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April 18, 2018

Various Thoughts of the Tunes of This Day


There are so many different and various things happening concerning Israel such that we decided we would just start writing and let if flow where it flows. Let us start with the idea that Israel is personally responsible for every and any genocidal conflict in the world. Israel must prevent Bashir al-Assad from wiping out his own people. Israel has to prevent Recep Tayyip Erdoğan from annihilating the Kurds, which would be nice if it would not involve the Russians. May we pile-on with the list and add the problems in Venezuela, the occupation of Tibet, the death hole that is North Korea, and every other place where peoples are suffering around the globe. These are the people who sprout the words from pouting lips speaking, “Tikkun Olam.” By this, they mean that Jews must, because of their tragic history and especially the Holocaust, the Shoah, the Jews must come to the rescue of every beleaguered people, and by the Jews, they mean Israel. Most of these Jews happen to live in places other than Israel, specifically the United States and Europe. These are Jews who often are at demonstrations for the Arabs claiming that the Israel they perceive is against everything they believe should be the core of Judaism. These people, as far as their belief system, are far closer to secular humanism and very far from Judaism.


The latest is the insistence, since the chemical attack in Syria, that Israel must end the carnage in Syria. Let us think this through, something we can be assured that these Americans and Europeans never bothered with following through. Syria is a meat grinder, on this we can all agree. Israel already treats anybody brought to their border at the Golan Heights. Israel has allowed each group to define what area they prefer to use and reached an agreement with everyone to respect these drop points. Israel provides free treatment to every person regardless of their status or other considerations and returns each to the exact place once healthy. Israel has provided these victims of the Syrian Civil War without charge with many being treated in the same place where we reside and our main BTC locations in Nahariya, at the Western Galilee Medical Center, which is the main hospital treatment center for much of the north of Israel (see image below). Some of these patients have required extreme care and long recuperation periods while others required long treatments for physical therapy and others were so badly injured they required multiple operations over months and then recuperation and other therapies. All of these have been provided at Israeli expense. This care has not been sufficient to please these preaching Tikkun Olam from afar. They demand that Israel also offer to allow thousands of Syria refugees to settle within Israel. Many of these people claim that such similar allowance would be the best solution to the Israel-Arab conflict. They claim if Israel would just allow for the Palestinians to have the State they demand with half of Jerusalem and allowed the few, five to eight-million, Arab Palestinian refugees to return to Israel everything would work out fine as Israel is a democracy and as such it solves all ills. They believe that an Israel with a majority population of Arab Palestinians would be safe due to democracy, and that once the Arabs form a ruling coalition without any Jews that the Jews would be safe and there would be no possibility of an Islamic State result. That is fine for these Americans and Europeans, but as Israelis, we have this demand that Israel survive as the Jewish State more than as a democracy where three wolves and two sheep decide on the menu.


Western Galilee Medical Center

Western Galilee Medical Center


But that is just the start of the craziness growing throughout the globe. There are those who feel the necessity to take their hatred of all things conservative, meaning all things Netanyahu and the ruling coalition in Israel which they cannot forgive for the sin of being capitalist instead of the perfect form of governance, social equality of communism, and claim that Israel has taken an insane amount of violence in their reaction to the perfectly innocent angels protesting with flowers in their hair peaceably in Gaza demanding that their lives be made better and their needs addressed by their occupying power, Israel and removing any blame for their situation from Hamas. Leading this insanity is none other than the socialist sweetheart of the far left, Bernie Sanders. His big claim is that disagreeing with Netanyahu does not make one anti-Semitic. He went into great depth about all the sins and gross negligence as well as the criminal actions at the Gaza border (see video below) in a long speech at the J-Street Conference. Senator Bernie Sanders believes that Israel is a blight to the planet and can only do harm because Israel does not follow his politics. He wants the United States to get fully involved in Syria and challenge al-Assad and his allies, Iran and Syria. This would bring the United States fully involved across the Middle East. Engaging with both feet and attempting to take charge of the entirety of the Syria conflict would cause the United States to be drawn into Iran as well and facing off Turkey preventing the genocidal assault against the entirety of the Kurdish population in Syria and likely following with Iraq and ending with the annihilation of the Kurds in Turkey leaving a mere remnant of this noble and ancient people.



The Kurds were promised a homeland just as were the Jews by the British and the British did all they could to prevent either population from attaining said statehood. The Jews declared their independence in 1948 and have fought numerous wars to protect their freedom. The Kurds made a mistake not declaring their independence after their decisive referendum declaring the desire for freedom and their own nation. The Kurds bent to the will of the United States State Department while the Jews went directly against the demands of the United States State department. What that says about the United States State department, we will leave that to our readers. The United States entering the conflagration which is Syria would result in the United States fighting in Iraq and then Iran and potentially facing off with Turkey and Russia. The worst consequence would be the obvious, World War III which might not require Russia as Iran easily could launch destructive nuclear attacks upon the United States including simple thermo-nuclear devices, EMP nuclear devices, Neutron Bombs, as well as chemical and biological weapons all easily delivered from their missile freighters or other Iranian ships, as told in this article, which are disguised as honest freight carrying ships and as such with their being flagged with licensing in various nations including Venezuela, Qatar, Nicaragua and even European licenses. How would one choose which ships to sink? We covered this more generally here. The final problem is how Putin might react to the United States playing in their flower garden which is Syria. That would promise to be potentially the greatest threat arising from a United States commitment to remove al-Assad.


The final item is the Palestinian Authority, which Mahmoud Abbas chose to use the PLO as the chair of his authority to speak, had doubled down on their demand that the United States can no longer be a guarantor of peace between Israel and anybody as Israel controls Trump. This is probably new to everybody in Trump’s Cabinet, both fired and newly hired, as it appears that at times even Trump does not control Trump. Still, the new threat from the PLO, which actually is logical, is that any peace plan which does not establish a second Arab state, unstated but obviously with Abbas at its head, is totally unacceptable as the Palestinian people in Jordan and the “West Bank” (Shomron), is a single people who must be granted two states. Only in the furtive insanity of Abbas does being one people mean they must have two nations. The interesting thing is the threat he made was that should any agreement not give the borders of the West Bank with half of Jerusalem as a Palestinian state, with him as King understood, will be rejected and if Jordan is involved in any way, the PLO will remove the Hashemite rulers of Jordan and then unite the Palestinian people of Jordan, along with those in the Palestinian Authority, into one nation under the rule of the PLO, placing him as King. This is the threat, they will not try to destroy Israel, they will destroy and conquer Jordan. What a wild deal is that. Well, we cannot say we have never seen this revolt before. We get a feeling that this outcome will be far more devastating than the September Surprise of 1970, Black September. There hopefully will come out of nowhere some alternative which most of the Shomron becomes Israeli natural borders. From there the migration will get assistance, if leaving now. Later such an offer will expire within one year. After that, any terrorist act from under your household, you leave, all of you. You are resident aliens under Israeli control. Do not look a gift-hoarse in the mouth.


Beyond the Cusp


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