Beyond the Cusp

July 6, 2018

Our Dysfunctional World


We were reading the news when two articles struck us as the definition of our dysfunctional world. One pertained to the United Nations and the other to Mahmoud Abbas and recent statements with both having ramifications for Israel. The one straight from the United Nations was not much of a shock or even a slight surprise. Israel has plans to destroy a squatter’s town which was built illegally, does not meet codes, and erected to prevent Israeli plans to build onto the city of Kfar Adumim, east of Jerusalem along Route 1. The United Nations demands that Israel cease and desist from plans to remove this blight, which has become to be called Khan al-Ahmar. There are currently approximately one-hundred-eighty Bedouins who recently took up residence after the area had been cleared for destruction. These Bedouins were requested to take up residence strictly to have opposition raised against the destruction such that this can become another fact on the ground allowing Palestinian Arab claims to Jerusalem to have additional validity.


Our second story referred to Mahmoud Abbas who recently stated in emphatic terms that the Palestinian Authority and the PLO will never cease the payments to their heroic martyrs and fighters in this war with Israel just as they will never cease until all of Palestine has been liberated and the Zionist Entity removed from their lands. He then went on to claim that the threat by Israel with a recent law which provides that a sum equal to the amount of cash paid to terrorists and their families for the murder of Israelis be deducted from the tax revenues Israel collects for the Palestinian Authority is a declaration of war made by Israel. Mahmoud Abbas has never been one to care much for the sublime nor about making mutually contradictory statements. Initially he claims that the Palestinian Arabs will never cease their fight, war, against Israel and then declares that Israel just started this war which they will never cease fighting as they have for the past few decades. Add this to the spokesperson for Abbas stated amongst other threats, “If the United States continues to act to change the rules regarding relations with the Palestinian leadership and our Palestinian people then the stagnation and political paralysis will continue.” Nabil Abu Rudeineh also stated, referring to Friday’s meeting in New York between United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, Jason Greenblatt and Jared Kushner; “The round of meetings that began in New York, whose purpose is to bring a meaningless plan, won’t achieve anything.”


Another link between these two articles is the fact that on one side you have United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres presumably attempting to assist moving the Trump presumed to be proposed “Deal of the Century” along while the United Nations is taking steps to condemn Israel for destroying illegal and subpar housing. We do not remember the United Nations ever demanding that Israel cease and desist from destroying twenty, thirty and even forty year old homes which were built with government approval and met all relevant codes for good and decent housing when the occupants were Jews. But as soon as the occupants are not Jews, then destroying even an illegal squatter’s shanty-town becomes an international offence. We wish we could call this anomaly to be an unexpected one but the United Nations bias and potentially classified hatred of everything Israel and Jewish and total love affair with that which harms Israel and provides additional claims by the Palestinian Arabs has a long history and will apparently never rest until they undo their fulfilling of Article 80 in their Charter and it has been undone and Israel fully removed. It would not surprise us should UNESCO declare this set of poorly built shacks a World Heritage Site claiming it depicts the Arab struggle against the genocidal Apartheid of the imperialist Israeli regime.


That idea highlights another slam against Israel which is so beyond ridiculous that we cannot see how anybody can make such a claim and keep a straight face. We refer to the incessant claims that Israel, using the IDF, is carrying out a war of extermination, a genocidal assault, or a complete annihilation of the Palestinian Arabs. Really? Then many go further and give a time-frame for these acts extending anywhere from the low end of a decade long attempt to a quarter of a century of destruction all the way up to seventy or even a hundred years put into this effort to solve the problem by removing one of the parties. Does anyone honestly believe that if Israel was attempting to wipe the Arabs residing within her borders, the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and under the Palestinian Authority, that there would be a single Palestinian Arab left residing in these areas. Had Israel actually given such a preposterous and heinous criminal plan into effect a mere two weeks ago, there would not be a single Palestinian Arab still alive and residing between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, but instead there are just under five-million Palestinian Arabs reported residing either under Hamas in Gaza or under the Palestinian Authority in the Shomron. Yet the Palestinian Arab refugee camp of Yarmouk in Syria has been all but eradicated as it has suffered attacks initially by the rebel forces who took it causing some damage making a number of families homeless and killing perhaps fifty to one hundred Arabs followed by the Islamic State who destroyed a fair amount of the structures and murdered hundreds of Palestinian Arabs and lastly there have been several attacks from Syrian Dictator Bashir al-Assad including a poison gas attack, the use of barrel bombs, artillery shelling, saturation bombing, tank fire and helicopter gunship strafing and rocket launching killing thousands and rendering the entirety of the camp uninhabitable yet barely a comment from the United Nations, mild rebuke from the European Union and a basic shrug refusing to even meet over these assaults on Palestinian Arabs by the United Nations General Assembly or Human Rights Commission. We all know the reason, Israel was not committing these acts and Arab on Arab or even Iranian on Arab destruction and murder is not of any consequence as it does nothing to further the destruction of Israel and could actually make the Israelis appear benign by comparison.


Images from the Palestinian Arab refugee camp of Yarmouk in Syria

Images from the Palestinian Arab refugee camp of Yarmouk in Syria


Additionally, according to Mahmoud Abbas, President Trump has disqualified himself from being an impartial mediator for peace between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. Hamas has taken a slightly more flexible plan in that they might be willing to assume the authority to rule Palestine defined by the Pre-Six Day War lines. Hamas will accept such as it would allow them to replace the Palestinian Authority and take over the lands in the Shomron overlooking Tel Aviv and the heart of Israel. For Hamas, taking such a deal actually fulfills one of their hopes without needing another coup to take the areas under Abbas. The United States is not dealing with Hamas, fortunately. Both Hamas and PLO agree that any peace reached with Israel is merely the first step to the removal of the Zionist Imperialist Colonial Oppressor placed in the heart of the Middle East by the Europeans and America to destroy the Arab World and thereby establishing a Greater Israel. Yes, many of these Arabs believe this is the entirety of the ploy by the West to destroy Arab unity and turning them brother against brother. The Iran-Iraq War was a plot by the Zionists. The war in Syria is a plot by the Zionists. The Zionists control the United States. Basically, take any slur which history has used against the Jews from the Jews having too much power to the Jews wanting to rule the world to the Jews killed Muhammad and Yasser Arafat and replace Jew with Zionist and you have the basic beliefs of many Arabs responding to the propaganda they have been fed all their lives. It is simply another form, the Twenty-First Century form of anti-Semitism; it has morphed into anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism. This can be shown simply by listing here of the contemporary imprints of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and its use by countries in the world including the Middle East. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion has also led to bolstering the theory that Israel has devious plans to destroy the Arab Middle East in order to establish their dream of a Greater Israel. We debunked this claim in our article from earlier this week titled “How to Hate Israel” along with several other myths about Israel and Israelis.


The one constant in the world today, which leaves many an Israeli discouraged about the shape and directional track the world is on, is the constant beating upon Israel in attempts to destroy this exquisitely tiny nation. Here we have an image which replaces Israel with something of a comparable size, New Jersey, which in reality is slightly larger than Israel, placing it right in the middle of where Israel sits currently. Were one to glance at this image in a group of maps of the Middle East nations, they might just pass it over thinking that it looks correct despite the fact that the map included is of New Jersey, that is how close the two entities, New Jersey and Israel, honestly are. We want to point to this fact, as the one thing we have found that many unfamiliar with the actual smallness of Israel believe that Israel is one of the larger nations in the Middle East. We have heard things where people got the division of the British Mandate confused with the proposed and Arab rejected division in UNGA Res 181 leading to their claiming that Israel and Jordan were of equal size as the British Mandate was split evenly. The reality is that UNGA Res 181 split what is today Israel in half virtually evenly giving the Jewish partition to be over half pure desert as Israel received the near entirety of the Negev by that plan. The British Mandate was divided along the Jordan River with the river serving as the Israeli eastern border and the Jordanian western border, but this divide gave 78% to the Arabs as Jordan and a mere 22% to the Jews for Israel. It is that 22% which the world desires splitting once more giving the Arabs a total of the Mandate Lands of 89% and the Jews 11% of the Mandate. Another item people should know is that when Abbas states he merely desires his rightful 22%, he is not referring to Gaza plus the areas outside the Green Line, the Arab held regions before the Six Day War, he is referring to the 22% that constitutes Israel as he has included that he desires 22% of the British Mandate, not 22% of Israeli territory. Abbas insisting on 22% of the Mandate for Palestine, the other name for the British Mandate, infers all of Israel from the River to the Sea, another reference often used by Palestinian Arab supporters in their chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”


Ever since the 1917 Balfour Declaration and intensifying with each step taken along the way starting with the San Remo Conference right up to today as you read this article, the Arab desire has not changed, they still hope to genocidally conquer and clean the Zionist Entity and its Zionists off the face of the world. The Arab intentions were declared by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League: “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.”* As for who started this first of the Arab-Israeli Wars, allow us to quote Jamal Husseini who told the Security Council on April 16, 1948, “The representative of the Jewish Agency told us yesterday that they were not the attackers, that the Arabs had begun the fighting. We did not deny this. We told the whole world that we were going to fight.”** The build-up to the Six Day War was filled with propaganda and threats being broadcast over Egyptian television with President Nasser making the most noise and bluster. As an example, here are some quotes which are referenced here, “Our aim is the full restoration of the rights of the Palestinian people. In other words, we aim at the destruction of the State of Israel. The immediate aim: perfection of Arab military might. The national aim: the eradication of Israel.”*** “Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel. The Arab people want to fight.”# “Under terms of the military agreement signed with Jordan, Jordanian artillery coordinated with the forces of Egypt and Syria is in a position to cut Israel in two at Kalkilya, where Israeli territory between the Jordan armistice line and the Mediterranean Sea is only twelve kilometers wide.”##

Allow us to close with these Cairo Radio Statements:

May 19, 1967: “This is our chance Arabs, to deal Israel a mortal blow of annihilation, to blot out its entire presence in our holy land”

May 22, 1967: “The Arab people is firmly resolved to wipe Israel off the map”

May 25, 1967: “The Gulf of Aqaba, by the dictum of history and the protection of our soldiers, is Arab, Arab, Arab.”

May 25, 1967: “Millions of Arabs are … preparing to blow up all of America’s interests, all of America’s installations, and your entire existence, America.”

May 27, 1967: “We challenge you, Eshkol, to try all your weapons. Put them to the test; they will spell Israel’s death and annihilation.”

May 30, 1967: “With the closing of the Gulf of Akaba, Israel is faced with two alternatives either of which will destroy it; it will either be strangled to death by the Arab military and economic boycott, or it will perish by the fire of the Arab forces encompassing it from the South from the North and from the East.”

May 30, 1967: “The world will know that the Arabs are girded for battle as the fateful hour approaches.”

Beyond the Cusp

* Interview with Abd al-Rahman Azzam Pasha,” Akhbar al-Yom (Egypt), (October 11, 1947); translated by R. Green

** Security Council Official Records, S/Agenda/58, (April 16, 1948), p. 19

*** President Nasser of Egypt, November 18, 1965

# President Nasser of Egypt, May 27, 1967

## El Akhbar newspaper, Cairo, May 31, 1967

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