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July 15, 2018

The Israeli Problem Rears it Head Once More


We thought that perhaps the Israeli Supreme Court had finally found a small degree of sanity. They had finally agreed that an illegal Arab Bedouin outpost near Jerusalem built without any plan or official recognition was to be dismantled. The outpost lacks all the essentials including having no electricity, no water supply, no sewage system, no gas, no utilities and no access roads. What less can a place have? This outpost is as isolated as an outpost could be except it lies between Jerusalem and Kfar Adumim on lands which are within the city limits provided for Kfar Adumim. This outpost was built in the early 1990’s with aiding financing from the European Union and some European nations and was given the name of Khan al Ahmar. It was financed and built with the intent to prevent the connecting of Kfar Adumim with the Jerusalem suburbs such that the rest of the world could decry the existence of Kfar Adumim claiming it impinged upon this Arab “city” specifically placed by Europe for just this purpose. This is far from the first illegal Arab settlement built by the European Union and European nations who build these Arab villages which exist without any utilities or support necessary to flourish (see images below). As soon as Israel sets in motion, the destruction of these Arab settlements the European Union, United Nations and European nations decry this as bringing the end and a form of genocidal intent and the application of Apartheid. These are the same bodies who demand that Jewish cities which were built legally but some NGO claims that were built on Arab owned land, though they have no deed, no Arab making the claim in a court, no proof and never sue in court to prove there was such ownership, but a scrap of paper is all they need and Jewish cities have ended up destroyed with the total support of the European Union, United Nations and a chorus of European nations. But destroy an Arab outpost and they are up in arms demanding that it be legalized. The story is easy to spell, if it might be Arab, it must be untouchable but should it be Jewish, it must be condemned and destroyed.


Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs

Illegal European Union structures bearing obvious EU Identification signs



Illegal European Union built structures in Disputed Territories

Illegal European Union built structures in Disputed Territories



More Illegal European Union built structures in Disputed Territories

More Illegal European Union built structures in Disputed Territories


Well, this time the Israeli Supreme Court had supported the lower court rulings, something not even required to condemn a Jewish outpost or city, rejecting petitions to delay the destruction yet again. Finally, after over a quarter of a century the unlivable outpost of Khan al Ahmar was set for destruction (see image below). The police had gathered to remove the current squatters, not the original as the European supported NGOs which support these Arab facts on the ground have difficulty keeping residents to live in such primitive and difficult conditions. The Bedouins will also be a temporary group who will move in and then the European supported NGOs will find another group they will convince to come live in Khan al Ahmar. They promise that they will force Israel to provide utilities and legalize the place and then these people will have a new free home. This free home is flimsy and below any known building code in a modern nation. The Europeans do not care about the comfort, safety or even the lives of the Arabs they place in these outposts and villages, all they care about is they are destroying Israel. This has been their main driving force from the very beginning when the Mandate System was initialized with a set aside for the Jewish State.


Illegally Built Outpost European Union Claims Must be Legalized

Illegally Built Outpost European Union Claims Must be Legalized


The immediate aftermath of the Mandate for the Jewish State was assigned the British; they insisted that there had to be an Arab State alongside the Jewish State. Well, that sounds fair and dividing the area of the British Mandate evenly should be fair for both sides. But was the division fair or was it slanted sharply in one’s favor? You decide as the division was made along the Jordan River and was used to divide the area with the Jewish State getting the lands west to the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan receiving 78% of the Mandate Lands east of the Jordan River to the border of Iraq. So this divide was 78% for the Arab State and 22% for the Jewish State, but the Zionist Congress had little alternative but to accept this “fair” division. This was presumably the only division of the land which was guaranteed by the British Crown, the League of Nations and under Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, the United Nations guaranteed. All the allied powers from World War I also signed onto the Mandate system except the United States, which eventually signed on in the Anglo-American Convention. This means that all the efforts which have been imposed upon Israel since the liberation of her occupied lands in the Six Day War where Israel liberated the Shomron (West Bank) from Jordan and Gaza from Egypt have been illegal and a breaking of treaties and the Charter of the United Nations. Under International Law, the eastern border of Israel is the Jordan River. This is why we consistently state our belief that Israel should simply demand that which was guaranteed by treaties and promises from the world, and if the world wishes to contest this, then let’s let the fur fly.


So, now we come to late last week when the Supreme Court decided to entertain another petition to set off the demolition of the lingering twenty-five plus year old sore named Khan al-Ahmar. This piece of land is supposed to be being developed to allow for the natural growth of Kfar Adumim. That is what is at the center of this effort being pushed by all the usual parties listed above. The Supreme Court must have all but leapt off their benches to be allowed to postpone this demolition yet again. What is even more regrettable are these postponements and delays have allowed the some one-hundred-seventy or so Bedouin to have expanded the encampment in recent years with the aid of foreign governments, note the foreign governments interference with internal Israeli planning and freedoms. This encampment, outpost, excuse to prevent Israeli building plans, is squatting in Area C which even according to the Oslo Accords is under Israeli total control, period. All of these European Union squatters’ outposts have been built in Area C as they are attempting to maximize any Palestinian state, something the Arabs will never allow if doing so leaves even one square millimeter of land under Jewish control. The Europeans could easily build legal villages which Israel would support and hook into the water, electrical and other utilities if they would restrict these constructions to Areas A or B which are under Palestinian Authority rule. But the entire idea behind these outposts is to deny Israel its proper and legal right to lands. We are waiting for the first European Union outpost to be built in downtown Tel Aviv and the world to all but unanimously condone it as Arab land and demand that Israel turn over Tel Aviv to support that outpost, even if it was just a rented apartment. Time has come to put an end to the criminal acts of the European Union and their cohorts from around the world and end these prevarications and imposed blocking structures and the entirety that is the dishonest deception that is the Palestinian Arab people. They are nothing of the sort and are simply a wedge to pry Israel off the map and to again subjugate the Jews to foreign whimsy replete with the occasional oppressions as dispossessing the Jews can be such lucrative fun and fatten the national treasury and enrich the leadership. With the world rapidly becoming far more anti-Semitic and Jews coming under threat and assault more and more often, now is the time that Israel must stand and demand the world simply back off and take all that is rightfully Israel.


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