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July 4, 2018

How to Hate Israel

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Hating Israel can become difficult providing you look beyond the emotional outbursts. For those who simply dance to the conductor’s rhetoric and refuse to be curious, then hating Israel becomes simple; you just believe everything you are told and when told to jump, you simple ask how high. You do not need to ask what direction because you have practiced the jump and have it down to a ‘T’ after doing it at demonstration after demonstration. The problem is that many of the tropes told about Israel simply are false. That’s right, there are many lies told about Israel which dissolve with the slightest research. Probably the greatest lie about Israel is that the Zionists destroyed the nation of Palestine and ethnically cleansed the region and the refugees are the few who managed to escape the Jew caused carnage. The first problem is there has never in all of history been any nation anywhere called Palestine. There was a region named Syria-Palaestina which was a Roman province between 135 AD and about 390 AD. This had been the province of Judea which had been the southern kingdom that remained after King Solomon’s reign. When King Solomon died the Jewish kingdom of Israel split into two kingdoms. The northern kingdom remained named Israel as it contained ten of the tribes and the southern kingdom held the two tribes and took the name of the larger tribe, Judah. The northern kingdom was conquered by the Assyrians and they assimilated and were thought lost, thus the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Judah was conquered later by the Babylonians. From there they were conquered by the Persians, the Greeks and the Romans. The Judeans overthrew the Greeks once only to be reconquered, overthrew the Romans three times only to be reconquered each time. After the third time the Romans dispersed the Jews, as the Judeans were now called as the Romans were too lazy to use their full name, sending them throughout their empire in the hopes that this would cause the Jews to be erased from history. The Romans had done this with the Carthaginians which is part of why we do have Carthaginians around now. After the third time the Jews were overthrew, the Romans also renamed Judea, calling it Syria-Palaestina as part of their erasure of the Jewish People. The British, after taking the area from the Ottoman Empire continued using the name for the region Palestine as the Ottomans kept the Roman name as had the Caliphate before them. People are often quite lazy and rather than redraw all the maps they simply keep the names. There was never a nation called Palestine or a people called Palestinians other than the early Jews. When the British referred to Palestinians, they were referring to the Jews. So, what did they call the Arabs who lived amongst the Jews? Well, they called them Arabs or Jordanians, Syrians, Yemenis, Saudis, Egyptians, Iraqis or even Turks. When did the Arabs become called Palestinians? We can give you the exact date for that as it is known. The Palestinian Liberation Organization, a product crafted jointly by the Arab League and the Soviet KGB, was brought into existence on May 28, 1964, with the presentation of the Palestinian National Covenant, which is a revisionist and combative anti-Zionist statement dedicated to the “restoration of the Palestinian homeland.” That was the day that the Arabs stopped being Arabs and no longer had their original national homes and became refugees of the imaginary former nations of Palestine and they immediately started to rewrite a revisionist history using the history of the Jewish People and replacing the Jews with Palestinians. In a frenzy of anti-Semitism, much of the world, especially Europeans and the Muslim world, took to this revisionist history as they wished to assist in the destruction of Israel as the return of the Jews to Israel fulfilled Judaism and the prophesies of their eventual return to their ancestral home. This was the story of the Dry Bones which Ezekiel had prophesied in the Bible. The return of the Jews to Israel also is a refutation of replacement theology which is practiced by numerous Christian mainline churches and by Muslims. That makes the Jews return to Israel a threat to these religions. If these churches can remove the Jewish nature of Israel, then all would be good again.


Then there is the cry that Israel is attempting to conquer all of the Middle East and establish what is called “Greater Israel” reaching from the Euphrates River to the Nile. This is wrong on its face because Greater Israel reached from the Euphrates River to the Wadi of Egypt (see map below), which was the border between Israel and Egypt in ancient times. There was a time when Greater Israel existed during the rule of King David and King Solomon which was actually a federation of smaller kingdoms which pledged loyalty to these Jewish Kings and paid taxes in exchange for protection from the kingdom of Israel. This was the empire which nobody ever taught about and it reached to the Euphrates River to the Wadi of Egypt as Egypt and Israel had fought a number of conflicts and no longer desired to war any further. Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon existed from approximately 1050 BCE to 930 BCE. What was interesting about this period was that there were no wars in the known world of the time and it was not until the state of Israel broke into two kingdoms as related above, the northern kingdom remained Israel and the southern kingdom was Judea, named after the larger tribe. Then came the rise of the empires you read about in history, the Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Caliphate, Ottomans, Austria-Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, French, British and the others. These all were formed through war and remained at war until they ended and were not harmonious with each attempting to force the conquered to adopt their way of life and religions. Kings David and Solomon did not force Judaism on any of the vassal states but allowed them to continue to worship their gods, be they stone idols, golden idols, great being who lived atop a distant mountain or whatever beliefs they held. Like today, King David and King Solomon basically conquered to the borders of the original lands and after that, they assisted allies to defeat their rivals incorporating them into the areas under their protection.


Greater Israel the Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon Between 1050 and 930 BCE

Greater Israel the Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon Between 1050 and 930 BCE


Today Israelis have a far less demanding desire, we just desire to be granted the lands we were promised. Under the original design, Israel was supposed to be formed in the area which today makes up all of Israel, Gaza, Shomron and Jordan, the entire British Mandate. The British remembered their promises to the Arabs and reached an accord with the Zionist Congress which divided the British Mandate along the Jordan River. The eastern 78% was to become the Arab land which today is known as Jordan and the remaining 22% was to be the Jewish State of Israel (see map below). This started with the San Remo Conference and the Treaty of Serves to the Mandate System which was approved unanimously by the League of Nations and then adopted by the United Nations as Article 80 in their Charter. This is the entirety of the story until the world decided that the Jews were being granted too much land and they might actually be capable of defending their borders. This led to the proposal from the United Nations General Assembly of Resolution 181 on November 29, 1947. This divided the western 22% of the British Mandate in half again with much of Israel being the Negev Desert. Since this was a General Assembly Resolution, it would only be applicable if all sides involved accepted the terms. The Zionist Congress and initial Israeli government which were being formed agreed to the plan but the Arab League refused to accept the plan. Why did they do such a thing when they could have had their presumed desire, Palestine in half the land. Well, that is easy, they refused because the Jews still would have their land and Jews can never be permitted to rule themselves, they must be subservient to Islam and the Muslims who practice Islam. This was why on the morning that Israel came into existence, with the borders from above as Resolution 181 was refused by the Arab League thus making it voided and no longer even a plan, there were six Arab armies which invaded Israel in what they termed a genocidal slaughter, as the Arab League’s Secretary-General Azzam Pasha was quoted when asked for his estimate of the size of the Jewish forces, Azzam Pasha waved his hands and said: “It does not matter how many there are. We will sweep them into the sea.” Azzam Pasha was later quoted claiming, “I personally wish that the Jews do not drive us to this war, as this will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades.” One need remember that the Arabs attacked on the morning of May 15, 1948, the morning of Israel coming into existence while some Arab forces attacked Jewish communities starting the day after the United Nations Resolution back on November 29, 1947. Meanwhile, as far as the United States aiding Israel, history tells that United States Undersecretary of State Robert Lovett argued, “Obviously, the Arabs might use arms of United States origin against Jews, or Jews might use them against Arabs.” Consequently, on December 5, 1947, the U.S. imposed an arms embargo on the region. The United States would not adopt aiding Israel until after Israel won the Six Day War in June of 1967 when President Lyndon Baines Johnson took note of the Israeli success and decided that maybe they would make for a strong ally. Yes, the United States took to Israel in value of Israeli strength and the fear that the about to be produced Lavi fighter jet would be a competitor for the American F-16 and thus they gave Israel a grand bargain if Israel would not make fighter aircraft, but that is another story.


British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel

British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel


The argument that Israel forced the Palestinian Arab refugees from their homes is the next fabrication. The Mufti of Jerusalem and the Arab Armies’ Commanders told the Arabs to leave their homes so that the invading armies could simply murder everybody they found as they swept to the sea and the Jews fell before them. The majority of the refugees came to be from these Arabs who left as they were promised they could have the spoils from the Jews once the Jews were eradicated. The only thing they did not believe was possible that Jews could defeat the forces fighting with Allah. The Jews won the war by not being slaughtered to the last but lost the Shomron and Gaza with Egypt taking Gaza and Jordan actually annexing the Shomron renaming it West Bank. There were some Arabs forced from Israel during the war but the majority of these were from villages which assisted the fighters or were attacking the Israeli forces behind the front lines. There was a percentage which was evicted for tactical means such as when the Jewish forces were making their way into Jerusalem in the last moments so as not to completely lose this precious city, the crown of Israel. These refugees have been kept in camps outside of Israel to be used to conquer Israel with the Right of Return, a phrase also taken from the Jewish story. What the world had forgotten is the Arab world forcing almost every last Jew from their lands. These Jewish refugees were thrown from their homes and penniless and as no nation was taking them in unless they had relatives, and then only if their relatives took legal financial responsibility for these refugees. Thus, they mostly ended up in the one nation who took them with open arms, Israel. These almost million Jewish refugees were accepted and immediately merged into Israeli society and were not left as refugees. They are now many of our leaders and innovators, not perpetual refugees. The Arab refugees are also the only refugees in the world who pass their status to their children generation after generation and were given their own agency, UNRWA.


Many of the things Israel is accused of are straight-forward anti-Semitism in a new package. The claim Israel controls the United States Congress is the old canard that the Jews manipulate governments of the world. The claim that the Jews of the world support Israel more than they do their own country is simply ridiculous, especially when often some of the speakers at such rallies are Jews who wish Israel were not Jewish or even did not exist at all. There are claims that the mainstream media refuses to criticize Israel as they control the media or own the media. This is another old canard against the Jews. What has happened is that many of the old anti-Semitic tropes have been adopted replacing Jews with Israel and slight wording changes to accompany the new noun. If you were to listen to much of what the speakers claim, they are forms of the above or claims that the Jews took over an Arab nation which never existed, Palestine. Then they will claim that Israel is an Apartheid nation despite having had Arabs in the Supreme Court and an Arab Party with representatives in the Knesset, the parliament, Arab doctors, nurses, managers, scientists, teachers, police, politicians and in every walk of life. Arabs have all the rights any Israeli has and have full citizenship in Israel. These Arabs are the actual or children and grandchildren of the original Arabs who decided not to leave when the Arabs demanded they leave, some even fought with the Jews to defend Israel in 1948 and some are in the IDF including officers and pilots. Then there is our favorite, that the Jews have not permitted the Palestinians from having an election since 2005. Israel does not rule the Palestinian Arabs about who this claim is made. The Palestinian Arabs under the Palestinian Authority have their own leader, Mahmoud Abbas, and their own parliament. The Gazans are ruled in a dictatorship run by Hamas and Islamic Jihad and in a dictatorship one does not get to vote, but Israel has no say in that side either. The Palestinians have not had elections because their rulers do not want elections because they are getting wealthier than one can imagine off stealing aid money coming from the anti-Israel forces. These include the United Nations and European Union at the top of the list. Look into what we have written here on your own and you may be surprised. The research you do, please share it with others you know who are against Israel, please.


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