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July 22, 2018

What Hamas Really Desires

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Hamas has been playing a very costly game of cat and mouse with ceasefires. Hamas fired between one-hundred-twenty to two-hundred rockets and or mortars into Israel leading up to their declaration of accepting the Egyptian offer for a ceasefire with Israel. As per their usual modus-operandi, Hamas instituted a dangerous assault of projectiles immediately before grabbing at a third party offered ceasefire. This has been what they have done before but this time they went a step further. The next day they informed Israel through whatever channels they use that it might take them as long as two weeks before they would be capable of calming the kite and balloon incendiary device launching protesters from continuing to launch these murderous and damaging devices. Thusfar these devices have caused over two-million dollars in crop losses as well as destruction of forests and wildlife preserves. There have even been cases of using birds to carry devices attached to their limbs including one unfortunate falcon found incinerated hanging from a tree limb (see images below). This was not the only bird found murdered in this horrid manner. But Hamas and their minions believe that all is fair as it might damage Israel or murder Jews. That is another item people often miss, Hamas does not just desire Israel gone, they call for the murder of every Jew on Earth and lionize Hitler as proof that the Jews need killing.


Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached

Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached


Hamas allowed the ceasefire to last almost two hours before having snipers open fire on IDF troops patrolling the border for damages to the border fence severely injuring one soldier who later succumbed to his wounds. After this event they re-announced their call for a ceasefire claiming that some of their people had not been advised and all were now prepared to observe the ceasefire. This is the Hamas means of conducting their war; they slowly increase the level until Israel begins to reciprocate. They then make a more intense and massive attack and run to Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, any third party willing to allow them to call for a ceasefire. Then they break the ceasefire and then call for it to start after that attack. They will then wait almost a day or two and make another small attack and wait to see if Israel responds. After measuring the Israeli response, the less response the greater the chance that Hamas will slowly escalate until Israel responds. They then make another larger attack and scream for a ceasefire. They continue to do this until Israel does not accept one of their calls for a ceasefire and instead retaliates and then they scream to the world media that Israel broke the ceasefire and started the attacks because Hamas had called for a ceasefire and Israel attacked during that ceasefire. Needless to say, as history has born this out, the media repeats the Hamas view and Israel is condemned across the world in the media, the European Union condemns the Israel disproportional attacks, the United Nations demands an investigation, a transparent investigation, not any investigation by Israel, the Human Rights Council condemns the Israeli initiating of violence and on and on.


After the soldier died of his wounds and in response to the Hamas attack, the Israeli Air Force struck Gaza destroying several Hamas command and control centers, a main headquarters, training areas and numerous weapons stores (see images below). Israeli forces have stood down from attacks but remain in an alert status and have been told to be aware that Hamas will likely strike at any targets of opportunity, thus they are not to present any such targets for Hamas. Simple English, keep your heads down and no strolling out in the open near the Gaza border. Hamas will likely strike again probably by the time this article is posted and then claim it was accidental and that they hope Israel will continue to observe the ceasefire. We are always tempted at this point to simply add, rinse-repeat, but Word does not recognize those two words as a complete sentence. Hamas will continue cat and mouse games until Israel attacks in force across the border and then in the end, Hamas plan is enacted where they provide regions which they know the IDF will desire entering and destroying the stores of rockets and tunnel entrances. They set up ambushes and wait. But there is more to the perfidy they will enact.


IDF Strikes in Gaza

IDF Strikes in Gaza


Hamas knows that before Israel enters an area where there will probably be resistance, the IDF will send out phone messages, drop leaflets and make announcements on radio and any other means available warning the civilians to leave the area of operations. This gives Hamas all the warning they need to ready their ambushes, and still Israel risks her troops rather than have civilians in the line of fire. The problem is Hamas will often leave civilians in the area, often booby-trapped so they can kill the IDF soldiers when they try to remove the civilians. Does this trap kill the civilians in question? Of course they die, but their deaths are blamed on the IDF because if the Jews would all just die, then there would be no problem thus the Jews are the reason everything happens. There is another item one needs to know; all media in Gaza is required to clear their reports through Hamas minders before they are permitted to be filed and often the reporters in Gaza are Hamas operatives working as approved stringers for the major media outlets whose reporters are comfortable in Tel Aviv sitting in the café bars along the beach. The reporters with the Israeli soldiers, the few as they actually have to work, they can report whatever they witness and they do which is where many of the Israeli newspapers get their reports as they are not exactly permitted inside Gaza. There was one very important television report filed by a reporter out of India for NDTV. The video was recorded by his crew from his hotel room showing out his sliding door to his room’s balcony where just a short distance away Hamas was setting up a rocket launcher. We covered this with the video which is still on our site in our article, UNHRC Report on Israel Uses Disproportionate Accusations from all the way back on June 25, 2015. Our bet is after they smuggled this report or otherwise transmitted it out of Gaza, this station was very likely no longer permitted access inside Gaza without very close minding. The video is enlightening as well as very interesting and the reporter is almost amusing.


Let us return back to the current situation. Needless to add at this point, but much of what the mainstream media will end up presenting if a full-blown confrontation is inevitable, then they are going to point out endlessly how Israel is so mean because so many on the Hamas side are being killed and so few Israelis are being killed. Sometimes you can swear you can hear them asking, where are the dead Jews or Israelis. The answer is actually easily stated in the use of resources. Iron Dome interceptors cost fifty-thousand dollars each so every time you hear about Israel intercepting a Hamas rocket, Israel just invested fifty-thousand dollars to intercept a fifty-dollar rocket simply to preserve life. Israel has just invested a thousand dollars to every dollar Hamas spent such that no Israeli is killed. Israel requires every new residence and all business structures to provide bomb shelters within to protect the people. Hamas does not build apartments because they use 90% of the building supplies sent by the United Nations, European Union and endless procession of bleeding-heart-liberals for the construction of infiltration tunnels in order to kidnap and murder Israelis. Israel invested millions of dollars to invent the technology to uncover these tunnels which the IDF then summarily destroys. There has not been a new hospital built in Gaza since the 2007 takeover by Hamas. There has been an extensive tunnel and bunker system built to protect Hamas operatives and leaders and their rocket launchers. They do not permit the citizens into these bunkers because they want them to die as collateral damage so they can use their pictures in the media to condemn Israel. Israel spends unbelievable amounts to protect their citizens while Hamas does all they can to get their citizens killed including using them as booby-traps to kill IDF soldiers along with their citizens. Hamas had built an entire clinic with explosives in the walls just to blow it up and when they did, they killed three IDF soldiers who were investigating a tunnel entrance built within the clinic. This brings us to our suggestion on how to end this repeating scenario of wars with Hamas.


The IDF is very good at striking Hamas bases, training areas, weapons stores, rocket stores and manufacturers, command and control and all other sorts of Hamas and Islamic Jihad positions all without killing anybody. The most recent series of attacks were rumored to have potentially killed as many as four Hamas operatives when striking sixty positions and destroying almost an equal number of Hamas positions. We understand the desire of the IDF and the Israeli government in their care not to kill anybody, as we are the ones who cherish life; they are the ones who claim to cherish death. In cooperation with this operational directive, we have a suggestion for a whole new targeting system. This will require the same operational time frame of in the early morning around two to three o’clock. What this will not target are easily replaced Hamas weapons sheds. No, we think that perhaps we need to target the soft and easy life the multi-billionaire Hamas leaders live. Strike their fancy five-star restaurants, the water park, the new three-story mall and all the nightspots where they go for entertainment. Strike the areas where they shop and force them to live like the less fortunate in Gaza whose homes these leaders steal the material so they are unable to rebuild their lives. Take away the easy life that the Hamas leadership and their cronies enjoy and leave the regular Gazan alone for a while. If that does not force a change, then target their homes, when nobody is thought to be home, and see if they use any of their tunneling provisions, you know, the provisions with which they are supposed to be rebuilding apartment buildings and building schools and hospitals, clinics and repairing the damages caused in the destruction of their rocket launchers placed next to those apartment buildings. The leadership of Hamas has not been made to pay a price and until they are paying a price, what do they care about those others people, the little people. There is even the possibility when the people of Gaza see that their leaders care more about the new three-story mall than their apartment and care more over the restaurants and water parks than the schools and hospitals they might realize who are the ones really responsible for their crashed economy and near 50% unemployment and the radicalizing of their youth. Remember, while tens of thousands were rioting at the Gaza border with Hamas, many paid three-hundred dollars to participate, there were one and three-quarter million Gazans who were not rioting, demonstrating or having anything to do with the violence against Israel. Those are the Gazans the news seldom speaks about, as they are not serving the cause to destroy Israel. We can only pray that we do not end up with the necessity of another war to bring these Hamas assaults to an end.


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