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May 20, 2018

Israel Chooses to Retain Freedom and Liberty

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There has been a small-scale level of discontent on the Gaza border with Israel for the past month or so. This small-scale level of discontent on the Gaza side was covered by the mainstream media in much of the developed world as families coming together to have a picnic, men joining together for daily prayer, youth playing pick-up games of soccer and numerous other innocent activities. Sure, they admitted, there were some who were protesting just like you would expect with speeches, signs, some yelling and burning tires and that was about as strenuous as the activities on the border reached. Then they covered the Israeli side of the border where they brought up water-cannons, teargas launchers, rubber-bullets and live-fire of real bullets. The Israelis escalated their actions each day with them killing Gazans in some numbers and injuring thousands upon thousands. There was no real reason for the Israeli actions, well, if you read the stories in the New York Times and listened to CNN or the BBC as well as far too many others reporting on the activities, even some on Fox such as our not so favorite Geraldo Rivera, or as we like to call him, the mustache that never found the truth.


So, why are we upset and what is it we, living here in Israel, believe happened and is the history which is behind everything. Let’s look at the history and see if the Gazans have any accurate and real complaint against Israel. Way back in ancient history when George W. Bush was President of the United States and Condoleezza Rice was Secretary of State, they proposed a solution which was unique and untried to give the Arab Palestinians the opportunity to prove their untapped ability to build a prosperous and functional area completely under their own governance. They told Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that if things turned out poorly and any Arab violence ensued, then Israel could simply retake Gaza and things could return to as they were before the Gaza giveaway. So, in August and early September of 2005 the IDF forced every Israeli residing in Gaza to leave their communities, reinterred every Jewish grave as even the buried Jews would have been dug up and their bodies burned and otherwise subjected to forms of desecration. The greenhouses were left intact for the Arabs to have a ready to operate business but the rest was destroyed so as to remove any chance for the Arabs to make a spectacle burning down the Jewish structures. Every military structure was disassembled and all the soldiers and equipment taken across the border into Israel. A total of eight-thousand Jewish settlers from all twenty-one settlements from Gaza were relocated. The disengagement proved to be an extremely emotional experience as one might expect from losing your entire community, your home, workplace, synagogue and everything you have known and watching it be destroyed (see image below). Still, Israel did as the United States insisted in order to give the Arabs a chance to make an example of what their society could produce with the presumed intention of a normative and functional economically healthy society given the slightest chance.


Emotion and Grief of Israelis being Dispossessed as part of Gaza Disengagement by Israel to Give the Arabs a Chance

Emotion and Grief of Israelis being Dispossessed as part of
Gaza Disengagement by Israel to Give the Arabs a Chance


So, what was the reason for the Gazan protests where burning tires were rolled at the border fence, Molotov cocktails were thrown across the border, incendiary devices were attached to kites and flown to drop on Israeli wheat fields burning a number of them completely, rocks were thrown using slings for added distance plus force, attempts were made to cut holes in the border fence, explosive devices were placed along the border fence, border monitoring equipment were destroyed, numbers of people attempted to rush the fence to break through and rifles were used to shoot at IDF positions all as part of that reportedly peaceful gatherings. Well, they were protesting the Israeli occupation of Gaza. What Israeli occupation of Gaza were they protesting? Israel left Gaza completely leaving their borders with Egypt initially monitored for almost six weeks by European Union monitors who fled and then Egypt was left to open or close as they desired with Gaza. There was initially no blockade of Gaza and their fishing fleets were permitted free range as long as they did not fish in Israeli shoreline. Israel placed the blockade into place in June 2007, in response to the takeover of Gaza by Hamas, a terrorist group sworn to destroy Israel and murder every Jew in the world. There is no Israel occupation of Gaza. That does not matter as they were protesting the Israeli occupation of Israel because their leaders claim that Israel belongs to them and the Jews all need to be slaughtered. The protests and rioting were intended and are continuing with the intent of breaching the Israel border fence and streaming thousands of armed Arabs into Israel with the intent on destroying property and murdering everybody they can find. These are the demonstrators which Israel has been accused of treating poorly and advised to greet them with pizza and flowers and then they will sit with Israel and be reasonable. These violent and threatening protests will continue for as long as the rest of the world insists on blaming Israel as that serves the requirements of Hamas. What the world should be decrying is the waste of the lives of Gazans in the name of the destruction of Israel.


Gaza Border with Peaceful Rioting

Gaza Border with Peaceful Rioting


The concept for Gaza was for the Arabs to show the world their idea of a perfect and functional society. What you are witnessing is the idea in Gaza of what makes a perfect and functional society. Their ideal society is hell-bent on the destruction of an actual normal and successful society known as Israel. They have already announced what their intent will be once the world gives them Israel, something which will never be permitted by Israel itself. Their next intent is to invade and destroy all of Europe and murdering all the Jews and the vast majority of others who are not Muslim unless they convert, and even if they convert, many will still be slaughtered. After Europe, including Europe, their intent is to jump the Atlantic and perform their usual actions in the United States and Canada. Their final hope is that Hamas will rule the world and they will have slaughtered everyone they feel is not sufficiently Islamic. This means that currently, on the Gaza border, Israel is defending the world from Hamas. Don’t take our word for it, take theirs. They claim to have theoretically produced a new and softer document of intent, not actually a replacement of their charter, but a document which is pure taqiyya intended to soften the world’s view of them as terrorists so they can become eligible for aid. We expect that Europe will jump at this fantastic opportunity as they are surrendering to the fact that Mahmoud Abbas will never destroy Israel and actually cooperates with Israel just enough such that Israel guards him and protects him from Hamas and other more radical groups who desire replacing Abbas. Hamas still has the energy which Europe believes would be required to destroy Israel, the desired result Europe has half-heartedly pursued since they actually agreed to allow the Jews to return to their ancestral home in 1922 at San Remo. The European leaders mostly did not believe the Jews would ever desire to leave European rule and go to live in the desert where they would most definitely die of starvation. Something was wrong with their plan, it included Europeans continuing to permit Jews to live and not round them up and ship them off to death camps.


Here is the reality, uncoated and straight. The Arab world would love to destroy Israel and kill the Jews. This is due to the Hadiths, in particular, Hadith Sahih Muslim (41:6985) Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews. This particular Hadith pleased the founders of Hamas to such an extent that they included it in their Hamas Charter. The presumed new “love” that the Arab world, Saudi Arabia in particular, are feeling for Israel is not due to their turning over a new leaf, it is due directly in response to a old threat with newly provided power called Iran. Iran and Saudi Arabia both believe that they should be the rulers and leaders of the Islamic World. The Saudi Arabian leaders believe that the Islamic World should be nice and uniformly Sunni Muslims. The Iranian leaders believe that the Islamic World should be nice and uniformly Shiite Muslims. Currently the Islamic World is eighty-eight percent Sunni Muslim, twelve percent Shiite Muslims with a small fraction well less than one percent other minor sects.


Such a near total majority of Islam being Sunni does not bother Iran in the slightest for they realize that within Islam the vast majority will be influenced by a simple concept that they would follow the stronger horse. Currently Saudi Arabia gets to declare themselves that horse due to their wealth and the fact that they rule over the Two Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. Iran has these two cities plus the Saudi Arabian oil fields within their sights. This is where the idea and coming reality of a Shiite Crescent comes into play (see map below). The star in the crescent covers the location of Mecca and Medina. Iran has hope that in the near future they will have the military power necessary to take the northeastern area of Saudi Arabia where the majority of the Saudi Arabian Shiite population resides along with the majority of oil fields. Then, on the other front with forces possibly launching across Jordan and turning to rush the Red Sea coast of the Saudi Peninsula from the north, a second pincher could rush up the Red Sea coast of the Saudi Peninsula from out of Yemen heading north. Should Iran succeed, they would have a strong oil economy having usurped the Saudi Arabian fields and probably also those of Kuwait and also have become the keepers of the Two Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. With such a coup of the Islamic World, Iran would appear as the strongest horse and this could lead to vast numbers of Sunni Muslims converting into Shiite Muslims. They would not even be required to change their Mosque other than changing any reference to Sunni Islam into a reference to Shiite Islam and their Imam would also be required to adopt Shiite Islam or face being replaced, and possibly in a less than gentle means. We cannot conclusively state this is the Iranian intent, but it stands sufficient that the Saudi Arabian leaders believe this which works temporarily to the favor of Israel. If Iran were to succeed at such a coup, then Israel would simply be facing a new leader of the same problem, nothing else.


Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran

Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran


Iran is a world problem as their intents extend into the far future and follow the belief that Islam is destined to rule the entire world, as Allah will favor them in such an effort. This belief is central to both Sunni and Shiite Islam so whichever is dominant makes little difference. The problem Israel faces as immediate is the rioting on the Gaza border. This is a serious problem and a difficulty one because the western media is covering the story dishonestly. This allows for their leaders to use the misinformation being disseminated to the public as their means to the end of opposing Israel. What is almost unbelievable is that these same governments actively use the inventions and discoveries which Israel produces while feeding the monsters on the Israeli border. The reality that even if there were no Israel, Syria would still be in the throws of a civil war, Libya would still not have real governance, Yemen would still be in a civil war, Iran would still be threatening the Middle East with further wars and Europe would still be facing a potential Islamic uprising to take over and end democratic rule replacing it with totalitarian Sharia. For those who will claim that Iran has an elected parliament, we would like to remind them that the Guardian Council chooses from all the potential candidates which are acceptable and permitted to actually run and be elected. This is a limit which removes the open election concept of democracies where the people alone determine who will represent them, there is no supervising group which determines their choices and then allows voting to choose from amongst those they approved. Europe is hurtling towards a confrontation in which they will either retain their current governance or they will join the rest of the Islamic World resulting in an end to their democratic way of life. When the people realize what is rapidly coming their way, their politicians will have much for which to answer. In the meantime, Israel has already chosen and refuses to lose their freedoms and liberties which come with their democratic governance. The Gaza rioting desires to contradict and end that choice and that is why Israel resists. Europeans may choose to surrender which will be perfectly in accordance with Islam, Israel chooses not to submit, thank you.


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