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April 25, 2018

Only In Israel are Terrorists Considered Unarmed


United Nations Middle East Peace Envoy Nickolay Mladenov asked, “How does the killing of a child in #Gaza today help #peace? It doesn’t! It fuels anger and breeds more killing.” Well, apparently Nickolay Mladenov refers to Gazan teenagers who were likely flying Molotov cocktail bearing kites over Israel to loose aiming them to drop on farmlands, homes, civilian structures or IDF positions or one of a team manning the makeshift but potentially lethal catapults launching flaming balls over the border fence onto IDF positions to be unarmed, peaceful protesters seeking social justice. We are not surprised by such grandstanding and outright lies from any holding the position of United Nations Middle East Peace Envoy. We do wonder why somebody holding the title of United Nations Middle East Peace Envoy spends all their time demanding Israel surrender to every Arab demand while ignoring the minor slaughters going on in Yemen and Syria where hundreds are being slaughtered every day with some falling to chemical strikes killing numbers of women and children and other innocents who are not launching incendiary devices at anybody. Perhaps this might be because to attend to these human meat-grinders in Yemen and Syria as they do not provide nice five star Tel Aviv hotels on a pristine beach on the Mediterranean with five star restaurants and a great night life. Perhaps we should not fault somebody for preferring Israeli hospitality to investigating the killing in Yemen or staying in a hotel in Damascus or travelling to Douma to investigate the horrors of the aftermath of Bashir al-Assad’s butchery. Of course we have apparently forgotten that the United Nations could not care all that much about Arab on Arab brutality when there is one percent of the violence which involves Israel defending her border from masses promising to shred the border and rampage throughout the countryside to eat the livers and pluck out the hearts of Israelis. But the intents of these violent and riotous protests are completely peaceful and the Gazan protesters rallied on by Yahya Sinwar clearly espousing the murder of Israelis including civilians, as they are to continue on to Jerusalem while cutting a murderous swath across Israel.


Gazans Firing Makeshift Catapult

Gazans Firing Makeshift Catapult


We have an idea, a concept, for why United Nations Middle East Peace Envoy Nickolay Mladenov decided to take to Twitter and stir the pot for a simple and self-serving reason; the Gaza riots have been slowly winding down with less Gazans showing up each day and less showing every successive Friday afternoon, the time which Hamas has relied upon to carry the noise forward, he decided to give the rioters a rallying cry from Geneva (or Turtle Bay) and reaffirm that there are those on their side out in the world still watching and rooting for them. Without the rioting continuing, Nickolay Mladenov would start to feel useless as there might not be any further need or opportunities to blame Israel for the evils in the region. To claim that the United Nations is anti-Zionist, anti-Israel and potentially anti-Semitic, at least against Jews who are proud and support Israel, but not leftist Jews who are only cursory Jewish, only by birth, would be speaking the obvious. One need only examine the votes in the General Assembly when the Arab League or Arab Nations bring up a motion to condemn Israel and the vote most often results in over one-hundred condemning Israel, twenty to thirty-five abstaining and at best a dozen supporting Israel and use such as their measure. One might look to the United Nations Human Rights Commission which condemns Israel at ten times the rate as it does Syria, North Korea, Venezuela or other international hot spot of suffering. Research the recent decisions by UNESCO which has passed motions which could make one believe that no nation such as Israel even exists, and UNESCO likely would vote claiming it does not. We could move up and down the entire spectrum of United Nations committees, commissions, agencies and other institutions and one will find one after another which had done virtually everything in their power to declare Israel to be the nation causing the greatest harm to peace and tranquility in this world or the main cause of every disruption. We are only slightly short of surprised that Israel was not blamed for the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. Unfortunately, the United Nations is not the only body which defames Israel at almost every opportunity as the Arab League and European Union both give the United Nations a run for their money.


Now we can go to the good news. The Gaza rioting has lessened and has even been receiving less coverage within Israel. The reason for these riots has not changed which means that Israel can expect them to build over the final weekend leading up to the announcement of the moving of the United States embassy to Jerusalem. There will be any number of reasons given in the world media which mostly will not mention the moving of the United States embassy. They will claim that it is all about the Israeli occupation of Gaza. The problem is there is no occupation by Israel of Gaza as there are absolutely no IDF soldiers inside Gaza and no Jews inside Gaza and the ones who are causing the serious problems, crises and humanitarian presumed tragedies for the people within Gaza are all due to Hamas and Islamic Jihad using the materials allowed in for rebuilding Gaza to construct tunnels, bunkers and underground invasion points into Israel with some reaching into the civilian areas near Gaza before being detected as well as using all available funds preparing for their next rocket war with Israel which is not designed to defeat Israel but to drive the Israelis out as they wear them down with these assaults. Hamas has succeeded in making many people desire to leave the area at the first possible moment when they are able to escape, and those are the Gazans living in the horror of a terror state which cares more about using them as props in their world propaganda war on Israel and shields in their open warfare with Israel.


The Hamas governance in Gaza has little regard for the normal citizen residing under their rule which is evidenced by their not spending sufficient funds to provide them with electricity despite Israel already providing a large percentage of the electrical needs, but Israel is not connected to the entirety of Gaza or even Gaza City and thus many Gazans receive four to six hours of electricity per day. The Hamas government had not performed maintenance or repairs to their sewage treatment facility leading to raw sewage flowing through the streets when it overflows polluting the ground water making wells unpalatable. Hamas does provide full services and has some luxurious homes, hotels, shops, restaurant and a mall all reserved for the ranking members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the criminal gangs who run the smuggling tunnels from the Sinai Peninsula into Gaza while leaving the war ravaged areas in complete disrepair (see picture below). These areas which have been destroyed by the past wars are more often left with minimal if any repair and then are used in the next war to claim that Israel has destroyed far more than actually struck. After three wars with Israel, Hamas has areas which they can show reporters from the world media claiming that Israel has refused to give them the materials to repair, often leading to the United Nations and European Union and member nations demanding Israel allow tons more rebar, cement, concrete and other building materials in to permit the houses and apartment buildings to be rebuilt. Israel has allowed this aid in at least three times since the last war which lasted from July 8, 2014 to August 26, 2014 as well as since the previous wars, yet these buildings are still largely unrepaired but there has been much building of tunnels into Israel under the border fence (for dates in reverse chronological order, please see list at end of this article).


The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged

The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged


What do we need to take away from today’s article is easy and thankfully relatively brief. First is that Israel does not rule Gaza, does not police Gaza, does not have troops in Gaza, there are no Israelis in Gaza and despite the blockade, after inspection Israel still sends in as many as a thousand trucks of provisions per day which continued even during open conflict with Hamas such that the Gazans do not suffer more than absolutely unavoidable. Israel provides electricity, gas and water to Gaza despite their not paying for these provided services causing higher prices for Israelis for their electricity, gas and water. Simply stated, except when there is violence emanating from Gaza, Israel does as much as if not more than what any rational government would provide to relieve the suffering of Gazans. Hamas does their utmost to force Gazans into poverty and deny their own people basic services simply to fuel their war and terror efforts against Israel. There have been reports that if permitted to leave, some fifty percent of youth in Gaza, if they could leave, they would leave while more than 90 percent of Gaza Strip residents want to leave because of Hamas, Fatah spokesman Osama Qawassmeh said on Wednesday. Hamas is also attempting with their violent protests to breach the Israeli border and have masses of Gazans attempt to rush into Israel with intent to destroy and murder as much as they are able. The actual hope of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership is for these mobs to cause some extent of damage but for them to mostly end up shot and possibly killed by IDF soldiers protecting the border and preventing damage to property and injuries or worse to Israeli citizens. One might ask why the leadership would desire having large numbers of the people they presumably care about killed. That has an easy but painful reason, they desire pictures of Gazans shot dead to plaster across the world’s newspapers and television screens and to take to the United Nations and European government all in an effort to turn the world against Israel and whip up as much hatred for Israel and the IDF as possible. Israel has been utilizing riot controls such as water cannons and tear gas to disperse or prevent having Gazans breach the border. When the border fence is threatened, the IDF will initially use rubber bullets but should the border itself be threatened, then just as any nation defending itself from invasion, they shoot live ammunition. What is being done in Gaza is preparation for an assault upon Israel with the border being breached and sending as many people, mostly young adults and teenagers, military age men, through the fence with the intent on destruction and also as shields hiding armed terrorists with AK-47’s and bombs for causing as much massive damage as possible. This and maximizing casualties on both sides are the main intent and Israel is doing whatever is possible to prevent the border breach as that will save the most number of lives, both for Israel and the Gazan people. What Israel is doing are acts she has been forced and these are acts with the intent of defending Israel and hopefully preventing a situation where mass casualties are inflicted upon Gazan citizens despite the plans of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.


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