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June 7, 2018

What Will Iran Throw at Israel Next?

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Beyond that, how will Israel react and how much will it take before Israel reacts by striking Iran directly? These are the kind of questions that even theoreticians tremble at tackling because the odds are you will be wrong at every step of the way. The first step is easier though as it only required preparing the stage with the recent history. Probably the kick-off was the combination of the Israeli Mossad absconding with the entirety of the Iranian documentation, political decisions, scientific research, discoveries, calculations, schematics, documentation, design specification and complete history consisting of over 100,000 files of the Iranian nuclear program since early in their program and through to the current day from Tehran in a single night. These files were shared with President Trump, the CIA and were offered to any European leader who desired to seek truth, and as far as we know, none of them took advantage of the offers. These files were then shared publicly by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu before the world speaking in English, so you decide whom his intended audience were, the Royals in Britain or the American people. This came right before President Trump announced the United States pulling out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and reinstituting severe sanctions by the United States on Iran and any companies trading with Iran covered by the sanctions.


Why would Israel make such theft of stolen documents public as doing so would implicate the Mossad and the Israeli government in an act of international espionage. The reason is obvious even to the most casual observer, as long as they were observing at all. Iran has already threatened to wipe Israel off the map (a relatively accurate translation of a Farsi phrase which does not readily translate directly into English*). Iran supports Hezballah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas holding a degree of operational control using such to order attacks upon Israel. Iran has flown armed drones across the Israeli border which were shot down before they caused damage, but that is still an act of war. Many of the rockets fired from Syria were of Iranian design which is another act of war. With the numerous provocations Israel has suffered initiated through Iran and the Mullahs, perhaps a small payback was in order. This theft resulted in additional strikes against Israel which were traced back to Iran by the same Israeli intelligence. The initial strike came from Syria in the form of a number, about a dozen or more, fired from Syria by the Quds forces assisting Bashir al-Assad in the Syrian civil war. These were mostly intercepted by the Iron Dome with a percentage that never made it out of Syria falling short within the Syrian border. The Israeli response extracted a large price of Iranian assets in Syria. These strikes caused very sizeable amount of damage to the Iranian ability to act further and caused al-Assad to instruct the Syrian military to prevent Iran from storing their assets within Syrian installations.


This direction from Assad to Iran forced Iran to alter their direction striking at Israel. This led to Hamas and Islamic Jihad to escalate their assaults upon southern Israeli at the border. Initially, the rioting at the border was escalated which had minimal effect as Israel has developed tactics to deal with much of these disturbances. The escalation then led to Hamas and Islamic Jihad to fire over one-hundred missiles and mortars into southern Israel. This also backfired as one mortar shell landed in an Israeli kindergarten merely an hour before it was to open and have the area filled with children and staff. This led to the picture of the fins of the mortar shell and the large damage to the play area to be circulated leading to even the European Union and several European leaders condemning Hamas in an unusual one-sided condemnation against Hamas and not making any comment of the Israeli following response (see image below). The Israeli response once again took a large toll killing three Islamic Jihad terrorists who were manning a lookout used to guide these strikes and destroyed large amounts of rocket and mortar stores as well as some of the production facilities. The question now is what Iran might do next and at what point Israel would respond by attacking Iran directly and how would such an attack be carried out.


Remains of Tail Section of Mortar Striking Kindergarten Play Area

Remains of Tail Section of Mortar Striking Kindergarten Play Area


This is where the situation stands at the writing of this editorial, and we hope that the exchanges have proven too costly for Iran to continue attempting to escalate any further. Israel has struck with greater destructive force in response to each of these provocations than what Iran expected. The Mullahs were likely expecting the Israeli retaliations to be as per what had been the normative and limited level. Instead, Israel struck with a definitive and escalated level thus weaponizing retaliation to a higher level such that the price made further escalations to have a far higher threat level for Iranian backed forces. Despite this escalating of the level of the Israeli response, it is still far short of what some politicians within the coalition, even some from within the inner Security Cabinet, who had hinted that the next time Hamas or Hezballah initiated confrontations with Israel that the Israeli response would be to erase their ability to threaten Israel. Where these escalations have caused Iran and their proxies to pause for the moment, the response was far short of the response implied by the politicians. These proxies are still standing which means that they still pose a threat to Israelis. When we talk of these proxies posing a threat to Israelis, we are not making any exaggeration. Hamas is still digging tunnels under the border with one leaving Gaza passing under the Egyptian border into the Sinai and moved along that border until it passed to the Israel-Egyptian border and after a distance then passed under that border into Israel. Fortunately, this tunnel was discovered despite it taking a very different direction than the former tunnels which all took a direct route. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are still attempting to breach the Gaza-Israel border allowing numbers, potentially thousands, of Gazans, including a large number of terrorists and armed Hamas supporters, into Israel with maps showing the most direct route to Israeli civilian populations (see below). The stated intent is for these invading Gazans to murder as many Israeli civilians as they would be able. This was proven with statements made by Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar who stated, “eat the livers of those besieging” as well as “tear out their hearts from their bodies.” Such statements do not leave much room for doubt about the evil and murderous intent of the rioting at the Israel border. Add in the kites with incendiary explosives attached to their tails which have caused numerous fires and destroyed entire fields of crops and one forest within Israel. Obviously, any further escalation could be severe enough to cause Israel to begin a total and planned military response; though such is not hoped for by any on the Israeli side and we would hope a fair number of Gazans.


Hamas Maps Showing Closest Israeli Communities and Directions to use in Potential Attacks

Hamas Maps Showing Closest Israeli Communities and Directions to use in Potential Attacks


Perhaps now would be a good time to talk about how the Israelis feel about their desire for the future regarding Iran, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezballah and our Arab nations who are our neighbors. We would like for them to accept that we have come home to our ancient and loved homelands. We would very much prefer that they learn to live in peace and harmony allowing our attentions can be used near completely for the advancement of science, societal knowledge, and the betterment of humankind and share in a rich future for all of our societies. Peace, as the word “shalom,” is one of the most repeated words in our daily prayers and at the forefront of our thoughts. Having the world learn to have every nation coexist and even some day cooperate, such that all of mankind will benefit from any improvement invented anywhere, that is what Israel is about. Our desire would be for the promises given the early Jewish Zionists who reached these agreements through the San Remo Conference, the Treaty of Sèvres, the Mandate System and all guaranteed through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter which guaranteed that the eastern border of Israel would be the Jordan River. The Arabs residing within these borders would have local autonomy in the areas where they desire such and those who are not now Israeli citizens would be granted the status of resident alien. They could have Jordanian or other citizenship should any Arab nation allow them such privilege. This would grant these Arabs to remain in their homes and work in Israel and other than national elections and other strictly Israeli rules, they would have complete equality. They would have religious freedoms, economic freedoms, civic freedoms and selective political freedoms and would be treated as any Israeli granted freedom of travel, medical care within the Israeli medical system, and would have the responsibility of paying taxes. These are very altruistic and extravagantly hopeful expectations, but we have been dreamers of the possible from the very beginning with Abraham with the concept of a single, all-powerful and unseen supreme being to the Torah which became the basis of much of the base for Western civilization to our longing to return to our homeland and never losing our faith that Hashem would return us to Eretz Yisroel and that faith supported and enriched us filling us with such hope for over two-thousand years.


Beyond the Cusp


* For a further description by example, imagine having to translate these following phrases into a foreign language which would make sense in that language.

“Sick as a dog.”
“Every cloud has a silver lining.”
“Saving for a rainy day.”
“It is raining cats and dogs.”
“She is simply the salt of the Earth.”
“Don’t beat a dead horse.”
“I have butterflies in my stomach.”

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