Brotherhood backed groups, Wilayat Sinai, Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, Tawhid al-Jihad, Abdullah Azzam Brigades, Hasm Movement, Jund al-Islam, Takfir wal-Hijra and a myriad of other names and tribes of whom you have likely never heard. This was the situation which the al-Rawda mosque in Bir al-Abd was attack and over three hundred people were murdered and a Russian passenger plane was bombed falling from the sky and so many other attacks that Egypt has secretly granted Israel freedom to engage and even requested assistance on a few select occasions. The Sinai Peninsula has some of the roughest areas on the globe in its central spine where one could hide an army from easy detection, let alone strike forces from terrorist groups and training facilities (see image below). Israel has acted with great caution only attacking in support of Egyptian troop movements providing air support. Israel does not intend to take such measures such that she gains a new active border to add to her already serious border problems. Israel will attack when struck from the Sinai Peninsula, especially when such attacks come from Hamas, Islamic Jihad or other Gaza entities. There have been any number of such instances and the responses from Israel eventually included attacking their training places in Gaza. Israeli willingness to strike within Gaza for those attacks out of the Sinai quickly brought such attacks to a close as there was no longer any benefit if Israel was going to strike Gaza as part of their response.


Mountainous Sinai Peninsula

Mountainous Sinai Peninsula


Moving to the opposite end, at the north there is Lebanon which means Hezballah. The world must accept that Lebanon and Hezballah are one and the same as Hezballah is now part of the government and the ruling coalition, has taken control of the Army meaning they have also taken control of Abrams main battle tanks, M-113 armored personnel carriers, M-198 Howitzers and other American aid provided by President Obama after receiving guarantees that the Lebanese Army and Hezballah were completely separate entities. The fortunate item is these American arms did not include fixed wing aircraft. Still, Lebanon has capable fixed wing aircraft of Russian manufacture plus they have taken an unknown number and types of weapon systems from the war in Syria where they are allied with Syria and thus Russia and Iran.


This brings us to the Golan Heights in the North East bordering the sausage grinder known as the Syrian Civil War. Syria also has Hezballah and all their gained weaponry. Russia is there but has stood down concerning Israel and appears to have reached some agreement with Israel for sharing Syrian airspace. This is what has permitted Israel to strike Syrian, Hezballah and Iranian targets in Syria without facing Russian aircraft in combat. The dangers to Israel in Syria come largely from Iranian and their IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) forces which are in reality a second and possibly larger and better-trained military augmenting Iranian regular military placed in charge of foreign insurgencies and operations. These were the units which aided in the planning and commission of the attacks on the AMIA (Argentinian Israelite Mutual Association) and Israeli Embassy bombing and very likely took part in the murder of Natalio Alberto Nisman, Argentine Prosecutor of the AMIA bombing case. Iran has a long arm with the IRGC, not to mention a great degree of credible deniability. The destruction Iran can deliver virtually anywhere on the globe was proven with the AIMA bombing (see image below). On October 11, 2011, United States officials alleged there was a plot tied to the Iranian government to assassinate Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir in the United States. The entire width and breadth of Iranian perfidy may never be known, but the one thing history has proven is such evil must be faced as early to its discovery as the reality is waiting only permits it to grow stronger and the forces which will have to eventually fight it grow weaker.


Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina Building Bombing Aftermath

Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina Building Bombing Aftermath


There is one more front which is to the east between Israel and the Jordan River which the world calls the Occupied Territories. The reality is it was the occupied territories before the Six Day War when Jordan occupied lands which were promised Israel under the San Remo Conference and several following treaties all the way forward to Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. After the Six Day War, eventually Jordan reached a peace treaty of 1994 where Jordan released her claims to these lands and they should have reverted to Israel. The Arabs residing within these territories mostly held Jordanian citizenship and should have been deported to Jordan or permitted to resettle wherever they chose outside of Israeli lands. The world decided that instead they would use these Arabs as tools to destroy the Jewish State. Over time the Palestinian People were invented and a mutated copy of Jewish history was woven and the world decided that this was reality. This front might actually be the most stable and predictable front and the one which poses the least problem at this point in time as it is the only one not under Iranian influence as of yet. There is a current continuing series of stabbings and vehicular rammings which are being spawned by a bounty put on every Israeli’s head. If the terrorist is imprisoned, they receive a healthy salary and if they are killed their family receives a healthy pension. The reward presumably lasts for as long as the PA has money. This is also the front where the European Union and a number of European nations practice their shams to make Israel look evil. The European Union places housing presumably for Palestinians to live in but the homes are placed in an illegal location with no planning, no electricity, no plumbing and below any reasonable building codes and are uninhabitable. These houses are put up for one reason and only one reason, to force Israel to destroy them at which point European politicians decry the demolition of these homes. Immediately thereafter the European Union puts these uninhabitable homes back up and when Israel destroys them again the same politicians claim how horrible the destruction of Palestinian homes has become. Believe it or not, the European Union reconstructed these homes again and the same results. We are waiting for the fourth construction which is sure to follow, look for it. That completes the tour as thusfar Jordan has not presented any problems but things can change.


Now we will cover the main problem, Iran. One might say that Israel has Iran to the south of her, Iran to the north of her, Iran to the northeast of her, and Iran now capable of taking position to the west of her on the Mediterranean Sea using Syria and Lebanese ports for supplies. Additionally, there is the threat of the Iranian bomb, the Iranian nuclear bomb, the Iranian thermonuclear bomb, the Iranian thermonuclear bomb miniaturized and packed atop any of the myriad of Iranian missiles, many developed in conjunction with Iran’s nuclear and missile developmental partner, North Korea. What we have always found difficult to understand, how is it that North Korea has developed a complete range of nuclear weapons and guided missiles, and Iran has shared in the development and testing of those missiles, how is it that the Iranians were completely left out of the nuclear weapons development. We fear they were not and have just as complete an armory of nuclear weaponry and the missiles to deliver them over a very wide area of the globe (see map below) which is made far greater by the addition of the territories in Syria and Lebanon as well as the Tri-Border-Region in South America. Given the additional launching locations, Iran can strike almost anywhere on the globe. This is why intelligence agencies in the West must make determining exactly what armaments the Iranians already posses their number one priority as to procrastinate this task would be criminal or an idea the State Department would convince Congress was wiser.


Ranges of Iranian Missiles

Ranges of Iranian Missiles


Iran is the greatest threat to the world, even greater than North Korea, China, Russia and anything else one might propose. One of the reasons is that Iran has its paws into numerous pies, many of which are terrorist in nature such as Hezballah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. They also have the IRGC which has a global reach and well trained in the commission of terrorism including but not limited to bombings and assassinations. They have already established their Shiite Crescent reaching from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea passing through from Iran to Iraq and Syria and Lebanon and with Yemen they gain control over the Red Sea and thus the Suez Canal. They also have influence in Gaza with direct influence over Islamic Jihad and often are able to make deals with Hamas. They also arm Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Hezballah. They operate training in South America in an area where the borders of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil seen in a map here. Iran is attempting to take control of the Islamic world and should they take control over Mecca and Medina as well as the Saudi oil fields, they might be able to claim to become the leader of Islam and have Sunni Islam be replaced with Shiite Islam as numerous Arabs convert pledging their support for Iran. This could lead to Iran controlling the entirety of the MENA nations which would leave Europe vulnerable. Iran is a threat gathering and this is a storm which if left ignored would be an even greater error than the Munich Pact. What makes this even more perilous is that this time it will not require anybody signing an agreement, that has been done already with the JCPA, but only require good men to do nothing while evil men plot, scheme and make irreversible gains.


Beyond the Cusp


*MENA means Middle East & North Africa


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