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June 5, 2018

Time to Stop Playing the Hamas Game


Before getting to the heart of this matter, there have been a number of developments on the European front concerning Israel and her security which bear noting as they do have an effect on what Israel need do concerning the current Gaza War. The first comes from an article in Der Spiegel where NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced that NATO will not support Israel in the event that Iran decides to attack the Jewish State. He went on to point out that, NATO has no interest in involving itself in conflicts in the Middle East. Despite the fact that Israel has formed a partnership with NATO in 1994, though she is not a full member, apparently Europe, as usual, has decided that Israel being threatened with annihilation is none of their concern. The European members of NATO, Turkey included, apparently are still in their final solution mindset. At the very least, Stoltenberg did note that the Iran Nuclear Deal was in dire jeopardy, something he appeared concerned over. It is nice to realize there are things about which he actually does care. Finally, Stoltenberg appeared somewhat anxious over Iran funding terrorism which he believes contributes to the “instability” in the region.


Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) has not changed their stripes as they are protesting an internal Israeli matter. The EU has demanded that Israel refrain from the demolition of an illegal outpost put up in direct violation of all building codes and licensing requirements by a Bedouin group smack in the middle of land of a planned Israeli project. This is the same EU which builds ramshackle structures which nobody will ever reside within as they have no electricity, running water, sewage or roads yet the EU places stickers claiming the structures are Palestinian housing built by the EU and they then deplore Israel destroying these structures built in Area C, the Area Israel has complete control and the Palestinian Authority (PA) is forbidden from building within. The EU response is that nobody said that they did not have the right to build for the PA in Area C. The EU also appears to believe that they do not need building license or governmental permission or any other formality as they have the right to do as they please within Israel. Our conclusion is that Europe has declared that they owe Israel nothing and that Israel, in turn, owes them complete freedom to walk over Israel whenever they so desire. We believe that Israel should simply proceed with whatever they desire and simply ignore Europe relegating them to the dustbin of history, a direction they are taking themselves with great alacrity and without anybody else lifting a finger.


Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs

Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs


The Gaza War has escalated with the launching of over one-hundred rockets and 107 mm mortars over the past week. The rioting and attempts to breach the border continue apace. The only thing standing between the Gazans murderous attempts and Israeli civilian safety has been a combination of the staunch defense provided by the IDF and a fair amount of luck. Fortunately, thusfar the Iron Dome has operated nearly perfectly and has contributed to the safety of the Israelis near the border. Unfortunately, even the wonder of Israeli technical abilities has proven not as effective against the rocket and mortar fire closest to the border where a fair number of Israeli communities and kibbutzim reside. One need only glance at the map below to realize how fortunate Israelis have been that so few have been injured or killed, though three IDF soldiers were wounded with one requiring hospitalization, that soldiers condition is unknown to us at this time, and also a Kindergarten was struck with the building and other surrounding buildings being pot marked from shrapnel a mere five to ten minutes before the children were expected to start arriving and would have been playing in the yard. The rocket and mortar fire has been concentrated largely at the times when Israelis are heading to work and school with the obvious attempt to catch the maximum numbers in vulnerable conditions so as to inflict the most possible civilian casualties.


Area in Israel Struck by Gazan Hamas and Islamic Jihad Rocket and Mortar Fire

Area in Israel Struck by Gazan Hamas and Islamic Jihad Rocket and Mortar Fire


This has become a war, declared or not. The Israeli people were promised by their political leadership that such would no longer be tolerated from any direction when attacks came and that in particular should an offensive be launched from Gaza or in the Shomron by the PA that such would be dealt with by sweeping the area clean of all terrorists and other responsible parties. The political heads promised there would be zero tolerance and that any escalations would result in the threat being terminated once and for all. There has been no fulfillment of that promise, something we expected and are not surprised but still feel let down and lied to. I know, they are politicians and that is their number one function, to promise everything and deliver nothing. When it comes to Gaza and Hamas, it is imperative that this end. When Israel withdrew from all of Gaza, the promise given by the Bush administration was that should things go south, then Israel could simply sweep in and retake Gaza removing all terrorist presence. Well, simply place that in the political promises broken file, a file that is filling fast. So, what should be done concerning Gaza and the terror threat which has grown from small rockets with a five-kilogram explosive charge and five-kilometer range to its present known ability to fire missiles, guided missiles and not merely hit or miss rockets, with a range of one-hundred-sixty-kilometer, if not more, and an explosive charge of one-hundred-forty-four-kilograms, if not more. That is far more than a simple twenty-fold increase in one decade but also guidance systems on their larger payloads which easily reach Tel Aviv and even Jerusalem and Haifa (see map and images below). Hamas, with Iranian assistance has taken what was a nuisance and transformed it into a threat which includes ballistic missiles which can take down a city block. To allow Hamas to gain any further capabilities before acting would be to open Israel to a dire threat beyond imagination. How long before Iran finds a means of smuggling armored vehicles into Gaza or building them within Gaza as they have done with the guidance systems and missiles. Israel does not have the luxury of being able to wait and hope she can continue to counter whatever Hamas throws her way.


Hamas Rockets and Missiles with Ranges and Warhead Capabilities

Hamas Rockets and Missiles with Ranges and Warhead Capabilities


We know, so what is the answer? The time has come for Israel to do what she was promised she should do if Gaza became a terrorist threat. Gaza, with Hamas ruling and Islamic Jihad now operating as a second Hamas military arm, has become a very real threat and should Iran get their wish, a staging area for an additional front for the IRGC and Quds Force against Israel. There is no greater terror threat than being capable of striking over eighty percent of Israeli population and economic and power generation and making large areas of Israel into a potential wastelands. The time has well past when Gaza threats are simply a menace to the south and the cards are being played for another Gaza Hamas and Islamic Jihad, with friends, war with Israel. This is not something to be taken any way other than a direct threat to the life and continuation of Israel and her way of life, something too many Israelis have worked their lives to produce and others given their lives to protect. Now is the time to strike Gaza and remove the entirety of its supposed governing structure, remove the entirety of the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, terror and criminal hierarchy either by decapitation or deportation into Syria where they can join their fellow Iranians fighting a war there. The intent of any operation taken on in the near future where the IDF need enter Gaza should have no other end result than the liberation and reconquest of Gaza. Once all of the terror threat has been completely removed, including the entirety of the terror supporting infrastructure and the people who provide such, then the remaining population can have their lives and their future returned to them. These remaining people will find that living under Israeli rule of law will allow them to use any aid they receive to rebuild decent lives with real places to live, real jobs other than sacrificing family for the cause and that the aid Israelis will provide as they move to reside in Gaza, build hotels along the beachfront, rebuild the damaged infrastructure and repair all that fell into disrepair and remained so just to try and eradicate Israel.


The Gazans should be permitted to return to ruling their own lives after a couple of years where Israel completes repairs and structural reconstruction with improvements to water treatment, sewage treatment, electrical power generation and the rest of utilities as well as apartments, schools, hospitals, clinics and the rest of what they should have built with the materials gifted to Gaza over the years. This will provide jobs and an economy will return to Gaza as they will no longer be living under the tyrannical rule of terrorists and instead live under proper governance. There will be a downside for many Gazans as from all appearances, the majority of the Gazan population fully supports Hamas or Islamic Jihad, the Hamas government is supported by over three-quarters of the population including near complete support from the Arab refugee camps. This will result in the near depopulating of Gaza as these supporters of the destruction of Israel will require being removed. Precedents for this abound from the deportations of all Germans from areas which became parts of France and Poland after World War II, the populations altering establishment of Pakistan where Hindus and Buddhists fled into India and many Muslims moved into Pakistan, the depopulating of the Jewish communities throughout the Arab world during the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Israel would be within her rights to completely sweep all Arabs from Gaza pushing them into the Sinai Peninsula or taking them all the way to the north and placing them in Syria. This action should be performed for another reason, Lebanon and Hezballah. Currently within the Bekaa Valley and Lebanon south of the Litany River, Hezballah has an arsenal of potentially over one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles. Many of these are modern missiles capable of striking deep into Saudi Arabia and Egypt south of all Israel. Every man, women and child within Israel is under Iranian threat from Hezballah and this is a grave and definitive threat to all Israel.


Once the southern threat supported by Iran has been eradicated permanently, then Israel can address the norther Iranian backed front. Insisting that Iran remove the missile threat from Lebanon voluntarily or promise that Israel will do so for them would be the logical next step. When Iran and Hezballah decide that they simply need call Israel’s bluff, this is when Israel would be permitted under all rules of war and international law to strike preemptively to remove the threat to Israeli continued existence. Knowing that Russia would dearly love to extricate themselves from the Syria quagmire, they are stuck with if they are to continue to hold Mediterranean Sea ports, Israel could provide that escape. Lebanon was a Christian nation until the terror proxy of Iran, Hezballah, took root and eventually replaced normative governance. As now the actual government of Lebanon is a recognized terrorist group, there is no actual and recognized governance as a nation cannot be ruled by a terrorist force. Israel could make an offer to have Russia become the guarantor of free elections without an overriding terrorist threat running to be the government while having full use of the Mediterranean Sea ports north of the Litany River. Russia would need remove Hezballah from the Bekaa Valley and then assure that Iran did not return to take over Lebanon as they return to being a Christian nation. As the Lebanese Christians are mostly of the Eastern Orthodoxy, they would be a good fit with the Russian Orthodox Church as their protectors. Israel, in this arrangement, would be permitted to regain her former natural northern border as the Litany River. This was the border which Israel established with her northern neighbors who were the Hittites at that time well over three-thousand-years ago. With the Iranian menaces removed from the northern and southern borders, if peace would ever be reached with the PA, that would be the time. President Trump could then place his offer he has referred to as the “Deal of the Century” and see if there are any Arab takers. Once this has been accomplished and the Russians have naval bases in Tripoli and Beirut in Lebanon, they could add their support for the Trump peace deal and work with President Trump to end the conflagration raging in Syria.


Eretz Yisroel from back in the time immediately after Exodus and before the additional conquest by King David and King Solomon with the original division of the lands between the Tribes covering both sides of the Jordan River. The Israelis and Jews in general could attempt to demand that Eretz Yisroel, the Land of Israel be made whole as was First Apportioned by Hashem.


Would there be peace after these things have transpired? That is a very good question and the answer comes down to can the Arab world accept the existence of a Jewish governed state within the Middle East. Thus far, the Arab League has never accepted or recognized Israel and probably never will. The PA will never permit Israel to remain Jewish so they will refuse to even consider President Trump’s grand deal. This leaves Jordan and whether King Abdullah would accept to oversee the Arab autonomy within the Shomron and recognize Israel as the Jewish State. The reason this is important is basic, if the Jordanian King did accept such a deal, he would cease to rule Jordan. There would be an uprising which would replace the King with a parliamentary governance which would very soon thereafter become a dictatorship of whoever won the elections. Jordan would then become the Palestinian Arab state and Israel could simply transfer the Palestinian into Jordan. This would initially be done by granting Arabs, both Palestinian and Israeli, who desire to move into Jordan or anywhere else a buyout of their properties plus and incentive to cover the expenses of moving and to get them started in their new country. Eventually, the remaining Arabs would get the picture and decide to take the offer and leave. There might even be an additional bonus for being amongst the first wave and after a period of about six-weeks, that additional incentive would be dropped. In order to do this, the PA would need to be dissolved and members of the PLO would necessarily be deported as no nation should be made to permit terrorist organizations to remain within their borders. Removal of the PA would become rather simple actually. All Israel would require to make this easy is to wait for Mahmoud Abbas to step down. Israel could pay him to step down with such a bonus that he could redeploy his lifestyle to the French Riviera. If he refuses to step down, Israel could rely on nature as his health has become a concern of late. When a dictatorial leader like Abbas spend as much time as he has recently in a hospital for unspecified procedures and all his doctors who are permitted to speak to media claim he is in the greatest health of his life, you know he is in serious trouble.


We can all but guarantee that when Abbas dies, if he is in office, then Israel will be blamed. We will be revisiting the Israel poisoned our leader routine once again. Abbas, now eighty-one years old, is going to soon prove he is not immortal and there is no obvious heir to his throne. The PA will dissolve into numerous small entities run in each region around a city by either the former PA leader or the presiding ruling family. There will be no more central PA governance and this will be the background that Israel will face. Suddenly, Israel will be tasked with governing the PA regions and repairing the infrastructure and providing it with defense of any kind required. The death of Abbas will bring with it the death of the PA and the dissolution of its security apparatus and disarming of the former security forces. This will need to be done simply to prevent a civil war to break out for control of the former PA regions. Hamas would also make a push to take control of these areas and that is another reason for destroying all of the Hamas military infrastructure and to do so with haste and urgency of purpose. Israel is simply three initiatives from totally securing her future against attacks and removing over three-quarters of the terrorist threat she faces all within the timeframe of this summer. These opportunities are very likely to be thrust before her whether the politicians are ready or not. The people need to demand actions of a definitive and final nature from the government to end these threats surrounding Israel and end them permanently and in the resulting end make Israeli borders secure and defined. The poor old sappy excuse that Europe will hate us; please reread the first two paragraphs and realize that they will hate whether we do these necessary items or not, they have already announced that such is so. It is well past time for Israel to take care of Israel first and foremost and ignore what others are going to say or whose feelings will get trounced. There is a supportive United States President and with Nikki Haley as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Israel can consider herself quite safe from any Security Council sanction. This might just be a once in the Israeli lifespan where such an opportunity presents itself and the government would be foolish beyond description to pass up this gift.


Beyond the Cusp


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