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July 2, 2018

Not This Idea Yet Again!

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I thought we had buried this stupidity long ago, but leave it to the current General Staff, the one that claims that religious officers might be too out of touch, retired officers from previous command level positions, Avigdor Lieberman and rumored others from the Security Cabinet have started debating how to provide Gaza with a port and possibly an international airport. The reasoning is to relieve the economic malaise such that they will no longer be facing a collapsing economy and thus be happier and stop rioting and attacking us. So we really need to say this again? Well, if we must as it appears to be necessary, here goes. The Gazans are not attacking us because they are poor, they are poor because they are attacking us. If they were using most of their production in wealth accumulation and their own betterment, Gaza would be one of the most luxurious places on the planet. The Arabs in Gaza receive some of the highest per capita wealth resulting from the aid provided. They are not lacking for assistance, what they are lacking is the use of the aid provided. One example is when cement is provided for rebuilding damaged homes and structures, it is estimated that Hamas is siphoning off 95% of the cement transferred into the Gaza. The stealing of aid shipments reached such levels that the United Nations suspended aid until Hamas provided assurances that they were not stealing the aid, which Hamas promised they would never ever commit such a horrible crime and the United Nations was satisfied that all would be well and reinitiated the aid shipments. This was absolutely remarkable, but then it was the United Nations. Apparently, with the speed and numbers of tunnels being constructed by Hamas, aid levels must be astronomical providing Hamas and Islamic Jihad with all the construction material they require for building the means for attacking Israel. But there are those in high positions in Israel who actually think that there is a dearth of provisions and aid, especially food and medical equipment and supplies despite Hamas refusing an aid shipment of medical supplies by Israel. But not to worry, there are discussions to build an island or use Cyprus or have some method to permit inspection and then direct movement of goods into Gaza. The current method is to use the port in Ashkelon and delivering almost all of approved goods the same day or the next morning in dozens of tractor-trailers every day when the level of violence permits (see image below). What is even more encouraging in showing the appreciation by Hamas and the Gazans of the aid provided, one of their favorite targets is the Kerem Shalom crossing where the aid is provided forcing the aid to be delayed which then the media blames Israel for not providing aid efficiently. Note in the last link that the rocket barrage held up approximately one-hundred tractor-trailers of aid from being delivered and they believe that this current means is inadequate. What are these crazies smoking and can we get some.


Tractor Trailer Trucks Lined Up to Enter Gaza with Supplies Daily

Tractor Trailer Trucks Lined Up to Enter Gaza with Supplies Daily


The idea of building a dock on a man-made island around three kilometers off shore with a causeway which will have a disconnect section which could be used to cut off travel along the causeway connecting this dock with the shore in case of violence flaring is just as insane now as it was six years ago when it was first floated. If they are actually planning for threats from the shore, then you can bet such will be forthcoming. We would predict that Hamas and Islamic Jihad will launch a major offensive using fishing boats, submersible craft, scuba forces and possibly even finding a way to prevent the causeway being secured and attacking taking the port island supported by sniper fire from the shoreline. If the port is being guarded and manned by international inspectors provided from the United Nations, as they will demand that Israelis would be too controlling and constrict the most critical aid, they will hand the entire island and docks functionally over to Hamas. Basically, within a few weeks, months at the longest, the entire port, which was initially predicted to cost three-billion-dollars and likely resulted in costing ten-billion-dollars, will be required to be bombed out of commission simply because it was taken by the terrorists and bombing it would be less dangerous than attempting to take control back. But what is wrong with the using Cyprus idea? What is the means of taking aid from Cyprus and getting it to Gaza. There is no land route from the island of Cyprus to Gaza. So a shipment pulls into the dock in Cyprus, is unloaded, inspected and then reloaded onto another ship and taken to where? Probably Ashdod or Ashkelon and then taken overland by trucks to Gaza? Perhaps the ships from Cyprus would be permitted to dock at the Gaza docks. Would each ship, likely seven or more per day, receive a military escort by the Israeli Navy to prevent their being loaded with rockets, weapons, ammunition and other military provisions up to and possibly including tanks while going from Cyprus to Gaza. Maybe the Israeli Navy will double in size and have a merchant marine division which will take the shipments from Cyprus to Gaza which will eventually result in a kidnapping of one of the personnel by Hamas, possibly an entire crew, as they attack one of the ships possibly even in such a level as to take control of the entire ship. Everything they think of will provide additional layers, actually take longer, a fraught with danger and troublesome difficulties and reasons why they are simply plans which will result in dangerous situations to Israeli personnel or of Hamas takeover leading to no supervision of what they import while plans are made to destroy the structures leading to using the system already in place. There is no problem getting the aid to Gaza and if the Israeli leadership wish to improve the vision of how aid reaches Gaza, the best means would be to invite the United Nations to come and observe the entirety of the process and allow them to remain until they are satisfied that Israel is passing almost all aid into Gaza with the omissions being items obviously having a strong military use. All these half-baked ideas which bleeding heart leftists propose on a regular basis are a smoke screen which had the intent of causing Israel to question their system which is working perfectly well currently and needs no improvement or a whole new system which will simply lead to failure and a return to what is already in place or Hamas and Islamic Jihad having completely open importation of weapons, additional fighters and anything Iran cares to send their way.


Let us state the reality in as straight forward a manner as we are able. Gaza has plenty of aid and there is even a wealthy class made up of Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders, smuggling families who run the black market and supply the terrorists, the people who command the tunneling and an assortment of people in tight with Hamas. Allow us to give you proof from an earlier article titled Wrong-Headed Policies Pursued on Gaza which explains and displays the difference and why there are wealthy and those who Hamas has relegated to virtual homelessness and also the article Gaza which explains the use of the large quantities of cash and the threat Hamas and Islamic Jihad have acquired with the aid packages and the items smuggled largely from Iran. These two articles pretty much cover both sides of the equation of where the aid money ends up, either it ends up in the leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad pockets or is invested in better rockets and even missiles and incendiary grenades they attach to balloons and kites to set Israel fields, forests and wildlife preserves afire as has been happening for the past three months. What the General Staff and all the rest of those leading this misadventure need to think about is how can they hit targets in Gaza which would maximize the effect to end the rioting, fire-kites and balloons and the intermittent rocket fire. A simple and direct plan would be to send a small detachment to Tehran clandestinely in order for them to assist the demonstrators with their biggest problem and remove the entirety of the political class starting with the Mullahs and working their way through the IRGC commanders and other necessary individuals in order to allow the protests to actually have a clean slate to develop a new governance. That is highly unlikely despite the temptations which make one dream of such. Our other means would be, as we stated in one of the articles, to strike those lovely places where the Hamas leadership enjoy the good life. Take out the new mall, the new water park, the lovely hotels along the shoreline, the really nice homes where the leaders reside, the fine dining restaurants and everything else we pictured on the right side in the first article’s pictorial of the two Gazas.


But as far as wasting time and resources on a new procedure to provide the Gazan people better procedures for providing aid, the system in place is probably about as good as it can get and Israel and the outside world cannot do anything about the actual problem, Hamas stealing the people blind and destroying any chance for a functional economy all to continue to try and drive the Israelis from their land by murdering as many as it takes for the rest to flee. That is never going to happen and should Hamas continue as they have, what may be the eventual result of their attempts to drive the Israelis from their lands will be the people of Gaza, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all, being driven from Gaza and Israel sweeping it clean to make rebuilding it far easier. Hopefully, when Hamas and Islamic Jihad have driven the Israelis to demanding that the problem that is Gaza be remedied with a finality, the General Staff will have spent sufficient time worrying about plans for every eventuality, including this situation, instead of thinking of how they can complicate the method of providing aid to Gaza such that Hamas can import directly, after a small effort to take over an island Israel built replete with port facilities, and have a plan for removing the terrorist leadership and true believers and allowing the Arabs who simply wish to live a normal life to rebuild their region with Israeli aid. Eventually Israel will be forced to retake Gaza. The media has attempted to tell the world that everybody in Gaza is protesting Israel. The reality is that under 3% of the Gaza population have been involved in even the presumed largest day of rioting. This includes those who decided that rioting for a day was a great way to make $300 for showing up so they could tout a whole fifty-thousand protestors. The population of Gaza is approximately one-million-eight-hundred-thousand. So, even if we were to believe that there were twice of many who just were unable to make it to the protest on the busiest day, that would still mean that 90% plus of the Arabs in Gaza have no intention of joining in the rioting along the border and have no real desire to join the invasion of Israel. These people should be permitted to live a normal life, elect their own government, and not be left imprisoned in a virtual jail which is just as enforced from within by Hamas and Islamic Jihad as it is from the Israel side to prevent terrorist infiltrations. Israel accepted 6,000 Gazans for medical treatment in past four months. This was despite the fact that Hamas regularly prevents Gazans from being allowed to cross into Israel for medical treatments. Perhaps Israel is not the problem where Gaza, their economy, medical treatment and aid reception, just maybe the problem is the dictatorial governance made up of Hamas and Islamic Jihad imprisoning the population and stealing even the food from their mouths is the problem. Just maybe that is the real problem.


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