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May 24, 2018

Gaza Borders and the Reality of Human Rights

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The United Nations Human Rights Council recently decided to investigate the events concerning the Israeli reaction to the peaceful protests on the Gaza border. There was not even consideration of investigating the violence and attempts to destroy property and swarm the border in order to murder Israelis by the masses Hamas has encouraged to perpetrate these violences along the Israeli border. Let us consider the vote by nations where twenty-nine voted in favor, two voted to oppose and fourteen abstained from voting with two nations not voting (see image below). The nations voting in favor were Afghanistan, Angola, Belgium, Brazil, Burundi, Chile, China, Cote d’Ivorie, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela. The two who voted against were Australia and the United States. Those abstaining were Croatia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Kenya, Panama, Republic of (South) Korea, Rwanda, Slovakia, Switzerland, Togo and Great Britain. The two nations not voting were Mongolia and the Ukraine. Reading the names of those voting to investigate Israel, most were either Islamic or dictatorial nations with a few whose own human rights actions are of questionable respectability. Those who abstained or voted with Israel were almost all democratic nations whose people enjoy maximum rights and have excellent human rights records. All in all, this vote could be said to be more revealing of the voting than it was of Israel. Let us look into the situation more deeply together.


UNHRC Gaza Vote to Investigate Israeli Actions of Self-Defense

UNHRC Gaza Vote to Investigate Israeli Actions of Self-Defense


The first item one need consider is what exactly are the driving realities behind the Gaza-Israeli border and the conditions within Gaza. One claim heard is that Israel is responsible for providing electricity, water, gas, and all other goods as the occupying power. Every one of these items is false and anything Israel permits to enter Gaza is a gift granted solely because Israel actually cares more for the people of Gaza than does their government. Yes, Gaza has a government, presumably has utilities and is actually responsible for providing for the people of Gaza. The Gazans elected Hamas to be their governing body. The border between Israel and Gaza is an international border. The electrical shortage in Gaza is not due to Israel reducing the amount of electricity crossing the border, it is because the Palestinian Authority, in an attempt to press Gazans into turning against Hamas and allowing the Palestinian Authority to regain control over Gaza, cut funds which prevented Hamas from purchasing fuel oil for their electrical generating plant. The recent interruption of natural gas provided to many Gazans is due to the rioters on the border setting the pipeline on fire after rupturing the pipeline while also destroying the crossing used by Israel to provide aid to Gaza (see image below). The destruction of the crossing also made the import of goods to come to a halt. These were very likely actions which were planned by Hamas as they continuously tell their people that their problems are all because Israel exists and if they could just destroy Israel they would all live the good life which Israelis live. What the world does not bother to note is that the electricity, water and other utilities, which Israel provides for Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, are seldom paid for and this causes prices for Israel to be higher leading to difficulties for many Israelis. Some Israelis go without airconditioning during the summer and set their heaters at a lower temperature and wear heavy sweaters inside just to make their electricity and gas bills more affordable. The sewage treatment plants in Gaza are left in disrepair despite Gaza being provided with the required piping and cement to repair these systems repeatedly but these items are misappropriated for building infiltration tunnels and bunkers rather than repair of these plants.


Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel

Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel


There have been no schools or hospitals built in Gaza and numerous apartment buildings remain destroyed and not replaced simply because Gaza places a higher importance on their tunnels and bunkers and less on providing for their citizens. Should Israel be providing the construction of new hospitals, new schools and repairing apartment buildings destroyed when destroying rocket launching pads from the past wars? At this point, allow us to restate that the Gaza border is an international border with the same legal restrictions and implications as the border between any two nations, in this case adversarial nations where one, Gaza, has sworn itself to the destruction of the other, Israel. Also, there is another such border between Egypt and Gaza and there have not been as many demonstrations along the Gaza Egypt border and Egypt has kept that border completely closed to all traffic almost continuously for years. Israel has sent trucks with supplies, tractor-trailer trucks, recently with medical aid considered to be in short supply and desperately required in Gaza and Hamas refused the aid. Additionally, the normal aid convoys were interrupted as the crossing was destroyed by Hamas activities causing Israel thirty-million shekels, eight and one-third-million dollars in repair costs. We found an interesting video on Haaretz, an Israeli strongly left-leaning news source, which gave time to all sides making their points both supporting Israel and blaming Israel that we decided to include despite some ideas with which we have some issues with their presentation of their facts.



Back to the ideas, we would like to press about these confrontations, and they are not protests and no longer rioting but an actual military confrontation with Hamas using their own population as cover for military attacks. In the past week, anybody keeping abreast have realized that Hamas has made announcement which, to say the least, have been contradictory. One set of spokespeople have claimed they have demanded that their citizens not approach the border fence while others have told them to bring wire and bolt cutters to make a breach in the fence, and others have stated the Gazans should breach the border and swarm across into Israel forcing a direct confrontation with the IDF and if able to get beyond into Israel to, with the words of Hamas leader Sinwar, they would “eat the livers of those besieging” them. He had previously told the Gazans that their boys would “tear out their hearts from their bodies.” (see video below) These are the hopes and aims of the man who rules Gaza and heads Hamas and was the one who called for this attempt to infiltrate Israel. This was his declaration of war and there are Gazans who are now angered because they saw no gains from the price the people paid. They expected something greater and had real reasons to actually expect results, as we will discuss next.



Sinwar had promised that the border would be erased, the blockade would come down and they would be swarming into Israel murdering Israelis, taking their lands, their goods, their treasure and returning to their presumed properties while gaining everything the Israelis have and assuming their way of life as if even had the Gazans sent every Israeli Jew leaving Israel, they could not continue to have the same standard of living that the Israelis live and have established. They had been given the idea that they were certainly going to completely swarm through large areas of destroyed border fence and were provided maps with the fastest routes to the closest Israeli population centers, towns, kibbutzim and cities also denoting the places where the border fence was to be breached (see image below). Remember, this border fence denotes and international border between Israel and Gaza. Israel does not rule Gaza, has no actual effect on the Gaza economy, and Israel is not by any means stealing virtually all building materials to build terror infiltration tunnels and underground bunkers for Hamas operatives and terrorists only and denied to the Gazan population when Hamas makes active war firing rockets into Israel as in the three Gaza-Israel wars. The infrastructure in Gaza is in disrepair and all provisions for repair have been used for tunnels and bunkers. So there was no border breach and they are not going to conquer Israel slaughtering the Jews as promised. The blockade, a legal blockade approved by the United Nations as Hamas is a terror organization and Gaza is considered a terror state and thus can be prevented from having the right to freely importing weapons and large weapons systems. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have still received advanced rockets and missiles with better accuracy, longer ranges and heavier payloads to have gone from rockets with a five to ten kilometer range and one to five kilogram payload to today having missiles which can reach Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa with one-hundred and even, it is believed, larger payloads. These additional abilities have been provided largely by Iran which is also sworn to destroy Israel as well as the United States. These are some of the realities which Israel has to face and make decisions, and find some means by restricting the damage to civilians and try to prevent innocent deaths. Hamas, on the other side, wishes to maximize the numbers of innocent deaths to parade before the world which is all but salivating to denounce Israel for not simply rolling over and being killed. So, how does Israel handle these challenges?


Hamas Maps Showing Closest Israeli Communities and Directions to use in Potential Attacks

Hamas Maps Showing Closest Israeli Communities and Directions to use in Potential Attacks


During the wars with Hamas, Israel would drop leaflets warning civilians of coming attacks, made thousands of phone calls warning of coming attacks and did all they could to warn the civilians even of the time and direction from which IDF troops would approach. I hear the gasp and the question as to would that not also warn the terrorists? Well, of course it would, but Israel believed that this was a small price to pay if it prevented innocent people being killed. When the Israelis sent aircraft to strike a rocket-launching site they would either have the pilot send images of the target site back to Command or a drone would be sent beforehand and send back images to Command and then officers including human rights expert lawyers would decide if the attack would be safe and not risk innocent life to the best of their ability to determine. If it appeared safe, then the attack would be authorized and when a drone was present they could call off the attack should civilians appear close to the target. I hear the question; would this not cause Hamas to use such rules to prevent Israeli airstrikes? Well, Hamas left a large number of women and children on the roof of the buildings they were using for command and control and they placed their central command bunker in the basement of the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City (see image below). Another question is always would this not permit Hamas to set up an ambush for IDF infantry when they know their route of approach? Well, they did and it resulted in a multi-hour battle which all but destroyed the neighborhood and led to what was claimed a great number of innocent deaths which subsequently were proven to be terrorists from the actual battle and thus legal targets. What Hamas does when one of their fighters is killed, they take away their weapons and remove any headdress or other signs that they belong to Hamas and then claim that they are civilians. What is the worst of all possible results is that by having their main command center in the Al-Shifa Hospital, Hamas has made the hospital into a legal military target and thus making it a legal target as it houses a military installation which is why placing any military use inside a hospital is considered illegal and a war crime. Terror groups really could not care less about committing war crimes as such is part and parcel of their day-to-day operations.


Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital

Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital


Hamas has even made claims that Israel struck with missile fire the Al-Shifa Hospital and the Shati Refugee Camp. Their claim ran into a problem as Israeli Iron Dome tracking systems had tracked the four rockets fired from a mobile launcher. The tracking showed their striking the Al-Shifa Hospital and the Shati Refugee Camp with the remaining two rockets heading for Ashkelon in Israel, which was intercepted, and off into the Mediterranean Sea. For the map showing the tracing use this link. Of course, by the time Israel went through their logs and found the proof that the rockets striking these locations were actually misfires by Hamas themselves came days later after the world and the media had dragged Israel over the coals and through the mud. That is another item Hamas relies on which is best represented by the quote of Sir Winston Churchill stating, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” This is even worse today as those lies now get around the world almost countless times, are discussed repeatedly, condemnations made and considered complete and all responsibilities assigned with the United Nations and its agencies already performing several investigations before the truth even finds its pants. From Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, Act 2, Scene 2, states, “truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man’s son may, but at the length truth will out.” From this we get the phrase “Truth will out,” meaning that with time the truth will win and become known. This no longer applies as once social media decides an issue, and they jump so quickly even rivalling the speed of light, their initial conclusion never dies without long and tedious explanations as to how the truth was proven, and on social media anything longer than two-hundred-eighty characters is just too long to read and such a pain. Well, that is Twitter’s idea of limit to speech. With the media in so many forms so eager to prove that Israel is such a horrible and corrupt entity, the truth will out but so many just do not care. That is the reality and eventually it will cost the world a great debt which will eventually come due, they almost always do.


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