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July 19, 2018

The Cost of Appeasing the Rest of the World

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Israel pays a huge cost simply by appeasing the world and giving weight to their near constant whining, finger pointing and condemnations. This problem is especially framed by the United Nations as well as many of the separate agencies including but not limited to the Human Rights Council which starts their agenda every session with a condemnation of Israel, UNESCO which has gone to great lengths to dismiss the three thousand year history of the Jewish People in the Holy Lands and even UNICEF blaming Israel for the death of child stabbing terrorists in a study resulting from anti-Israel NGO’s whose report was taken at face value. Another area of loud protests at virtually any opportunity is the European Union and member nations including but not limited to France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and more. These denunciations have been raised against Israel despite the restraint used by the IDF and the timidity of action permitted by the political establishment. The world is aware that should Israel decide to end all the unrest in Gaza and the Shomron, they could unleash the IDF removing virtually all restraints and within a couple of weeks the entirety of the Palestinian Arab regions could be cleared of almost every Arab with any connection to terrorism and working for the destruction of Israel. Israel could then simply annex all the lands which currently are ruled by Hamas and Palestinian Authority, actually the Palestinian Authority has been declared void by Mahmoud Abbas thus that area is actually ruled by the PLO. The remaining Arabs could be given the choice of remaining and living under Israeli rule with the right to vote in local governance but, since they would be regarded as resident aliens, would be barred from national elections or they could choose to leave and be compensated for their property and given airfare to whatever destination they planned to start their lives anew. That would be the end of the Palestinian Arab difficulties with the Israelis and the world would need to face the reality and allow the Arabs they have held prisoner in camps along with their children and their children since 1948. That is the most immediate means for ending these problems and the world would jump up and down and yell and scream for a period and eventually they will learn to live with this solution.


Now let us discuss the price of the recent violence which is now lasted far too long. The loss of fields, crops, forest regions and wilderness preserves was closing in on one and a half million dollars as of early June. These fire-kites and fire-balloons have left too many farmers’ fields burned to the ground looking like the images below. This has been the damage which the world has been appraised of and their response has been to shrug. The world really does not care as they write such off as the price the Jews must pay to have their own homeland. They would respond that if the Jews do not like the violence, well, they could always simply leave the land giving it back to the Arabs; Arabs who mostly moved into the area after the first Jews began to rebuild the region and initiated productive economic regions. The Jews could always return to the nations they came from, right? Well, does anybody honestly believe that Syria, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran or any of the other Arab and Muslim nations who expelled their Jews after Israel was founded would permit their return? How about Europe, would any of our European friends take their Jews back? We are not talking about saying such in a discussion, we mean in reality. How about the United States, does anybody believe that the United States would accept close to seven million Jews? The United States would not even take in nine-hundred Jews from the refugee ship the St Louis in May of 1939 as she steamed up the length of the east coast and ended up back in Germany where the Jews were placed in the concentration camps. Perhaps South America or Africa would take in the Israeli Jews. Maybe Japan or China would take in the Israeli Jews. Nobody would offer the Jews refuge and we do not wish to leave Israel once again and return into the diaspora.


Fire Damaged Field in Israel with Smoldering Region in Background

Fire Damaged Field in Israel with Smoldering Region in Background


Fire Damaged Area Including Destroyed Storage Building

Fire Damaged Area Including Destroyed Storage Building


But let’s discuss the cost of the past ten days. Over two-hundred rockets have been fired out of Gaza and into Israel injuring a family of four when a rocket slammed into their home. For this family, the damage to their home is inconsequential compared to the trauma they are suffering and the wounds they suffer. Further, the Israel Iron Dome anti-rocket systems were reported to have intercepted more than twenty of these rockets. Now let’s do the math. They shot down over twenty rockets which likely means they fired well over thirty interceptors which cost fifty-thousand dollars each, and those are just the interceptor and not the Iron Dome systems which each cost millions of dollars and then add in the training of IDF soldiers in use and implementation of these very complicated and high-tech systems. Just the interceptors cost over one and a half million dollars, or if you prefer numerical representation, they cost over $1,500,000 just for the interceptors. Just for the record, the rockets cost less than one-hundred dollars each with the majority costing less than fifty dollars. The reason Israel designed, built, field and stock amply the Iron Dome systems is the cost is considered well worth any price if it saves lives, and the Iron Dome systems have saved very likely hundreds if not thousands of lives since its inception and first being fielded.


Why doesn’t Israel just go in and wipe Gaza clean? That is a good question. The answer is only partially that the leaders care far too much about how the rest of the world will react. What we have seen has been very frustrating when Israeli politicians appear to worry more about how the Europeans will react and less about what the people of Israel desire. What is frightening is that most of the alternatives for leadership would likely be even worse as those from the left would fall over themselves to give more areas to the Arabs just in an attempt to prove the failed ideas which gave us the Oslo Accords were really correct and only needed the right people, meaning them, in charge. They will not work because the Arab leadership has made it clear; they will take every inch of land that Israel is willing to sacrifice until there is no more Israel. The only solution they will accept is for the Jewish State to be destroyed. All of that aside, we realize that a Torah observant Jew is supposed to follow the rules in Torah and cherish peace and live an exemplary life which will be reward itself. Still, living an exemplary life and desiring peace and trying to live as an example of what a fair and decent person is supposed to be is not designed or desired to be suicidal. When facing people whose main desire is to kill you, it is not desirous that you remain passive before their attacks. Passivity in the face of belligerence is not peace, it is sacrificing oneself and all that for which you stand. One should not tolerate attacks by those who are set on your destruction; one should act to meet such attacks with such force such that your assailant will never desire to attack you ever again. This does not include in the reasoning anything about what will the world, a world which also desires your nation destroyed, will think or how they might react. Living to please those who detest your defending yourself is a form of national suicide and not a preferred style of leadership. Fortunately, the people of Israel are growing tired of the timidity in the face of belligerent actions coming from either Gaza or any other direction, be it from the north and Hezballah under Iranian direction or from the east and the PLO. Iran is behind much of what is being done from Gaza but it must still be possible to deter the forces in Gaza by making the attacks too costly for the leadership. Perhaps striking their homes, vehicles, the mall, restaurants and other stylish places which are far from the rocket launchers would strike the leaders where it would hurt foiling their plans the Hamas leaders have devised to protect their own homes while risking those of the population at large. We understand that Israeli leaders desire to minimize casualties resulting from their airstrikes, so perhaps strike the mall at 3:00 in the morning and the restaurants at 4:30 in the morning when nobody is there. Find a time through observation when their house is empty and strike when nobody is at home if that is what you would prefer, just make it uncomfortable for the leadership and their social circles and relieve the cost for the people of Gaza. This might be more effective than striking empty training fields as how does one damage a combat training field? Why not give this a shot, as what has been the normative practice sure is not working.


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