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March 29, 2018

Mob Scene with Guns at Their Backs


March 30, 2018, is the tentative date for the Hamas sponsored March of Return in Gaza with co-sponsors Islamic Jihad. Their hoped turnout will place a massive procession of 100,000 Gazans with the objective of storming the Israel security fence around Gaza to signify the return of Gaza’s refugees to their original homes. For everyone’s information, if this were truly a march of those who were alive on May 14, 1948 marching on the fence, first there would not be 100,000 Gazans and second they would not be moving with sufficient force to destroy the fence as the youngest would be sixty-nine years old. This match has nothing to do with the fence, their supposed homes or anything else which the media will report; it is about attempting to force Israel to stop the human wave assault on its territory and in the process causing casualties amongst the presumably unarmed Gazans. It can be expected that most of those taking part in this protest will not necessarily be doing so voluntarily and further we can expect that some of those towards the rear will be from Hamas and Islamic Jihad carrying weapons to shoot those not showing the correct level of enthusiasm. Anybody being shot, whether in the front or the back will be blamed on Israel and much of the media will gladly go along with that story, especially any media reporting from Gaza where the outgoing stories are often edited and checked for validity according to Hamas. The last time a general assault was made on the Gaza security fence was Gaza December 29, 2017, where Israel responded with dispersal methods including tear gas grenades as shown in the image below. That was sufficient to prevent any further complications at that time, may things be even less traumatic with this coming threat.


Gaza Fence Mass Assault of December 29, 2017

Gaza Fence Mass Assault of December 29, 2017


The original hope by Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders was for there to be a reciprocal mass walking assault on the security barrier organized by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah in Judea and Samaria regions under PA rule. They ever envisioned Arab communities of Israeli Arabs to also stage walking assaults within Israel in order to press Israeli police and security forces to their limit or beyond. Any coordination between Fatah or the PA and Hamas was quite destroyed by the Tuesday March 13, 2018, assassination attempt of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in Gaza. Further, even before this killed any hopes of cooperation, the two sides could not even agree on a date for the protests. Where the PA and Fatah decided that the anniversary of Israel founding, May 14, would be the perfect date, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have their hearts set on March 30, which is the day on which many Israeli Arabs commemorate Land Day. With all hopes for joint cooperation, Hamas will likely continue with their plan for March 30, 2018, which is tomorrow.


The Gaza fence is relatively stout and may or may not be able to stave off and withhold the assault being made by the human wave (see image below). Then the Israeli security forces would be faced with a horrible situation, either permitting the assaulting crowds to pummel and roam through the area possibly assaulting Israeli citizens or use force to prevent these invaders from progressing any deeper into Israel. The aim of Hamas and Islamic Jihad is to have the Israeli security forces use force and cause a massive casualty event which they would use the pictures to splash across newscasts worldwide attempting to paint Israelis as vicious killers. The simple question one need ask is what if a neighboring nation with which your country had poor relations made a mass convergence on the border with the intent of trespass followed by mischief or worse, what would the response be by security forces from your nation? Would they allow them entry and pass out maps showing the best tourist spots to visit while they roamed the countryside or would they do whatever it took to round up the trespassers and return them from whence they came.


Gaza Separation Fence

Gaza Separation Fence


This is a real serious question we want my readers to actually consider. What does one call it when one-hundred-thousand people from a hostile foreign independent autonomous region with belligerent governance that has stated its intention to destroy your nation and everybody who believes as you do religiously from the entire planet, as Hamas has threatened Israel and the Jewish People, move on your border with stated hostile intent? In our book, we call this an invasion. According to International Law, every nation has the right to enforce their borders from foreign intrusion in the process of providing protection for their citizenry. This is the principle behind President Trump and his obsession for building a wall on the southern border. It is all about controlling who is permitted to cross the border. Hamas knows that Israel has the right to protect the border, with deadly force if required. They are counting on Israel having to use deadly force to prevent the mass of humanity from transgressing their border producing a mass casualty event to flood the world with pictures of dead Gazans with IDF soldiers standing over them. The soldiers and their commanders may be looking at the choice of giving Hamas their publicity or allowing thousands of people infiltrating their nation with untold numbers being terrorists.


Terrorists are the second part of this plan. If they are capable of transgressing the border, Israel can be guaranteed that a percentage of the marchers are terrorists who will have plans on carrying out acts of terror in the future and will be attempting to get as far as possible into Israel and breaking away from the group so as to remain in Israel. That is one reason why Israel will need to contain any breach of the Gaza border and not allow any permanent infiltrations. The same would be true of any nation facing such a border breach and even more so if their enemy had as a priority infiltration of agents and terrorists, both perpetrators and organizers. As in the image of the earlier attempt where far fewer than one-hundred-thousand persons moved on the border and were prevented by tear gas, this attempt may also be thwarted through a judicious use of tear gas. The real problem is that there is the possibility that when Israel fires tear gas canisters or grenades that Hamas will throw fragmentation grenades into the mix and claim that Israel fired them as part of the attempt to disperse the crowd. As the entire aspect of this exercise by Hamas and Islamic Jihad is to produce dead Gazans and they may not be particularly bothered by who is responsible just as long as there is any doubt and Israel can be made suspect, it is to be expected that the possibility of Hamas and Islamic Jihad producing said casualties while screaming about Israeli violence. Any such claims made against Israel resulting from such an invasion attempt by these terror entities should be rejected without evidence which leaves absolutely no doubt. Unfortunately, Israel will not be granted such generosity by the Europeans or the world media as Israel is pretty much their favorite whipping boy. The truth is we hope that this date passes without any incident and the Gazans find the power to resist their overlords and neither Hamas nor Islamic Jihad is successful in this effort. Perhaps the world should do the Gazans a great favor and either replace their corrupt terror masters with a responsible governance or allow them to relocate to somewhere they are able to start life anew. That is what a responsible world would do, what this world will do is beyond us.


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