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May 31, 2018

The European Union Condemned Hamas


That’s the truth, the European Union actually condemned Hamas and Islamic Jihad for launching mortars and rockets at Israel unprovoked. But wait, it does not stop there. The European Union said nothing about the Israel strikes on Hamas and Islamic Jihad bases, weapons stores and rocket manufacturing factories. Could it be that the Europeans are awakening to reality? Well, we will hold out hope but realize it is best to wait and observe their actions in the future. Europe has been a bit of an enigma when it comes to Israel. There are some nations which can be counted on to support every United Nations’ and its agencies’ condemnations of Israel and setting up presumed neutral investigatory bodies to make sure the Jews are not protecting themselves too well. But this time, thus far, over eighty mortars and rockets were fired into Israel largely targeting civilian structures starting with a kindergarten and working their way around the areas close to Gaza. The results were a number of shaken people requiring administrating of counselling and other stress relieving therapies and three soldiers were injured in one strike with one remaining hospitalized as of this writing. The kindergarten was but five minutes before the children arrived for the day. Had the mortar shell been launched just a few moments later, the casualties would have been horrific. Still, this shell did injure one person who was tending the kindergarten. Hamas launched over eighty rockets and mortars in total and we will need to see what happens today. That brings us to the central question, how will Israel respond if Hamas and Islamic Jihad escalate or even simply continue shelling the Israeli southern regions. You simply know that the world is simply holding their breath hoping Israel simply allows the terrorists free firing line into Israel and not respond with force.


This is the question on much of the world’s lips which they dare not utter as doing so just might be all it takes to give Israel the go-ahead to respond with the full force with which she is capable. Perhaps the European Union condemned Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the hope that their rebuke would be sufficient to force them to reconsider escalating the situation. That would be a foolish concept as whether Hamas and Islamic Jihad escalate the situation forcing the hands of Israel has already been determined; the only question is how much provocation will be required to force the hand of the Israelis who make these choices. There is one way they can force the situation making things beyond any level of acceptability for Israel. Such a threshold is launching rockets into and striking Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, Peta Tikva, Jerusalem or anywhere in this central region of Israel. Show an intent to strike Israel in the areas where the majority of everyone and everything is located and reap the consequences. This is not to claim that the areas bordering Gaza are of lesser importance as Israel values every life as sacred. Should Hamas or Islamic Jihad strike with such ferocity as to endanger the areas bordering Gaza, the most vulnerable areas to such attacks due to their close proximity to the launch sites, then Israel would have little alternative than to take out the launch sites and vehicles. Israel Defense Force (IDF) have the technology to locate such locations and vehicles even should they be underground or camouflaged or otherwise hidden and still strike them and put them out of action, just ask Syria or the Iranian forces operating from Syria. But is simply striking at the launchers and storage areas an actual deterrence or just a minor aggravation requiring some additional assistance from Iran? There is where the problem arises, how to strike Hamas and Islamic Jihad and make such strikes an actual deterrence.


Past experience has shown that striking the launch sites and vehicles often results in damaging civilian structures, more often than not, apartments and places where working people and the less well off reside. These apartment blocks are seldom if ever rebuilt and the people struggle to find decent shelter or a new permanent residence. Even should they procure a new apartment, they know that sooner or later Hamas or Islamic Jihad will place a rocket launcher on the roof of their new apartment building and that will be the end of that building. Hamas does not rebuild these apartment because as long as they are partially destroyed, they make a great place for hiding launchers plus the Europeans and United Nations will insist Israel allow sufficient cement and building materials to be passed into Gaza to rebuild them. These supplies are then used to construct underground bunkers for Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership to hide and be safe while the population is left above ground and vulnerable. This is planned so as to maximize the numbers of Gazans injured or killed so they can be shown to the media. These building materials are also used to build tunnels with which to infiltrate Israel. Then, with each war with Israel, Hamas and Islamic Jihad can use the same destroyed buildings as proof that Israel is acting in a monstrous manner when the reality is many of the buildings were destroyed in previous wars. Leaving everything as rubble and partially destroyed, then Israel is claimed to have destroyed them again and again every time such is required to make the world angry with Israel and back Hamas and their fellow terrorists.


The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged

The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged


We have a different idea on how to get the attention, the full attention, of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Israel could simply bomb their homes instead of the unfortunate Gazans homes. Strike the launchers and weapons storage areas with the least amount of explosive needed and use large and devastating bombs and rockets to destroy the leadership of the terrorists’ homes. Should that prove insufficient, then destroy their nice malls and shopping areas, destroy their movie theaters, their fine hotels, their fancy restaurants, everything the rich and terrorist allied actually use and desire and then see if they are ready to stop. Should such as this prove insufficient, then send in a single commando unit with one target, the supreme command bunker located under the Al-Shifa Hospital. Decapitate the terrorist command and if this proves to be insufficient, repeat as needed. Taking out all that makes the leaderships’ lives pleasant and comfortable should get the massage across. Should such as these steps prove insufficient, then there is but one other option; completely cleanse the entirety of Gaza of every known terrorist and terror sympathizer.


Even if doing so reduces the population of Gaza by eighty or more percent, just do that which is required and allow the world to scream. The remaining population would be placed on a trial basis for ruling themselves while under general Israeli law. Anyone found with any connection with a act of terrorism will know that they and their entire family will be deported into the Sinai Peninsula. Any Gazan wishing to live in the Sinai Peninsula rather than under Israeli rule will be welcomed to do so. It might even be that Israel will provide a financial incentive to leave and resettle elsewhere. Gaza would be reincorporated into Israel and Jews wishing to reside in the area would be welcome as there will be many homes likely to become available providing not all were destroyed. The world will scream but Israel should simply ignore the random noise and pretend that they simply have a bad connection and the noise will die out with time. Perhaps a similar action should be carried out in the Shomron if it proves effective for making Gaza into a pleasant and quiet place to live after the troublesome terrorists are weeded out. This might even work to incorporate all of Israel into a single entity with only the people who wish to reside under Israeli law remaining even if the remainder, after the terrorists have been rooted out, take a severance payment to cover their properties and a bonus to assist them in their new location. Once all is said and done, such a plan would benefit all who remained and those who took payments are likely to also find their happiness, but the world will howl for at least a year. Imagine not being able to shop in Paris for a whole year, could the rich and famous stand it.


Beyond the Cusp


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