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June 20, 2018

Wrong-Headed Policies Pursued on Gaza

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The world body politic, the world media, the leftist NGOs, the United Nations, and even some from the IDF General Staff have taken a seriously wrong turn concerning the violence from Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. It may have been the last of these which influenced the most recent move by President Trump addressing Gaza. These entities and people have all fallen into the same trap believing that the reason for the rioting along the Gaza border with Israel is completely about the collapsing economy in Gaza. If that were the sole driving reason, then the Gazans would also be rioting along their border with Egypt, but they are not. The rioting along the Gaza border is reserved exclusively with Israel. The reason for the rioting can be defined by what their leaders have explicitly told them should they manage to breach the border. Their leaders have not told them to grab money, steal vehicles, collect crops, grab food from grocery stores or anything else which might lead to financial gain. Their leaders have told them to “We will tear down the fence, and tear out the hearts from their bodies” as well as “will eat the livers of those besieging” and to basically murder as many Jews as they can find.


Then we have Hamas leaderYahya Sinwar repeatedly declaring their goal being the, “March of Return affirms that our people can’t give up one inch of the land of Palestine. The protests will continue until the Palestinians return to the lands they were expelled from 70 years ago.” As noted previously, the number seventy has special and declarative meaning, the erasure of all that is Israel as the reference of seventy years takes back to the year 1948 and the declaration of Israeli independence. Hamas has designs far greater than just Israel; they claim loudly that they will kill the Jews down to the last one and that Allah will assist in the destruction of America (see video below). The impetus for the Gaza rioting and their objective has been made obvious, they desire to erase the border, infiltrate and murder every Israeli, with the assistance, once the real fighting begins, of Israeli Arabs, erasing Israel from the map and using this as their base to begin their conquest of the remainder of the world. Their next target is Rome and Western Europe followed by the United States and Eastern Europe. It is obvious that Hamas plans big. In every announcement from Yahya Sinwar, there are references to blood and killing Jews, erasing the border and other forms of violence always claiming they will win because Allah will grant them justice for not already ruling the world or whatever and absolutely no mention or reference to anything economic. Their goal is not the wealth of the Israelis; it is their lives that they are to take, period. That is why the new approach by President Trump and discussions amongst all too many Israeli political and other leaders are deadly and wrong-headed.



It does not matter from where aid comes, presumably to relieve any suffering being felt by Gazans due to the apparent nearly collapsing economy. Their presumption is that the rioting and attempts to murder every Israeli are caused by economic hardship. The truth is their putting everything they receive into efforts to murder Israelis is the cause of the economic hardship. Should any arrangement be made to inject funds, building materials, more electricity, steel, cement, pipes, medical supplies, food or any other aid; all will be converted into furthering the efforts to destroy Israel and murder her Jews. The building materials, cement, bricks, cabling, electricity will be used not for hospitals, housing, restaurants or other public use but for more infiltration tunnels into Israel despite knowing that Israel finds and destroys these tunnels before they can be utilized for any objective such as murdering or kidnapping Israelis. Israel is often nice enough to allow Hamas or Islamic Jihad to almost complete their tunnel and be ready for their attack before Israel destroys their tunnel, often a day or two before they were to use the tunnel to attack Israelis. There have been estimates of what the materials used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad in their infiltration tunnel construction could have built for the people of Gaza. Quoting from the article, it states, “that each tunnel cost Hamas $3 million and the construction materials used for just one tunnel could have been used to build 86 homes, 7 mosques, 6 schools or 19 medical clinics.” Subverting international aid provided to relieve the inhumane conditions existing in Gaza by Hamas and Islamic Jihad and their still receiving over eighty-percent approval from the people in Gaza is a measure of the level of hatred which has been built up in the population through incitement. The scapegoating of Israel and Jews as the cause of all misery and violence in the world and using these claims to bleed the people of any hope for an economic normalcy and using the people themselves as weapons throwing them into harms way simply to avail their terrorist operatives a chance at breaching the Israeli border is cold-blooded barbarism.


While the people of Gaza have intermittent electricity and often are left with unfiltered and untreated drinking water and other deprivations from the refusal of their government, which is Hamas, to use provisions to give the people a possibility of a decent life; the hypocrisy of the United Nations blaming Israel for the economic disasters in Gaza is off-scale. But not to worry, the leaders and the smugglers all live well, have electricity twenty-four-seven, have plenty of natural gas, nice cars, malls and well-kept open areas, five-star restaurants and every convenience one could wish for all within their area of Gaza. This is something which would be better told with pictures, so please view these pictures from Gaza, the first showing the difference and the rest simply the good-life in Gaza and the final shows the two classes of life in the Palestinian Authority region under Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah Party and PLO terror wing.


The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged

The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged


Gaza Untouched

Gaza Untouched


Refined Living in Gaza

Refined Living in Gaza


Really Nice Neighborhoods Away From the Fighting as well as Anything Israel Might Target or Apartments the Less Wealthy Reside Everything is Quiet and Peaceful

Really Nice Neighborhoods
Away From the Fighting as well as
Anything Israel Might Target or
Apartments the Less Wealthy Reside
Everything is Quiet and Peaceful


A Taste of the Gazan Good Life Away From the Rockets Firing and the Noise of Exploding Tunnels

A Taste of the Gazan Good Life
Away From the Rockets Firing and
the Noise of Exploding Tunnels


Central Park in Gaza City


Gaza City Beachfront


Plush Gaza Hotel


Palestinian Society The Face of Two Worlds Poverty vs Opulence

Palestinian Society
The Face of Two Worlds
Poverty vs Opulence


We could show a plethora of such opulence within Gaza. These are the areas of Gaza which the western media never show but are where they stay when they are inside Gaza. These are the areas where the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and smuggler leaders live and play. They have no fears that their precious properties will get struck because should Israel actually target these places the media and world organizations would become hysterical, as Israel was not shooting at an actual rocket, mortar or other military position. Israel is not to be permitted to upset the lives of these diplomats who run the terror tunnels because these are the people who wine and dine with the European elitists who visit Gaza as a measure of their support for the Gazan people. These elitists never bother to do more than a photo op with the real suffering Gazans but they stay in the best of hotels and dine in fine restaurants and swim in pristine beaches and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. They can have a first class vacation with their families in complete safety and on their taxpayers’ Euros as the visit is political to research the evils being imposed on Gaza by Israel. Never would there be a discouraging word about their hosts who showed them such wonderful diplomacy and treated them to a real first-class vacation. But against Israel, that they have reams of things to say because when they visit Israel they stay in Tel Aviv visiting the coffee bistros along the beach and never bother to go for more than a photo op with the Israeli leadership in Jerusalem.


The thing is that the idea of actually destroying the lovely places where the Hamas and Islamic Jihad and friends enjoy the good life might be worth the inflamed hatred which would ensue from Europe. While doing this, it is time to completely cut Gaza off from all Israeli aid. Still allowing all aid sent through Israeli ports but cut off the electricity, water, gas and all aid which originates in Israel. Most in Europe will act similarly if but one Israel tank shell misses its actual target and hits an ice cream stand. Perhaps it might pay higher dividends if for every rocket and mortar Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire into Israel, instead of striking the launch area which often leads to further suffering of the poorest Gazans, Israel should zero in on the terrorist leaders starting with the highest ranking member of Hamas and then Islamic Jihad and work down the list hitting their homes. Then, every tenth reprisal Israel might consider striking one of their precious restaurants or their mall or water park taking away a piece of their fun. Just continue with this and at some point take out their hotels and their statue of the M-75 rocket, the one they call the Jerusalem rocket, just because we know its coordinates. We bet that there would be some honest screaming from a group of very irate Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders and commanders because they believe that they are impervious to attacks and their position and location away from the rocket launchers which they themselves made assurances would only be placed near the low cost apartments where the working class resides. Their lives were supposed to be separate from the day-to-day working types. They were immune because Israel would never actually decide to take out political leaders who were respected by such as Jeremy Corbin or their mouthpiece who repeats the Hamas line while representing the European Union, Federica Mogherini or her predecessor, Catherine Ashton who equated the Toulouse Jewish school children’s murder with Israeli defending herself striking in Gaza presumably, according to Ms. Ashton, children killed in Gaza.


Should Israel decide to adopt this wise policy of striking Hamas where it would hurt the most, how much worse than the above could Israel expect from Europe. If you cannot win or escape even the slightest tinge of seemingly automated declarations of condemnation even when showing remarkable restraint, why bother with any considerations and actually take what should be considered necessary actions to end the violence against your people. Target what their leaders prize and see how much longer they will continue to incite. If after their places are in ruin and they still incite death to Israel and death to the Jews, then we will know that there is only one answer left, full and all-out destruction of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their entire support structure and then weed out the remaining population. Yes, that requires retaking Gaza, but that is the only response which will silence the terrorism. Even that will not end the terrorism immediately, but as the terrorists are caught and expelled from our lands, eventually what will remain are people who wish to live normal lives, raising their children and all the normative things a normal people place as their priority.


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