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May 17, 2018

How Does Israel Survive the Hatred?

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Oddly enough and contrary to what the media, experts, heads of such international organizations as the United Nations, European Union and all of their related agencies, and so many self-appointed know-it-alls, Israel has nothing to do with the hatred; it is not causing it nor curing it and definitely not bowing to those using it to make demands. The reason the hatred continues with such force and deep-throated volume is because there are so many who run with this hate using it as a weapon with which to destroy Israel. There are even those within Israel itself who fall sway of the demands of those who disguise their desire to destroy Israel behind their false concern for those whose hatreds are so obvious that Israel should properly ignore or even silence them. The ridiculousness of the collusion is that both sides prove their lack of good sense and we have the perfect example with a prediction. During the recent Gazan rioting, the one which the leftist mainstream media portrayed as “peaceful protests by hopeful youth of Gaza,” has created a small problem which the media, European Union, United Nations, related agencies, and the mainstream media will all describe as an Israeli problem which the Israelis must repair immediately and free of charge. You see, in their exuberance and determination to draw the attention of the world, these “peaceful protests by hopeful youth of Gaza” have made a slight mess when running around lighting tires on fire (see top image below), they managed to damage the gas pipe allowing the natural gas to spew forth and then they added to the display by setting it alight (see middle images below). They not only intentionally set the pipeline ablaze, they have burned down a number of offices and necessary structures through which humanitarian aid is delivered into Gaza. They also burned provisions and supplies which had been delivered through Israel as well as destroying the trucks and vehicles used to transport these items (see bottom image below). The rioters burned offices, buildings, and gas tanks, and damaged fences and gates at other crossings as well as faking injuries (see video below) and providing inflated numbers of injured. There is only one reason they have not attempted to provide hugely inflated numbers of dead is because deaths are registered and thus can be verified so in that count they inflate the numbers slightly as the differences can be attributed to errors or lost files but injuries only require the verification of the treating personnel who are paid by Hamas and live within the reach of Hamas with some even sympathizing with Hamas.


Arab Rioters Hurling Flaming Tires at Israeli Border Fence from Gaza

Arab Rioters Hurling Flaming Tires at Israeli Border Fence from Gaza



Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel

Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel



Rioters Ignite Provisions, Trailers, Electrical Infrastructure, Conveyor Belt used to Transferred Goods into Gaza

Rioters Ignite Provisions, Trailers, Electrical Infrastructure, Conveyor Belt used to Transferred Goods into Gaza




There have been planned riots on the Temple Mount because of the simple reality, that the Jordanian controlled Waqf, which was permitted permission to control the Islamic holy sites on the Temple Mount and have expanded their control to the entirety due to lack of push back by Israel, forces Israeli security to assist them in forcing the Jews from the Temple Mount instead of confronting the Muslim rioters. They use this to deny Israelis from ascending to the Temple Mount during major Jewish holidays by rioting which they start a week before the holidays and escalate the confrontation until the authorities simply ban Jews from ascending the Temple Mount at all. They continue these disruptions until days after the holiday assuring denying the Jews access to their own holy sites. They often use these riots for over a month around the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh HaShana (Jewish New Year), Yom Kippur (Jewish Day of Atonement) and through Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) as they run in close proximity (dates in 2018 are Sep 10, Sep 19 and Sep 24 through 30). This kind of reactions need be discarded as the preferred means of addressing these provocations. Israel is facing organized violence to deny Judaism and the Jews from observing simple rights which the rest of the world take for granted. Despite knowing what the objective the Arab violence targets, much of the world continues to demand that Israel bend to the will of the perpetrators of violence against her.


So, how does Israel survive the hatred coming from so many directions? The answer is simple to see, easy to understand but difficult to enact when the world pressures Israel so universally and with such spitefulness. Israel must change directions by a full hundred-eighty-degrees turnabout. The time has come for Israel to become assertive and protective of the rights of the Jews despite the distress which will be expressed by many around the world. The world will need to realize that the Jews are no longer their property to order around and deny even the most basic rights generously provided all other religions and peoples. When Arabs riot on the Temple Mount intending to prevent Jews from exercising the basic right of visiting their holy sites, especially during the holiest of holidays and celebrations, Israel must insist that the rioters be removed and prevented from returning if their intent is to cause problems. Israel is a democratic nation recognizing the rights of every religion and people to live according to basic human rights. Whenever anyone attempts to disturb and disrupt such rights of any Israelis, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, Bahá’í, Hindus and any other faiths or peoples, Israel must make protecting the exercising of these rights above the use of violence to prevent such. That is for every religion and that includes the Jewish people and their faith. We are not suggesting that Jews be granted special rights, just equal rights. The attempts by some Arabs to deny the Jews their basic rights cannot be accepted if anyone is to have such rights. The old saying, “What starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews,” is valid and will be the result for others should the Jews be denied the right to fully celebrate their faith.


The same must be done concerning the borders of Israel. The recent response to provocations from within Syria perpetrated by the Iranian Quds Force, a special part of the IRGC directed to destroy Israel and conquer Jerusalem, has shown some promise. The Israeli government forcefully stating and enforcing the concept that Israel can and will protect her people and borders from any confrontation which was made quite evident when the Quds force fired a series of rockets towards Israeli territory and Israel responded by targeting their armament stores and launching facilities, including many mobile rocket launchers (see video below), was the king of enforcement of the rights if an independent nation which need be applied uniformly within as well as outside of the borders. By making such strict abidance to the law and protection of everybody’s rights from Muslims to Christians to Jews and on to every group regardless of size as standard policy and procedure, Israel will establish order and remove a major cause and reason behind Muslims rioting. The idea is a simple concept, remove the desired result from an undesirable activity and that activity will wane and disappear.




Another problem which is hate-filled has been the activities by the Gazans under the leadership and guidance of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad plus the activities supported by the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and PLO out of areas of the Shomron. These hate-filled activities include rioting, firebombings, destruction of border crossing, damaging border enforcement equipment such as fencing and cameras, stabbings, shootings, vehicular rammings and other terror related actions and operations. Further is the Arab leadership continued payments of terrorists and their families proportional to the number of Israelis murdered and length of prison terms must be brought to an end by all means at the disposal of the Israeli government. This should include financial embargo taking all efforts to withhold all payments for which Israel has control and working to have foreign finances decreased by the amount of these payments in order to dissuade the Arab Palestinian governance from continuing such rewards. The “pay for slay” system must be brought down. Should the Arab Palestinian governance continue with such attempts to destroy Israel, then Israel need consider removing the leadership and returning them into exile as they were before the failed Oslo Accords brought their return. Such a move could permit elections for the first time since 2005 after which Abbas suspended elections blaming Israel every time the subject arose. Israel has no say in whether the Palestinian authority holds elections but Abbas does and he knows he would lose his position and he likes the corrupt system he heads as it rewards him financially. The kleptocracy run by Abbas in the Arab ruled areas of the Shomron and by Hamas in Gaza is what is causing so much suffering of the Arab people under their control. Israel should end this and the world should back such a move.


Why does the world continue to support the dictatorial actions of Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leadership? That is an easy question to answer, they promise to destroy Israel just as many European leaders desire. This is why the European Union and many European leaders exploded with anger to President Trump cutting aid money to the Palestinian Authority and to UNRWA exposing their violations of agreements and refusal to support peace efforts while educating their children with anti-Semitic educational material and training them to continue the war to destroy Israel. There has been some movement away from supporting the illicit governance which not only threatens Israel but steals funds and freedoms from their own people and has insisted that the only peace they will accept is the same demand made since 1948, the removal of any form of self-rule for the Jews and placing their lives in the hands of their Arab betters. The entire negotiations from Yasser Arafat through to today has been the continuation of the Arab League insistence since the San Remo conference set up the provisions for the establishment of a Jewish State in 1922, their demand has been that the Jews have no right to any land in the Middle East because there has never been a Jewish State in the Middle East since the beginning of time. What the world need understand is that time began when Mohammad received his visions in Mecca in 610 A.D. and nothing before that ever really existed. Further, there is but one truth in the world and that is the Quran, according to the Arab League and the Arab Palestinian leadership. To them the Jews all came from Europe, Russia and the United States, even the ones evicted from the Arab states across the Middle East and North Africa. It is interesting that Arab States evicted Jews who went to Israel and once there, according to the Arabs, became Europeans. Now that is some interesting magic. The other concept the Arabs believe will allow them victory is that they are a desert people with patience to out-wait the Jews. There is a problem with their premise, the Jews are also a desert people and one which waited over two-thousand years to return and rule their homelands once again. So they will outwait the Jews, very interesting, as the Jews have proven to be the most stubborn and patient of people who have ever existed. Israel does need to lose a little of our desert patience and begin to use forces at her disposal and end the farce that is the Arab war on Israel.


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