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July 9, 2018

Gaza Screaming for Attention

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The Hamas supporters, approximately one-tenth the population, if that, are still rioting and causing damage to Israel. You probably have not seen that in the news and that is good. When a two year old throws a temper tantrum, there are two ways of handling this to prevent further outbursts. The first is to ignore them and the second is to have everyone in the room point at them and laugh for about a whole minute and then ignore the rest of the tantrum. The news media used to follow every single cry from Gaza as another proof of Israeli intransigence. This time they found those cries attached to extreme destruction which could not be excused, thus the media tired quickly and stopped their coverage. This did not prevent Hamas, and their supporting terrorists of Islamic Jihad, from continuing to fly kites and balloons with incendiary devices into Israel burning fields of wheat, forests, game preserves and areas of communities. The total of the damages is in the tens of millions of dollars and climbing. But what is driving these terror attacks is their complete misunderstanding of the media. These terrorists whose activities against Israel have been covered as a holy and wonderful attack against the mean Israeli goliath are now confused and believe that if they cause sufficient damage, then the media will return to cover them. What they cannot accept is that the world has basically had it with the Palestinian Arabs and their violence. The reason why is obvious, but allow us to elaborate.


The world has come to realize exactly what the cost of Islamic terrorist violence is and how it takes a cost from everyone, even those who are not immediately affected. The spread of Islamic terrorist violence throughout the world has educated them far more than anything Israelis could ever have said. This rise in violence has given rise to an awakening that perhaps allowing open immigration from the Islamic world may not be the greatest of ideas. The proof comes from the lady most responsible for this influx which brought the violence with it. Now, even Angela Merkel has now realized her error in inviting terror into her nation. A nine hour summit was held in Brussels which included a declaration which included an agreement on the return of illegal immigrants to the countries from which they arrived. This remarkable turnaround can only be explained by the awakening of the European leaders that perhaps some peoples have not reached a level of civilization to live within and under an open democratic society. Unfortunately, for some their awakening still has not permitted them to provide an ounce of sympathy for Israeli actions to counter terrorism. A group of such people exist within the European Union including Federica Mogherini as well as the groups of European Union and other European representatives who attempted to enter and block the destruction of an Arab, illegally built, settlement partially financed by the European Union. This outpost has no electricity, no water, no plumbing, no sewage treatment system and no roads connecting it to anywhere. If it were an outpost built by young Jewish Zionists, the Europeans would be leading the charge to have it destroyed along with the United Nations. In this case, the United Nations is right beside the European Union demanding Israel recognize this shanty-town (see image below) and build the infrastructure it currently lacks. What is remarkable is how when an illegal Arab outpost is to be demolished, the world screams with outrage; but when a Jewish outpost is to be demolished, you can hear the crickets chirping and little else. If you ever needed proof that the hatred of Israel which drives these outbursts of rage, the difference on how Jewish and Arab outposts are treated by the wider world is about all that is required.


Illegally Built Outpost European Union Claims Must be Legalized

Illegally Built Outpost European Union Claims Must be Legalized


We have often pointed out the reaction since even before Israel declared her independence that was driven by attempts to undo and prevent and then destroy the Jewish State is beyond outrageous. The world had a moment of sanity between 1917 with the Balfour Declaration and the 1922 San Remo Conference which codified Balfour where they recognized the right of the Jewish People to their ancient homelands. This brief and momentary outbreak of sanity ended by 1925 and was officially dead with the Peel Commission in 1936 which attempted to relegate the Jews to split the little land with the majority of the land to go to the Arabs (see map below) between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Even this division of the land was completely unacceptable to the Arab League and to the Mufti of Jerusalem who from Berlin rejected the deal. Their problem, the Jews were still to be permitted any land. From the beginning, the Arabs have had a single view towards Israel, it must not be permitted to exist with the Jews having any power to rule or influence the governance. Israel may only exists permitting that the Arabs are permitted to have complete and total rule and the Jews allowed to remain as Dhimmis until whatever time the Muslims decide they must convert or else.


Peel Commission Map

Peel Commission Map


The Europeans were sympathetic to the Arab position but also were stuck with their promises to the Jews, the Zionist Congress. Still, if Israel had waited until the world was comfortable with their declaring independence, we would still be waiting. There is a lesson in there somewhere for the Kurds, may they find the courage to declare independence before it is too late and they are erased from history. Meanwhile, Hamas cannot understand why the world is not denouncing Israel and supporting their destructive rioting and their launching of incendiary devices into the accursed Israel. The world will only support Hamas launching devices to burn and explode inside Israel for a limited amount of time and then they tire and return to their day-to-day lives and news cycles. For Britain, there are the members of the Royal Family, and for others there is the World Cup and all forms of distractions. The other problem Hamas faces is that the Israeli response was moderated and limited to targeting terror structures and actual terrorists. Hamas also damned themselves when they admitted that fifty of the sixty-two were their operatives (see video below) and later Islamic Jihad claimed at least another three were their operatives. Additionally, the Hamas official admits that over half of those killed in past confrontations with Israel were terror operatives. When Hamas uses the word operatives, what they mean are terrorists or their officers who send the terrorists.



This high percentage of shooting terrorists and so few of their accompanying human shields comes from a secret new program which can examine video and discern from the way the people move and other telling acts and trends of motion determine which people are carrying weapons, explosive devices and other items for the breach and destruction of the border fence allowing snipers to only fire at those whose actions pose an actual threat. This includes also highlighting individuals from a crowd of those who are attacking through their actions such as throwing grenades or incendiary devices, launching terror kites or balloons with explosives or incendiary devices attached. This included the reputedly innocent nurse who was targeted by the IDF as she was throwing grenades, innocently, of course. The reason her picture and the reporting that she was innocent and shot simply out of hatred and vengeance got around the world twenty times or more before the IDF could review everything surrounding the shooting and present the reality was best covered by this saying by Winston Churchill which states, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Unfortunately, Winston Churchill lived before the internet which is why we had to claim it circled the world at least twenty times before the truth could be presented. This was amongst the series of news reports which Hamas orchestrated which included a poor infant who died from a heart defect which she suffered from birth, but her death was attributed to the teargas that Israel was using. What struck me as odd is why any parent would bring a child into a war zone, especially if they had health issues. The first item which Hamas attempted to garner a good headline backfired as they sent a seven-year-old girl across the border to confront the IDF probably believing that they would just shoot first and ask questions later. The IDF instead, cared for her, gave her water and returned her safe and sound to her parents, imagine that. This is not the first time such has happened as seen in the video below where a Palestinian father tries to get his child killed.



Hamas has reached the end of their use by date on this current round of terrorism unless they grossly ramp up their attacks. Should they start launching hundreds of rockets further and further into Israel day after day, that will wake the world media because they know that Israel will have to respond eventually. They will wait, pencils in the ready, holding their paper and not reporting anything as the rockets rain down on Israelis. Then the fateful day will come. Israel will respond. Now the headlines will come, Israel attacks Gaza moving in with tanks supported by fighter jets bombing targets. The article will go on for three to five paragraphs attacking the Israeli engagement pretending that the entire attack by Israel was completely unprovoked. Finally, in the next to the last paragraph, as many people actually read the final paragraph, there will be the reporting that for the past weeks Hamas had been launching rockets into Israel. That is not an important fact to the mainstream media, as it does not match their politics of Israel evil and Hamas the second coming of the American founding fathers. That has been evidenced by the reporting this time as well but Israel had reports and actual video proving that they were acting responsibly and not targeting innocents. Add in that the video above with the Hamas spokesperson admitting, adversely to the media hyperventilating over the sixty-two people shot, in the video that fifty of them were Hamas terrorists. This rebuke of the media storyline that the Israelis were gunning down people without cause by Hamas sent many in the media packing and after about three or four more reports by the media that Israel had murdered an innocent, turning out that the innocent was far from innocent, did not help the Hamas image. The final straw came when Hamas rejected vital and needed medical aid provided by Israel despite reported shortages which the media had highlighted. That is the way to make friends, have them report that medical provisions are almost completely depleted and then turn away a few thousand pounds of medical provisions because the Jews sent it. That ended Hamas having any further credit with the media and they will not regain favor with any luck this time around. So, all we can say is it is about time the media realized they were being played, and let us hope they return more wary and critical before jumping at the first release they receive from Hamas.


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  1. This excellent article by Brian Saunders basically covers most of the reasons why the world (except for some spooks) are turning their attention away from Hamas and Gaza.
    One can equate Hamas and Gaza with the Syrian conflict and/or any Islamic conflict – Syria is suffering seven years of the same pictures of destroyed cities and dying and wounded children. The first bout is horrifying but after a while – people are sick and tired of the Muslims thinking up the most inventive ways known to modern man to cause destruction and death.
    The balloons and kites causing fires and pollution in Israel were hailed “as something new” but they have lost their effect on the world.
    Unfortunately for us and the world, Hamas has to really find a spectacular event to bring world attention back to them.
    We are left in no doubt that they will – it’s what they do best – horror, destruction and sacrifice of their own people.
    Hamas has been in control of Gaza since 2007, has not planted a tree, flower, built recreational centers or planted agricultural fields of wheat, vegetables or fruit – have not built a sewerage system or infrastructure to make a decent life for their Arab population.
    Billions of dollars of aid have been spent by Hamas on weapons and corruption.
    But…. the kiddies get balloons and kites to play with; except they are playing with fire – no pun intended.


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