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August 5, 2018

State Department Deep State Aiding Palestinian Terrorist Payments


Nobody at the State Department nor those from the White House will accept the allegation that they are aiding the payment of Palestinian terrorists and their families. They will talk about the humanitarian crisis and their aid being restricted for feeding, housing and other essential aid usage by the Palestinian Authority. This was directly contradicted by a letter sent by nine Democratic members of the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee’s subcommittee on the Middle East which they sent to President Trump. Their complaint began with the fact that, “all U.S. assistance, including lifesaving humanitarian aid, has been frozen since January 2018.” Their insistence continued with the argument, “We are deeply concerned that there seems to be no information available to Members of Congress as to the nature, scope, or duration of this assistance review. We support the need for oversight of our assistance programs…. However, it is unnecessary to withhold funding while conducting this review.” After lamenting the reported humanitarian crisis in Gaza, something no amount of aid money or provisions could possibly help as all aid goes straight to Hamas or to Hamas via UNRWA, they got to the meat of their complaint with, “We have heard from many of our non-governmental organization implementing partners…who will be forced to shut down in the coming weeks if funding is not released.” Their letter demanding the White House explain their actions and lack of funding ending with, “The Committee has previously requested information in writing…about the West Bank and Gaza assistance review, and has not received detailed information in response. Therefore, we request an update as to the current status of the review…and a timeline for the conclusion of the review. We also urge the immediate release of US bilateral assistance to the West Bank and Gaza.”


Now how about we translate their stated positions into normal language and strip away the equivocations and speak straightly. These concerned Representatives appeared largely to be concerned about aid going to Gaza. In theory, there should not be any aid from the United States going to Gaza under any legal context, as Gaza is a terrorist entity. Gaza is ruled by Hamas, a terrorist group by almost all definitions, and they are backed by Islamic Jihad who are in the running to be as bad if not worse than Hamas. These Representatives know very well that every dollar of aid which eaches Gaza will be spent on weapons of war and infiltration tunnels into Israel for the exclusive purpose of murdering Israeli civilians and kidnapping some to hold for ransom. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have stated this as one of their main goals for the future. These Democrat Representatives also are aware that currently there is a one sided attack still being engaged by these terrorist entities in Gaza flying incendiary kites and balloons into Israel despite a supposed ceasefire agreement arranged through Egypt with American support. Finally, they are completely aware that Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly insisted that the blood money for murdering Jews will continue to be paid to terrorists and their families even if it takes every last penny of aid money and that these payments are to be made as the first and foremost payments of the government before even the salaries of government workers and security forces (the PA army).


Collection of Hamas Incendiary Kites and Balloons

Collection of Hamas Incendiary Kites and Balloons


Basically, these nine Democrat Representatives who are presumably specialists on the entire situation in the Middle East are most concerned that the terrorists who desire or have murdered Jews in Israel, placing sending aid money to Hamas and the PA to pay for more terrorism as the their top priorities, placing these funds at the top of their concerns over anything else occurring in the Middle East. Funding terrorism against Israel comes before assisting the American allies who were the tip of the spear which brought down the Islamic State, the Kurds, or relieving the plight of Syrian refugees in camps along the Jordanian and Turkish borders with Syria, and above aiding the refugees from the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar crammed into refugee camps in Bangladesh. One could look at the Middle East and decide that it is a continental crisis factory where Israel is possibly the most stable area in its entirety. We can only suspect the worst concerning these representatives and their ulterior motives.


Further, this coming on the heels of the announced releasing of dozens of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority’s preventive security forces only makes the entirety of this all the more suspicious. The PA Security Forces have committed acts of terror shooting at and killing Israeli civilians, though they are usually acquitted of any charges for political reasons. PA Security Forces have opened fire at IDF soldiers and paid a high price in return. The list of PA Security Force personnel killing and attacking Israelis is rather extensive. What might be shocking is that these PA Security Force personnel who have murdered Israelis now receive close to or more than their regular salary for their act of terrorism and get these funds for as long as the PA has any funds to spend. The blood money paid under the guise of family aid for the martyrs might be the only funds which are actually paid out before Mahmoud Abbas further enriches himself and his family. Terrorists have admitted to carrying out terror acts seeking to be killed so their family would get funds and be better off. If we have knowledge of these incidents, then you know that members of Congress know all about them as well, which leads to our questioning the real motives of these representatives in demanding that funding be released and their specifying that it be made especially for Gaza and the PA Security Forces. In both cases, they are explicitly requesting that terrorists receive American aid monies. There are reasons that President Trump has been reviewing aid to the PA, and it is not to cause people to suffer, the PA and Hamas do that well enough with or without American tax money.


Still, it is worrying that the State Department can simply send funds under the guise that there are emergencies and they have received pleas from the PA for relief and thus released these funds. It appears that this was accomplished without any permission from the White House and definitely without the President giving any authorization. It would be interesting to have the order for this release of funds traced up the structural charts of the State Department and find out exactly who and in what position this order originated. If it was anybody other than Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, then somebody should be stood before Secretary of State Pompeo and made to give the reasons and from where they believed they had the authority for releasing these funds. Their story had better be very convincing or they should be fired. But that is the problem, Civil Service employees are next to impossible to fire. The only thing more difficult in being rid of than an employee in the United States government are cockroaches, especially those residing within the core of a nuclear power plant. This is one of the deepest problems facing the United States, a virtual army of bureaucrats answerable to nobody, overseen seldom and often without a direct chain of command, incapable of being removed from employment except in rare cases of extreme malfeasance, able to destroy people and even the policies of the President of the United States. Once at a sufficiently high level, they run their own little fiefdom, the only form of employee where if it takes five of them to do the job, easily handled by one employee in the real world, yet all five get commendations (it usually takes eight to ten or more) and yet their numbers continue to grow making them even less manageable and given even less guidance or oversight. Should any President make a policy that for every promotion given in any department not directly commanding soldiers or direct law enforcement field agents, two government workers would need to be terminated, providing they were elected to two terms, the problem might be halved.


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